Remok loses to Volta Redonda and drops to seventh in Serie C.

Wake up, Pedrinho, who has the championship today (…), and, to the music of Jovem Dionisio, the midfielder Volta Redonda promised to win 3-0 against Clube do Remo. this Monday night (13) at the Raulino de Oliveira Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Iran and Lel scored Voltaço’s other goals.

As a result, Leão dropped two places and is now in seventh place. Voltaço returns to the G-8 and takes sixth place. Overall, the match was balanced until the child of defender Daniel Felipe was sent off, still in the first half, which raised the hosts in the game. Vinícius was Azule’s best player, despite a grotesque mistake, the referee did not score in a goal and in the third goal, when the shot was defensible. If it weren’t for him, I’d be beaten.

With two goals in a row without conceding a goal, Leão was defeated again and took three balls at the bottom of the rope and has now conceded 12 goals in the tournament after 10 games. The return of midfielder Albano was noteworthy in the match against Cruzeiro, who was injured in March, for the third phase of the Brazilian Cup. In general, the Lions had no less power.

See how Lance went to Lance:

Leo is now seventh | Samara Miranda / Remo

First time:

Remo started to put pressure on the owners of the house, who closed them and suffered dead balls entering the area. However, the Lions were unable to break the deadlock. It didn’t take long for Volta Redonda to balance the action of the match and stay a little longer with the ball. The Lions were expecting an opponent in the lead.

The match was slow and full of mistakes. The teams went for the halftime break at 0 – 1. At this point, it was obvious that the players of FC lowered the tempo and became more defensively oriented. Leão Azul struggled to overcome Cariocas’ defensive lines, the blocks advanced and they began to force the mistakes of the Azulino team.

Time has passed and the level has just been lowered. Vinícius made a nice stop after Pedrinho’s absence and that’s it. No one else is afraid. The Voltaço midfielder also had a great chance, but facing the blue goalkeeper, he threw the ground. Daniel Felipe received a second yellow card in the 36th minute and was sent off after further complicating Leão’s life.

Second time:

The game was back with Volta Redonda taking action and Leão back. Five minutes later, Pedrinho kicked, Vinícius hit the back of the net again, the ball crossed the line, but the referee did not see it and did not score. Good luck to Leão Azul and a lot of complaints.

Paulo Bonamigo replaced Bruno Alves, Erick Flores and Brenner and replaced Anderson Paraíba, Paulinho Curuá and Albano, who returned to play two months later. The panorama continued. The host with the ball and Remo not knowing what to do. Vinícius made a beautiful stop on the 19th and avoided the second. The Lions opted for the opponent’s failure to adapt to a counterattack or a shot.

On the 27th, Vinícius reappeared after a beautiful shot from Wendson looking for an angle. Without strength, Remo defended only himself, but to no avail. The score rose to 35 after Iran kicked a beautiful shot in the drawer with a beautiful slice. The Blue Lions, with nothing to lose, went to the game, at least trying to reduce the lead.

Further into the attack, Remo left the defense defenseless and Lel saw him counterattack, which Marlon set up and added a third for Volta Redonda, giving the final numbers to the match. This was a good period for the visitors, with several opportunities to take the lead, particularly when Vinícius slipped through the defense on the right to come up alone against, but the home side’s keeper showed his lightning reflexes.

Upcoming games:

On the 11th day, Clube do Remo will take on Altos Piauíkoa, 14th with 10 points and three games without losing. The match will take place at the Baenão Stadium next Sunday (19), from 19:00. Volta Redonda will visit Floresta in Presidente Vargas, Fortaleza-CE, on Monday (20) at 19:00.

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