Remember the 9 nasty super Nintendo game

Regardless of the segment of the game, it is undeniable that in order for a good argument or challenge to exist, the package must have a good nasty content. In this way, their form or motivation may change, but we will always have a confrontation that will eventually lead to satisfaction.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the most memorable villains in Super Nintendo games. Without further ado, check out the list (it may have some spoilers, even old games).

1. Sigma (Mega Man X)

With the creation of a new saga of the blue super robot Nintendo, Capcom had to find a decent opponent. The answer came with Sigma, the leader and main opponent of the Mavericks in several games.

Already appearing in the first match, Sigma showed that he was not going to be easily defeated in the confrontation against X. Those with a good memory will probably be able to recapture the moment when it increases in its final form, having to use its pointed hands at the bottom as a platform to hit the top of the screen. Detail: Only one weapon was able to do more damage to him.

2. Kefka (Final Fantasy III)

At first, Kefka’s gaze entered Final Fantasy III he did not give much of his wickedness, but as the plot unfolded we realized that we were facing the greatest evil. Final Fantasy what has been seen so far (and still considered by many to be one of the best antagonists in the franchise).

Although the final battle against him (considered by some to be a reproduction of divine comedy) is not the most complicated, he has managed to ignite the anger of the players in various ways throughout the saga, including poisoning a river and, of course. , a classic and unmistakable laugh.

3. Cleaning (Chrono Trigger)

Lavos is one of those bad guys who doesn’t have many lines (none, to be honest), and he got a spot on this list for one simple reason: he created multiple feelings of revolt in the players. It should be remembered that as a result of his blow, Crono dies and ends up leaving the team for a while.

Sure, it’s been so many years since the original Super Nintendo title was released, many have surpassed that, but at the time this action made the crowd even more thirsty for revenge.

4. Andros (Star Fox)

Star Fox it was created as another game and was released in its heyday. So it would be fair for him to be a villain of the same caliber – and then we have our final rivalry with Andross.

Admit it: Did you expect to find a giant moving head as your last opponent in this game? Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

5. King K. Roll (Donkey Kong Country)

King K. Rool’s motivation may not be the greatest to become a tough villain, but he has the merits to make our list. After all, how many games do you remember seeing credits start to rise, realizing which enemy had not yet given up?

6. Gygas (EarthBound)

Giygas is probably the strangest leader on this list, and one of the few who can create nightmares in the many children who managed the feat to get to this confrontation.

In addition to the terrifying format, this villain in one of the best Super Nintendo RPGs needed yet another strategy to defeat him. In fact, this is not so much the merit of the protagonist, but of Paula, as she managed to focus the necessary force with her ability to pray, once and for all, to finish the plans for this opponent’s game.

7. Culex (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars)

Okay, Culex is neither the ultimate opponent nor the main villain Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. In fact, we are faced with an elective leader who, in our opinion, should release a second end to the game because of his difficulty.

Those who enjoyed the game at the time will remember this guest who draws an analogy with the series Final Fantasy He didn’t give a damn about Mario, Geno and company, he gave him a little patience and a few minutes of fighting before he gave up.

8. Baby Bowser (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island)

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island It is a game in which Mario and Luigi take part in their children’s versions. So it was necessary to find the final leader to match this issue, with the answer from Baby Bowser.

However, he did not appear on the screen in his beautiful form, but as a Megazord who is ready to finish the saga of Yoshi and Mario as soon as possible. That’s why we’re definitely in front of another leader who offered a memorable confrontation at the end of this fun (and colorful) journey.

9. Mana the Beast (Mana’s secret)

Let’s close our list with the final match Mana’s secret. By the way, here’s a little clarification: Mana Beast IS NOT Flammiefor much of the journey in this game the dragon helped the protagonist trio.

Arriving at the tiny area for the final confrontation at Mana Fortress, the heroes are attacked by a blast of fire, and soon a giant dragon appears ready to devour everything in its path in front of them. This fight becomes even more significant, after defeating him, the Sprite in the group will cease to exist, leaving only the hero and the girl to tell what happened.

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