Red Bull slips, but Verstappen wins with great driving – 2022/06/19

Red Bull took the wrong strategy. He was in a hurry, in too much of a hurry. But Verstappen was perfect. Hold on to the pressure of Sainzen Ferrari, keep calm, get everything out of the car … He did it! He won the Canadian Grand Prix and saw his advantage in the Drivers ’Championship take a leap.

The persecutors on the table had a hard weekend. Pérez left in the 13th and retired, Leclerc started in the 19th and crossed the fifth. As a result, the gap between the Dutch and the Mexicans rose from 21 points to 46 points. The tournament is taking shape.

This is the sixth victory of the year, the first on the Gilles Villeneuve circuit, the 26th of his career. Thus, he becomes the ninth greatest winner in history, surpassing two myths of motor sport: Lauda and Clark.

Sainz was second, Hamilton third – his second podium of the year, a break from the hell of the championship. Russell and Leclerc closed out the top 5.

It was a beautiful Sunday in Montreal, with blue skies, 20 ° C air, 31 ° C asphalt.

The Canadian Grand Prix has begun, led by Verstapp, followed by Alonso and Sainz

Image: Clive Mason / Getty Images / Red Bull

Verstappen did not want to give Alonso a break at first. He hurried hard, rounding the first corner in front. They all behaved, it was a good start for the GP.

At the end of the first lap the top 10 were Verstappen, Alonso, Sainz, Hamilton, Magnussen, Ocon, Russell, Schumacher, Ricciardo and Zhou. Leclerc, who left on the 19th, passed on the 18th.

In the second round, the Dutchman was already 1s2 ahead of the Spaniard. In the fourth, Sainz opened the DRS and overtook his compatriot. Alonso then became Hamilton’s cross.

Sainz’s mission was clear: to speed up the maximum and not let the leader disappear in front of him. That was it, on the eighth lap, until the GP gave it a little shake.

“I lost the engine. I can’t change gears,” Pérez said on the radio, dragging 11 Red Bulls into the 8-turn spillway.

Virtual Car Security! Red Bull and Mercedes decided to overtake the pit stops at Verstapp and Hamilton. They both went in and put on hard tires to get to the end of the race, a decision that would have been wrong, urgent.

For the fourth time this year, Sainz took the lead in a GP. Alonso was second. Verstappen dropped to third, after Russell and Hamilton. Backwards, Leclerc continued to climb the field with his Ferrari with small wings: he was already 13th in the eighth lap.

With a much faster car, it didn’t take long for Verstappen to meet Alonso. On the 15th, the Spaniard passed the hot bread like a butter. Easy, easy … It was only a matter of time before he regained the lead in the race.

On the 19th, Albon opened a “normal” pit stop window. On the next lap, Schumacher retired at the same point as Pérez. A new virtual safety car, and now many more took advantage of it to change the tires: Russell, Ocon, Zhou, Ricciardo, Vettel, Norris … And Sainz!

The Spanish Ferrari managed to return before Hamilton. On the 22nd, Alonso, who was still unstoppable, overtook him and took second place. On the 24th, the Englishman left the first one disaffected.

On lap 25, Verstappen scored 9s1 against Sainz and opened 3s5 for Hamilton. Alonso was still fourth, the only driver at the top of the GP who had not yet passed the pits.

Only on the 29th did the Spaniard enter. He came back seventh, ahead of Bottas.

The fate of the race depended on Verstappen’s tires. He had hard compounds 11 laps older than Sainz. maybe? To avoid fear, the Dutchman should open up a 20-second lead to make a second hole at the end of the race.

He forgot to agree with the Spanish Red Bull, who was doing everything he could to keep his opponent out of sight. On lap 40, only 6s7 separated the leader from the GP’s deputy leader.

“I’m losing the town,” the Dutchman said on the radio, adding more drama to the situation.

Another who lived a drama was Leclerc. In the 43rd, they called the wells for their well. But Ferrari fought in the pits and returned to the track in the tenth place behind Zhour.

On the 44th, Red Bull called Verstapp for a new set of hard tires. The Dutchman almost found Hamilton on his way out of the pits, but on the next lap he freed the Englishman when he also entered the second box.

Sainz took the lead again! Would he stop? Would you stay on track until the end? Undoubtedly, Verstappen had no choice but to try hard and move forward.

tsdu1 - Playback / F1TV - Playback / F1TV

Japanese Yuki Tsunoda has taken AlphaTauri out of the pits at the Canadian Grand Prix

Image: Playback / F1TV

In the 49th, another lap in the race. Tsunoda got out of the pits and the safety car went to the track. Ferrari took the opportunity to call Sainzi and put on hard tires. Why didn’t you put the midfielders on the final laps to try a more effective attack? Here’s a mystery …

The safety car came out on lap 56 with 14 missing. Again, Verstappen was theoretically worse off, with the tires six laps older than his opponent.

Aware of this, the Dutchman entered. Sainz also did his job, keeping the car in front of his DRS sight. Hamilton was third. The top 10 include Russell, Ocon, Alonso, Leclerc, Bottas, Zhou and Ricciardo.

The last laps were electrifying, Sainz spread his wing but did not jump. The radios went silent, the moment was sudden. They measure the strength of two riders on each turn, on each straight. What an end test!

In this situation, it is easy for the pilot in front to make a mistake. But Verstappen prevailed. He crossed the finish line with a 0s9 advantage. Only then would he be able to breathe with some ease.

“I gave everything I could on those last laps, Carlos did the same thing, it was fun,” Verstappen said.

His expression was filled with relief.

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