RB Bragantino vs Goiás LIVE (0-1) | 2022/05/31

22:28 minutes ago

⏱ ‘Part 1 numbers

22:23 9 minutes ago

⏱ ‘Current situation

With this partial victory of Goias, the match goes to the penalty shootout. In order to try to qualify in time, Verdão needs one more goal and has not received anything. Massa Bruta, on the other hand, must at least tie the game to qualify. At the moment it is a 2-2 result.

22: 2210 minutes ago

⏱ ‘1st summary

Bragantino dominated the action in the first phase, exchanging passes and keeping possession of the ball on the attacking field, however, this volume did not end there, and the São Paulo team sinned too much in the final touch. The best chance was in a brilliant free kick by Artur, and in the end Tadeu was stopped by the goalkeeper. Goias had a hard time on the waterlogged pitch – his trademark technique was nowhere in sight today. with that, Esmeraldino went to the break to win 1-0.

22:1913 minutes ago


Massa Bruta fans kick off the team at the end of the first stage.

22:18 14 minutes ago

48 ‘End of the first half

Red Bull Bragantino 0x1 Goiás.

22:16 minutes ago

46 ‘

Kevin throws the ball into the area, Tadeu gets the cut.

22:15 16 minutes ago

45 ‘Add-ons

Three more minutes, we reached 48.

22:14 17 minutes ago


Elvis makes a good block of light, leaves the ball to Nicolas and sends it to Mateus Sales, the midfielder ends up leaving Cleitone and opens Verdão’s score: 1 to 0.

22:12 20 minutes ago

41 ‘

Helino sends Ytalo to the top, the striker tries a bike, but he takes the ball wrong and sends it outside.

22:10 22 minutes ago

40 ‘Yellow card

Reynaldo receives a ticket for Praxedes’ absence.

22:10 22 minutes ago

39 ‘

Arthur and Kevin work the ball to the right of the pitch. T-shirt 7 ends, but plays on the net from the outside.

22:08 24 minutes ago

37 ‘

Elvis kicks a foul inside Bragantino’s area, but Massa Bruta’s defense removes the danger.

22:04 28 minutes ago

33 ‘

Cleiton receives medical attention.

22:04 28 minutes ago

33 ‘

Nicolas tries to get hold of the ball but it slips out of his hands.

22:03 29 minutes ago

32 ‘

Elvis takes a free kick inside the box, but Braga’s defense deflects it away.

22:02 30 minutes ago

31 ‘

Goias continues to struggle to get out of the game.

22:01 31 minutes ago

30 ‘

Helinho unleashed a swerving effort from the right that the visitors’ keeper did well to tip wide. The ball must be in the defense and go to a corner.

22:00 32 minutes ago

30 ‘

Bragantino works on his attacking field.

21:58 34 minutes ago

27 ‘

Eric Ramires makes a good effort at breaking through on the right, but the home team’s left defense cleared the ball to a corner.

21:57 35 minutes ago

26 ‘

Praxedes crosses the ball, but Ytalo tries a header but the ball goes wide.

21:55 37 minutes ago

25 ‘

Arthur strikes in his place, but Tadeu enters and stops.

21:55 37 minutes ago

24 ‘

Helinho made a great block, though.

21:54 38 minutes ago

23 ‘

Goia plays in the back and can’t reach the opponent’s area. Bragantino, on the other hand, maintains possession of the ball, exchanges passes, but cannot turn that situation into a final.

21:50 42 minutes ago

20 ‘

Helinho attempts to cross, hits the ball Caetano and goes to a corner.

One hour ago 21:46

16 ‘

Hurtado hesitates in front of Apodi, the 22nd T-shirt steals the ball and makes a cross. Jadsom moves to the corner.

One hour ago at 9:45 p.m.

14 ‘

WHAT A DEFENSE! Arthur misses well, and Tadeu goes close to the corner. Corner for Bragantino.

One hour ago 21:44

13 ‘

Cidimar puts the ball in his arms and Bragantino commits a dangerous foul in the middle.

One hour ago 21:43

12 ‘

Hurtado makes a good play on the right, crosses to Artur and crosses to Praxedes, finishing 25th.

One hour ago 21:41

10 ‘

Arthur moves to the right, cuts inside and hits the left, the ball passes to the right of Tadeu’s goal.

One hour ago 21:39

08 ‘Substitution Goiás 🔄

21:38 an hour ago

07 ‘

Diego feels the back of his left thigh and replaces it.

One hour ago 21:37

07 ‘

Arthur crosses, Tadeu leaves the goal and keeps the ball.

One hour ago 21:37

07 ‘

Goiás has problems with catching the ball.

21:36 an hour ago

05 ‘

Luan Cândido centers the ball into the back of the net, Goiás deflects away. Corner for Braga.

21:34 an hour ago

04 ‘

At this time in the match, Bragantino were using their skill at pressing to successfully stifle the game.

One hour ago 21:33

02 ‘

Luan Cândido has a great chance to score but somehow manages to miss the target!

An hour ago at 9:30 p.m.

00 ‘The match starts

The ball bounced off Nabi Abi Chedid for the first time.

21:25 an hour ago

⏱ ‘Pre-game

Performance of the Brazilian National Anthem.

One hour ago 21:23

⏱ ‘Pre-game

Teams with a field entry profile.

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⏱ ‘Emerald Up!

20:33 hours ago

⏱ ‘Gross mass has increased!

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⏱ Arbitration

10:57 12 hours ago

When is the Bragantino vs Goiás match and how to follow LIVE?

10:52 12 hours ago

Watch the match Bragantino vs Goiás live

Here, in addition to the real-time VAVEL Brazil, the match between Bragantino x Goiás will be broadcast live. Premiere and SportTV.

10:47 12 hours ago

Goias’ lineup possible

Tadeo; Caetano, Sidimar and Reynaldo; Apodi, Diego, Caio Vinícius, Elvis and Dadá Belmonte; Pedro Raul (Danilo Barcelos or Matheus Sales) and Nicolas.

10:42 12 hours ago

Bragantino’s possible lineup

Cleiton; Andrés Hurtado, Kevin, Nathan and Luan Cândido; Jadsom, Eric Ramires and Lucas Evangelista; Artur, Helinho and Ytalo.

10:37 12 hours ago

Goiás state

10:32 12 hours ago

Bragantino’s condition

10:27 12 hours ago

The status of the teams in the decision

Bragantino needs at least a draw to qualify for the quarterfinals. Goiás, any simple victory would lead to penalties in the match, trying to win the time normally, Esmeraldinos will have to win by two or more sides.

10:22 12 hours ago

How are the teams?

Massa Bruta and Esmeraldinos faced each other in the last match, this weekend, when they drew 1-1 in a match that is valid for the Brazilian Championship. Bragantino comes from a negative streak of seven games without a win, Goiás, has been growing in recent performances and has shown a good reaction, and he thinks he can surprise the Paulistas.

10:17 12 hours ago

Worth the rating!

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Hello fans! Stay tuned for the situation of Bragantino and Goiás soon for a confrontation. Follow details, schedules and news live here at VAVEL Brazil.

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