Rare cancer with the main symptom of back pain

  • Giulia Granchi
  • BBC News from Sao Paulo Brazil

Credit, Tetra Images / Getty Images

Multiple myeloma is a type of blood cancer that affects the blood system, especially the complications of the kidneys and bones, with symptoms that are difficult to distinguish from many other diseases.

The disease affects plasma cells, a type of white blood cell that can produce antibodies to fight infections. Instead of healthy cells, malignant versions appear that proliferate and begin to produce abnormal antibodies, known as the M protein or monoclonal protein, which damage different parts of the body, which is why the disease bears the word “multiple” in its name.

Patients usually experience, before any other signs, back pain, a very general symptom, which may be the result of sleeping in a less comfortable position, too heavy a workout in the gym, or many other daily factors. . But this is also a major symptom of this rare cancer.

It was this discomfort that led the merchant Luiz Fernando Fontenele, 37, to take a long career in medical examinations and consultations until he discovered the disease. “I felt great pain and suffered the first fracture and was diagnosed only seven months later. I myself became suspicious because I read the symptoms on the internet,” he recalls.

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