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or Palm treeswho drew the final match for Brazilian, is already looking to fight Botafogo, in Allianz Parque. And who really is on the field is forward Rony. In an interview with the report, the new shirt 10 palmeirense said he came to the club to make history and talked about the impact of coach Abel Ferreira’s arrival.

“I came to Palmeiras to make history and be marked by the club for my work and focus on achieving all the goals I set. Despite being on the bench in the first months of the club, I never thought that mobiya. My first year [no clube]and I know that chaos is insignificant compared to what I’ve been through in my career. I was dreaming [jogando] at a club like Palmeiras ”, he emphasized in an exclusive interview.

According to the Verdão forward, after the arrival of Abel Ferreira, a new era has begun. Again, Ron The space provided by assistant coach Andrey Lopes, who is permanent at the club, was highlighted before the Portuguese accepted his duties on the field.. “She is [Abel Ferreira] I have a lot of confidence in my work. Things started to happen. Very grateful for the learning he brings to me every day, as well as for passing on his knowledge to the cast. “

“I’m living in a very good stage and have a lot of expectations. Abel used to have only one title and now I have won five cups with him in charge.“, he added.

At 27, Rony already has two Libertadores (2021 and 2020), two Paulistão titles (2022 and 2020), a Recopa Sudamericana (2022) and a Copa do Brasil (2020). The player’s contract will last until December 2025but he did not think of leaving Verdão.

I started at Remo, then went to Cruzeiro’s base. Still in Brazil, I play for Naútico, where I am one of the top scorers in Serie B [2016]with 11 goals. The following year, I landed in Japan, but I always had in mind that I would play in the first division of the Brazilian Championship ”, commented the striker.

His return to the five-time world champion country was made by Athletico-PR, who are awaiting the lawsuit between Albirex Niigata (Japan) and Raposa. It left Ron for eight months. “On my debut, I was able to score a goal and be commented on by fans because of the mortals of the celebration.”

abel in the bank
In 2022, Rony started playing as a center forward at the request of Abel Ferreira due to a squad gap. to this day, that is ten goals this season, seven of them in aerial balls.

Abel Ferreira asked me if I had ever played in that position. I answered, at the time, only once [no Japão] and he didn’t like it, for playing his back to the goal. ‘So now you play, and I see that there is something different’ ”, the 10 confessed to Verdão.

“I always say we have lunch with Abel Ferreira for 90 minutes. Dessert he was signaling and guiding us [jogadores]. At half-time, he doesn’t go into the locker rooms, he just shows what needs to be continued and what needs to be corrected.. The post-game has always been a motto: we have 24 hours to experience a loss or victory ”, he pointed out.

painted notice
Rony, who has always scoffed on social media about how they know when his goals will come, said he will continue the bike saga of the games and he will make a video of thanks.

“I have a desire to do it. Especially with the encouragement of our fans [palmeirense], and even my son encourages it. With that confrontation against Atlético-MG, I will go ‘bike’. The ball was high, the whole stadium was screaming, but I heard Zé Rafael asking for the ball and I decided to fix it.. Then I complained to him: ‘Man, I’m going to put him down [bicicleta]'”he finished, smiling.

Due to the fixed numbering of the Palmeiras squad, his arrival at the club he chose a shirt of 11. Later, with the transfer of Dudu, on loan, to Qatarcontinues to play 7.

“I’m so grateful to represent so many idols with this shirt. Whatever the numbers. It doesn’t matter. It’s the player who makes it, not the other way around. Recently, my first number [11] used by Zé Roberto. The present [camisa 10] famous players, such as Alex and Ademir da Guia, used it. And the iconic [7] from Edmundo, and now we have Dudu. The important thing is to leave a legacy. ”

amazing games
For Rony, the two games on Liberators 2020, against River Plate (Argentina), in the semifinals, and saintsin the last match of the Maracanã, it was the duels that remained in the memory.

“No one believed us. They put it all together [River] as home play favorites, and we played a fantastic game. and I got it open the score of the match, which we won [o jogo terminou em 3 a 0]. Then give also epic help for Breno Lopes ’goal [a partida foi 1 a 0]“, he concluded.

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