Prediction: Germany v England – European League of Nations

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Germany vs England information and forecast

After a disastrous debut League of Nations Europe, The England deal with Germany in this Tuesday, June 7th. Conflict, part of it second round the tournament will be in the 2022/2023 season Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany. Predictably, the ball will start rolling 15:45 (Brasilia time). They make up the selection Group 3 gives Turn it onIt also has Hungary and Italy.

How does the League of Nations Europe 2022/2023 work?

Created to occupy free calendar dates used by friends, it has UEFA League of Nations is distinguished four parts (A, B, C and D). Nothing else The First Division, A League, has a title dispute, he called Final Four. made by four-set champions who advance to the first round.

In the initial phase, A League has 12 participants. they were divided four keys. Back and forth, played six games. You champions of each team will have the right to compete for the cup. You The last qualifiers are relegated to the B League.

Where to watch the 2022/2023 Europa Nations League matches?

Where to watch it on TV – The transmission right of the Brazilian League of European Nations is the subscription channel ESPN and SportTV. You need to check the schedule to find out which games will be broadcast and the times.

Where to look at the bookmaker – There is no streaming of European League matches on major bookmaker platforms.

Germany’s last performance

Germany also did not achieve the expected result in the first match. However, by playing outside their own area, they at least managed to score against Italy. On Saturday, June 4, it was 1-1 against Italy. He was a little better at the confrontation. He had a much longer ball (65%), developed more chances to finish (12 to 11) and dominated the shot rate (2 to 4).

Nothing, however, to show that he deserved anything better. The hosts managed to open up an advantage in the lead. Pellegrini scored in the 25th minute of the second half. However, the Germans responded quickly. Three minutes later, Kimmich scored the equalizer. Coach Hans Flick has not been defeated since he took office.

He completed ten games in the standings. After eight wins and two draws. Against the Italians, Flick built the German team with a four-point line of defense, using two midfielders, three midfielders and an attacker to support him. For this Tuesday’s duel, it’s likely to keep the same tactical lineup, with some changes to the starting lineup in the end.

German lineup possible

To get to know the squad for this match? Check out the game lineup as available in the table below:

Germany this season

Current form in England

Schalke 04 Bundesliga shirt

England’s start was much worse. As well as being technically humble, he was prevented from gaining the full support of his fans by facing Hungary, who, despite playing at home, still suffered restrictions on his presence as a result of racist and homophobic demonstrations in previous matches. 1 to 0 win.

The English kept the ball for the longest time (57%). At that time, the Hungarians (12) managed to develop the same number of shot chances. However, the home side showed that they showed a bit of dominance in the rate of direct shots (5 and 4). Szoboslai’s goal was awarded on a penalty kick in the 21st minute of the second half.

Gary Southgat has joined England with three center-backs, four midfielders and three strikers. The team showed little attack especially in the first half, when they hit a single shot in the opposite direction. In the final phase, he showed improvement. However, he still ended up defeated without losing an uninterrupted 22-game losing streak. The series, which began on November 18, 2020, has had 17 wins and five draws.

Maybe the English lineup

To get to know the squad for this match? Check out the game lineup as available in the table below:

England in the current season

Statistics for both groups

Forecast and final forecast for Germany and England:

Against an England that has shown little ambition to attack, Germany has the announcement of victory, the prediction set for the second round of the European League of Nations 2022/2023 on Tuesday.

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