Poland reacts and turns against Wales

Already qualifying for the Qatar World Cup, Poland beat Wales 2-1 on Wednesday (1st). Wroclaw, In the game that serves to open the League of Nations. Goals came in the second half with Jonathan Williams, Wales, and jakub Kaminski and Swiderski Poland.

Heading into the weekend between the Scottish and Ukrainian winner, who deserves a place in the Qatar World Cup, coach Robert Page released several headlines, including the great Welsh star Gareth Bale. Meanwhile Michoiewicz, who took over the national team after leaving Slam in Flamenco, opted for the greatest strength.

The match started hot, with little chance for both teams. Only the second goal was scored by the coach Michniewicz, a Pole, encouraged good substitutions, which changed the design of the game after Wales opened the scoring.

As a result, Poland combined for the first three points and took the lead in Group D, which still has Belgium and the Netherlands. The two teams still face off today. Only the top two in the Nations League advance to the next round of the A League, and the bottom two advance to the B League.

next games

Poland will return to the field next Wednesday (8), also for the League of Nations, against the Netherlands. The next match in Wales is this Sunday (5) against the winner of Scotland and Ukraine in a match that deserves a place in the Qatar World Cup.


01.06.22 – Polish Robert Lewandowski regrets missing a goal in a match against Wales in the League of Nations.

Image: Martin Rose / Getty Images

Without Gareth Bale, who was saved by coach Robert Page elimination Against the winner in Scotland and Ukraine, the focus shifted exclusively to the Polish Robert Lewandowski. The center-forward, who announced he would not stay at Bayern Munich this week, has been involved in almost every Polish attacking play in the first half, but has stopped the only goal opportunity in the good defense of goalkeeper Ward. .

Lewandowski had another chance in the 12th minute, but went wide. The attacker, however, was caught in an offside position.

In the second half, Poland’s big name was effectively involved Michniewicz, Lua picked up from the left and the shot, the shot, left the ball Swiderski got the shot and turned the game around.

The first part with heat and few options

01.06.22 - Robert Lewandowski is discussing Polish ball with Matthew Smith from Wales.  - Martin Rose / Getty Images - Martin Rose / Getty Images

01.06.22 – Robert Lewandowski is discussing Polish ball with Matthew Smith from Wales.

Image: Martin Rose / Getty Images

The match started in a balanced and bureaucratic way, with no two teams creating effective opportunities. For the first ten minutes, only one attack per side. Poland tried in the third minute with a header from Zielinski, and Ward passed to the left of the goalkeeper. It took Wales seven minutes to respond with a shot from outside the box by Levvite. Grabara defended in two parts.

In the 20th minute, the Lewandowski star almost opened the scoring with a great goal. After the ball was lifted in from the left, Ward was on his own in the home side’s penalty area and should have scored after 79 minutes, but missed, probably due to lack of concentration.

In the first half, however, the Welsh team showed greater efficiency and brought excitement to the game in the 25th minute. Burns picked up a half-shot from the edge of the area and fired it with a first shot. The ball deflected Goralski and went over the base. Shortly afterwards, James took the ball from the left, invaded the area and fired low. The ball passed, removing the paint from Grabara’s post.

In the 39th minute, Poland had another chance to open the scoring, but Bulska put Puchacz in front of Ward after a left-footed cross.

Second half – Poland reacts well after the Welsh goal

Coach Robert Page made three changes for the second half, changed his two strikers and took out the Ward goalkeeper for Hennessey’s entrance. Matondo, who replaced Daniel James, showed service in less than three minutes. He picked up the right, invaded the area and ended up in a cross, forcing Grabara to kick back.

Wales, who were better in the game, were rewarded in the sixth minute with a goal from Jonathan Williams. The 18th t-shirt picked up the area at the entrance and fired hard from the right. The ball still bounced, fooling the Polish goalkeeper, and he was left alone at the bottom of the net.

The Welsh goal forced coach Michniewicz to make changes. He took Klich in place of midfielder Zurkowski, and replaced Jakub Kaminski in midfielder Goralski.

The changes bore fruit. Kaminski equalized after a good play and Puchace’s cross from the left. The striker dominated beautifully before the Hennessey goalkeeper had no chance to shoot. In the 39th minute, Lewandowski received a pass from Kaminski inside the box, which also went into the second half and got the shot. The ball was deflected by two Welsh defenders and went to Swiderski, who took the goalkeeper well and turned the game around.


Poland v Wales – League of Nations

Place: Wroclaw Municipal Stadium, Poland
Referee: Rade Obrenovic (SVN)
Contributors: Grega Kordez and Aleksandar Kasapovic (SVN)
yellow cards: Morrell (Wales); Bereszynski (Poland)
goals: Jonathan Williams, Welsh, 6 minutes into Q2; jakub Kaminski, Poland, 26 minutes into Q2, Swiderski, Poland, 39th minute of 2nd T.

Grabara, Bereszynski, Glik, Bednarek, Puchacz (Swiderski), Krychowiak (Grosicki), Klich (Zurkowski), Goralski (Kaminski), Zielinski, Buksa (Zalewski), Lewandowski. Coach: Michniewicz

Ward (Hennessey), Gunter, Mepham, Norrington-Davies, Smith, Morrell, Levitt, Burns (Neco Williams), Jonathan Williams (Thomas), Daniel James (Matondo), Moore (Harris). Coach: Robert Page

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