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Anyway, we’re on our way to the ninth generation of Pokemon. After a rather “warm” reaction from the general public during the arrival of Sword & Shield, we get a completely revamped look at Scarlet & Violet. Check out what’s changed here, and tell us what you think in the comments!

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The rival

This is the first change to be noticed here nemona, your new enemy. Interestingly, it seems to have the same skin and eye color as Hop, its “competitor” in Sword & Shield. However, the main change here (and what is repeated throughout the game) is New feature of 3D modelswhich had a complete change.


The next change to consider is Overworld, the exterior of gaming. At Sword & Shield, we’ve got a preview of what a franchise “open world” interaction would look like. I mention it in quotation marks because we only do it in a small space in the middle of the region. However, SV innovates and ultimately brings what is dreamed, desired and what is expected open world really in the history of Pokemon. And with trees in HD.

Catch the Animation

Capture animation is the next topic to consider here. We’ve always had a classic scene of catching a new Pokemon. However, over time it became more and more elaborate. In SwSh, we have a rather “synthetic” Poké Ball. SV, on the other hand, innovates with lighting, bringing a real feel to the material, and the trajectory of the shot, in the end, goes straight to the goal (and not arched, as in almost all previous versions).

Player House

The player’s home is another element that has always appeared in the franchise. Until the time to move to 3D, we had only one sprite generic, similar to other homes in his hometown. From the 6th generation onwards, however, the player’s home became more and more cared for and developed. Gradually, SV follows the “tradition” and gives us what it should probably be the largest (and brightest) house of a protagonist ever built.

Players Room

Inside the house, we have everything where it starts: the player’s bedroom. This is where we get the first information about our environment, and where we take the first steps in our journey. Interestingly, SV’s room seems a bit “simpler” compared to SwSh, but still. some striking similarities between the two.

Teacher’s House / Laboratory *

The asterisk in the picture refers to an uncertainty. We know that the house is not necessarily the protagonist, but it is not the gym, the league facility or anything like that. It’s interesting that it looks kind of laboratory for teachers in the area (or maybe for their family)? In any case, it is possible to see a resemblance, albeit a very secret one, to the SwSh house of Magnolia. We look forward to hearing from you.

battlefield interface

The new Battle UI is another important point of change we’ve seen so far. In an innovative way (and reminiscent of Legends: Arceus), the new design is for the first time in the main series. power indicator on the opposing Pokemon. The action icons have also been revamped, and will now be the vertical group bar for the first time in the history of the main series.

pokemon center

Here we have the Pokémon Center for the new region. Moving away from the Victorian style of Galar, (again) for the first time in the series, We will have a “doorless” center. Almost anywhere, you can go through the centers gas station to return your team fill the mythical tankbuy new items or any new features not yet found.


Finally, something that seems a little irrelevant a priori. But yes, it is necessary to include this here. The sector of the community responsible for assessing the quality of the Pokemon trunk should be quietly examined.

Turning Time

However, if something were to be repeated here, there were certainly many changes that had never been seen in Pokemon. It’s almost the final turning point for the franchise. It’s not an exaggeration to say the least reaction The openness to innovation presented in SwSh, and in Legends, is unlikely to be reversed. Obviously, this does not mean that it is a good thing or a bad thing, considering that it is governed only by one’s own tastes. But if there is a consensus here, it will be the same again.

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