Piracy apps are bigger than Netflix and HBO Max in the Play Store

The streaming market is becoming more and more competitive, which has created a lot subscriber drops For Netflix leaders in 2022. However, the growth of services like HBO Max and Disney + is not the only factor driving the segment.

Brazil, applications aimed at piracy they already appear most popular on the Play Store, The official Android app store. According to data from the Play Store, the two platforms already have more than 5.5 million downloads through the store.

Alternative streaming apps are among the most popular in the Play Store

In the second week of June, it had the category of entertainment apps in the list of three alternative applications. As you can see in the screenshot above, the Cine Vision V5, Tyflex Official and MegaFlix platforms outperformed the official services like HBO Max, Netflix and Disney + and Star + in the most sought after category.

What is MegaFlix and Cine Vision? Is it piracy?

Apps that reach the top of the Play Store have a nice video interface that looks like official services, but they pirate the contents of their catalog. MegaFlix, one of the most popular solutions, has an interface that can be envied by services like HBO Max and Disney +, with fast navigation, the most viewed content, and easy-to-download videos.

The content distributed in the applications, however, comes from illegal sources. unlike solutions like Google TVwhich brings together different streams on an official platform, alternative applications broadcast pirated content: movies that are still in theaters, for example, can now be viewed in low-quality versions of the services.

Jurassic WorldThe catalog of illegal films also includes productions that are still in theaters

In addition to distributing illegal content, there are also free applications show a large number of ads for users, it is constantly being redirected to other applications, but that doesn’t stop the platforms from growing.

Piracy in the Google Play Store

Even with the reach of apps like MegaFlix and CineVision, Google stands out that Distribution of pirated content is prohibited and the company is dealing with illegal applications. “Our policies prohibit applications that infringe copyright, encourage illegal reproduction, or attempt to mislead users by replacing the identity of other applications.”

On its anti-piracy website, the company said it removes illegal applications from the store based on copyright complaints. We have contacted the company for more details about the store’s security policies, but we have not yet received a response.

NetflixAlternative apps predominate in the Entertainment section of the Play Store

This Tuesday (14), the list of the most popular entertainment applications in the Play Store was still among the most popular Cine Vision and MegaFlix, among the most popular. On the other hand, one of the most downloaded last week was the removal of the official Tyflex from the store, which may not have appeared in the searches.

the dangers of piracy

Free access and extensive catalogs of content in pirated streaming streaming applications on alternative platforms may pose a risk to the user, said Daniel Barbosa, an information security specialist at ESET. In addition to having no official support and structure, illegal services can also be used for illegal purposes.

According to the expert, some Illegal video applications may hide followers those who control the device, from files to the geolocation of the mobile phone. Some platforms also require user registration and login information, which can be used to commit fraud.

The ESET expert says it is best to avoid applications with illegal content. When applications are distributed in official stores, the company recommends researching the platform’s background, paying attention to reviews, and looking for solutions from serious companies who may be responsible for problems.

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