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The first free practice sessions for the Azerbaijani Grand Prix took place this Friday (10) morning in the 2022 season with work on the eighth of 22 stages of the Formula 1 World Cup. Initial track activity showed who is ahead. Baku Capital Streets: Red Bull. Sergio Pérez was the fastest in one windy morning.

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The show of strength of the energy drink group, which is considered a favorite of the weekend due to the characteristics of the Baku track, was important. Although the only possible comparison was with the soft tires and the pace of the classification, in addition, the Austrian team used only medium tires while Ferrari opted for the harder ones.

In this scenario, Pérez had a big advantage despite Charles Leclerc’s multiple attempts, he was second. Max Verstappen was third, while Carlos Sainz closed the drivers’ sequence with the two best cars on the grid.

FP1 also showed a lot porpoising, as expected for a real street track with long straights, like this one. It wasn’t just Mercedes that suffered: basically all the teams suffered the bounces. It was Pierre Gasly who said he had never been in a car that bounced so far in this FP1. That’s a question for the weekend.

Behind the top four were Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon. Daniel Ricciardo was the slowest on the track when Mick Schumacher and Nicholas Latifi were left out, two drivers who had car problems early in training.

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See how TL1 went:

On a windy day in the Azerbaijani capital, he returned to the Formula 1 street track after spending two weeks at the Monaco Grand Prix. And as soon as the pit work turned on the green light and the doors opened, a car crashed into the track. In three minutes, 20 drivers had already put the car on the track for their first appearance. The first option was the medium tires, the hard Ferrari and the soft Aston Martin. By the way, Pirelli has chosen the softest range possible – C1, C2 and C3 – for the weekend.

Last year’s winner Sergio Pérez pointed a yellow paraffin at the back for Red Bull aerodynamic tests, while Sebastian Vettel warned on Aston Martin radio that the car’s steering wheel was sideways in law.

The movement of the track was real: not only were they out of the garage in the opening minutes, but Kevin Magnussen was the last to record a lap timed in less than eight minutes. No more installation rounds.

Then the official FOM broadcast showed Mick Schumacher standing in a corner of Haas. There was a moment’s concern that the young German driver had fallen again, but he didn’t. Next, the TV pointed out the problem: a waterfall flowing from the car. The order for the war came from the engineer. The VSC was turned on for a moment as they took the car and water.

1 S PEREZ red bull 1: 45.476 21
bi C LECLERC Ferrari 1: 45.603 +0.127 21
3 M VERSTAPPEN red bull 1: 45.810 +0.334 25
4 C SAINZ Ferrari 1: 46.012 +0.536 22
5 F ALONSO alpine 1: 46.571 +1,095 22
6 L HAMILTON mercedes 1: 46.667 +1.191 21
7 AND TSUNODA AlphaTauri Honda 1: 46.696 +1,220 25
8 G RUSSEL mercedes 1: 46.705 +1.229 24
9 P GASLY AlphaTauri Honda 1: 46.830 +1,354 25
10 AND OCON alpine 1: 46.917 +1,441 21
11 L NORRIS McLaren Mercedes 1: 47.691 +2,215 19
12 L STROL Aston Martin Mercedes 1: 47.847 +2,371 24
13 K MAGNUSEN Haas Ferrari 1: 47.946 +2,470 24
14 S VETTEL Aston Martin Mercedes 1: 47,970 +2,494 22
15 V BOTAK Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1: 48.078 +2,602 22
16 G ZHOU Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1: 48.222 +2,746 24
17 ALBON Williams Mercedes 1: 48.419 +2,943 22
18 DRINCIARD McLaren Mercedes 1: 48.810 +3,334 22
19 N LATIFI Williams Mercedes 1: 50,921 +5,445 7
20 M SCHUMACHER Haas Ferrari 1: 58.332 +12,856 3
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