Paulo Sousa reveals Andreas’ request for permanence and defends Hugo: “It’s a process” | Flamengo

Once again, Flamengo faces a tough match against Fluminense of Maracanã, an executioner in Carioca’s final decision. This Sunday, Rubro-Negro left the score but managed to recover and made the result to 2 to 1. At the end of the game, coach Paulo Sousa admitted the difficulties of the classic and highlighted the evolution of Flamengo in the final games. .

– We have amazing data on the difficulties we have to beat this opponent, in the way they can be used in this game. Now we are able to overcome this data. I like the boys because we continue to give consistency. Especially with the result. Some are good moments, others are not as we would like them to be, but it is part of the process of continuing to grow and win – analyzes Paulo Sousa.

Paulo Sousa, Fluminense x Flamengo, Brazilian 2022 – Photo: André Durão/ge

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The coach also commented on the performance of Andreas Pereira and Hugo Souza, players who came from the crowd’s distrust, but who in this match played a fundamental role in the victory. Andreas, however, has already ended his contract. Paulo Sousa has revealed that he is in favor of the team’s midfielder permanence.

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– To all of us, I want to have this continuity that I have declared (contract renewal). Of course, it’s not just for us, it’s up to the player, to the club.

– We have two players working every day to help our team win. In the game against Católica, Andreas played an amazing game and now he is as determined as Hugo. What also became decisive was the team’s ability to find happiness. We worked for it and with synergy now we are able to be happy. If we can keep it up, we’ll be closer to winning important titles – he concluded.

Next Sunday, Flamengo hosted Fortaleza in Maracanã for the ninth round in Brasileirão.

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See other responses from Paulo Sousa:

– If you win, things will definitely change. In all the other games, the beginnings Hugo gained during the game, along with the defenses, also showed confidence. The synergy is a bit different, a bit different. It’s not just about Hugo, it’s about any player. It’s a process. Some may take longer to find the same synergy, I will give a new example, Vinicius Jr, who is the Champions League champion. When he arrived at Real, he was severely criticized. And the president gave him the same public power, saying he was a player who came to stay. And yesterday he scored the win.

– In other words: every player has his process, his time. It’s important to work hard, faith. As a team, we are humble, helpful, we have talent, but there is room for improvement. But this synergy has won cups. We have to do our part. We are very strong.

– They have different characteristics. Fabrício was very kind and helped us, as well as Gustavo, who was about to return. As Léo comes in because it has to do with the ability to deliver training to maintain a high level. Everything is very important

– There are times, if we lower the defensive block, we lose intensity. It’s something we try to be aggressive with even on the lowest block. You don’t have to be very permissive. But now there is a lot to do with this game. We need to be more determined in counterattacks, we should not be afraid and be careful to reach the opponent’s field with more space.

This synergy that occurred almost throughout the match between our fans and the team was incredible. Not only the troubles, but I believe they won championships. Not just games, from my experience. The more thoughtful we are, in general, plus the bigger, better than overall, I have no doubt that we will achieve titles and be more consistent in wins.

– Felt and abandoned. As Arrasca came out. We desperately need it. In the last three games it makes sense too.

– Many times it has to do with our ability to stay tall, to have ownership over a longer period of time. This doesn’t always happen in the second half. We had a good second time, one of them against Católica. If you look, in physical terms, there are players who have a lot to run, because there are a lot of places to run ahead. But we need this time, have more control. It’s time to improve, to have understanding, to push the opponent even further. We try to defend from the highest side possible and, if that doesn’t happen, we have to improve our lower block, which can also allow us to attack as well.

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