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The 2-1 classic win against Fluminense marked Paulo Sousa’s 30th game in charge of Flamengo. The Portuguese coach, who is still looking for stability in his position, arrived at the club at the beginning of the season and coached the team in Carioca, Supercopa, Copa do Brasil, Libertadores and Brasileirão. There were 19 wins, seven draws and four losses, with a 71% success rate.

The Espião Estatístico team is preparing a clipping of the first 30 games of the four followed by Paulo Sousa. Portuguese compatriots, Jorge Jesus, new coach at Fenerbahce, is the one with the most utility of all. Check the balance:

Paulo Sousa x followers – Photo: – Photo: Infoesporte

Look at the numbers of the last Flamengo coaches

Numbers in the first 30 games for Flamengo

1 Jorge Jesus 77.7% 30 21 7 two 63 22
two Renato Gaucho 73.3% 30 20 6 4 71 25
3 Paulo Sousa 71.1% 30 19 7 4 58 26
4 Domenec Torrent 64.1% 26 15 5 6 46 38
5 Rogerio Ceni 61.1% 30 16 7 7 60 38

Among the last five Flamengo coaches, Paulo Sousa had the third best performance in the first 30 games managed. Jorge Jesus, who won 77% of the points, was the least loser, with just two losses, added 21 wins and seven boards. Plus, he also has the best defense. With the arrival of the Portuguese in the middle of the 2019 season, he got the majority of Brasileirão, the Libertadores knockout and the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil at the time.

Renato Gaúcho had the second best usage: 73%. With 20 wins, six boards and four losses, the coach, who reached the Libertadores final with Flamengo, had best time attack, with 71 goals in the first 30 games. Renato also took on the same competitions as Jorge Jesus, in the same rounds: more than one round in Brasileirão, the Libertadores and the Copa do Brasil from round 16 onwards.

Jorge Jesus Flamengo Maracanã – Photo: André Durão

Renato Gaúcho achieves his tenth win in 11 games for Flamengo-Photo: Staff Images / Conmebol

Paulo Sousawith 71% of use, there is a smaller victory than Renato Gaúcho and the same number of losses. Of the 58 goals scored, the current Flamengo coach has a better attack than the team commanded by Domènec Torrent. The defense, however, is behind those of Jorge Jesus and Renato Gaúcho.

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What is the weight of the evaluation against Paulo Sousa is to cut matches. As the first 30 games between JJ and Renato as the season begins in the country’s major competitions, half of the first 30 games the current coach is in Carioca and in the first phase on Flamengo in the Brazilian Cup. The team even lost the state title to Fluminense.

Paulo Sousa, Flamengo coach – Photo: André Durão

Of the last coaches, the one who didn’t complete 30 games was Domenec Torrent. With just 26 games to manage, the Catalan debuted in the first game of 2020 Brasileiro and led the team at the start of the Libertadores group stage and round 16 of the Copa do Brasil. There were 15 wins, five draws and six losses, with a 64% success rate. Poor defense numbers (with 38 goals conced in 26 games) and the suffering suffered was decisive in expulsion.

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Domènec during his time at Flamengo – Photo: DUDU MACEDO/FOTOARENA/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO

Naa na Rogerio Ceni there worst performance in the first 30 games. Of the 61% of points disputed, there were 16 wins, seven draws and seven losses. The score of 60 goals scored earned him the third-best attacking average, while the 38 goals conced left Ceni with the second-worst defense. However, during this time, he was able to win Brazilian Championship 2020.

Rogério Ceni wins Brazilian Championship with Flamengo – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

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