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It took approximately three years for the relationship between Cruzeiro and Uruguay to be oxygenated, after Arrascaeta left Flamengo. Uruguayan charrua culture is once again strongly marked with coach Paulo Pezzolano and his three assistants (Martín Varini, Matías Fillippini and Gonzalo Álvarez).

Enjoying Raposa, the coach says he is perfectly adapted to Belo Horizonte, supported by his family base and the style of work he takes on Cruzeiro. In an interview with gethe coach said a little about his lifestyle and how he thinks about football.

Those who work with Pezzolano and the coaching staff know that the team has a workflow that is considered fast, in line with the style the coach wants for his teams, with intensity of play and offensive. The coach admitted he didn’t rest, even when he wasn’t in Toca da Raposa. Live the role seriously.

Pezzolan; Sailing – Photos: Staff Photos

– I go to work, I arrive early, I leave in the afternoon. We enjoyed what we did. Football is alive all the time, not just the weather is here. At some point, at home, you turn on the computer, look at some things left over from training, something you want to improve on during the day. We work 24 hours – said the coach.

Pezzolano, of course, takes time to have fun with his family. He moved to the capital Minas Gerais, with his wife Gabriela, whom he married 12 and a half years ago, and has three children, still children.

– The family is established, calm, adjusted. My kids have adjusted well, they are in school. My kids speak Portuguese well. They speak better than we do. It’s amazing. Brazil is too hot to live. We are very happy. The kids too. Sometimes we worry about them. But they are okay. We are calm and enjoying this time in Brazil – said the coach of Cruzeiro.

“Let’s go Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives games. Sign the Premiere!”

Banner at the Premiere Brasileirão – Photo: Reproduction

Pezzolano says he has a home style. Love to go out for lunch or dinner with the family. He did not yet have time, for example, to get to know the historic cities of Minas. In cooking, she says she has a passion: pizza.

– We went out for dinner and lunch. We stayed at home a lot, we were a quiet family. I like to eat a lot, of all kinds of food. But I really like pizza. I ate a lot of pizza. There are always plenty of places to eat pizza here. But I’m from home, from staying home. We like to have dinner sometimes. We are very well adapted to BH – stated the celestial coach.

Paulo Pezzolano, wife and three children – Photo: Personal archive

Selected by Ronaldo Phenomenon through the selection process, the coach has not given up on his offensive and intensive football conviction.

– Basically, as a coach, we incorporate the game model and approach. It becomes easier through work. It’s better than just entering for the result, because the result is only on the weekend. Anyone can win or lose. But if you choose the higher way, and the club likes the way. He was happy, enjoying the way the team played. We must follow the path. It is known that opponents, moreover, know how to play Cruzeiro. We cannot be satisfied. Not everyone is perfect. We have to work every day, we have to improve a lot to be successful.

Pezzolano and the technical commission were selected through the Cruzeiro selection process – Photo: Disclosure/Cruzeiro

If Cruzeiro’s coach leads a quiet life off the field, it’s in it with such intense energy that the Uruguayan puts the celestial team on track.

– What we like, any player, any fan, is that he is very aggressive, serious, who plays the ball and has a long block, offensive. I like it the most. And this is the highest way. We made a team, we made a competition group. The players understand this. They love it. And that speeds up everything – the coach emphasized.

It’s easier to fire a coach than to admit he was wrong. That’s why it happens on big teams. But we know that’s how the life of a coach is. If he wins, he will have a long time at the club. If you can’t win, you don’t.

Leading the Brazilian Series B with 22 points, Pezzolano has the challenge of keeping Cruzeiro on top and, most of all, among the four to move up to Series A.

– The hardest thing, of any kind, is regularity. You can play one, two, five games too. But if you have 38 games, a championship, maintaining that regularity is the hardest. We have to work to keep it going. And beyond the G-4, we need to develop as a team. It won’t last until the G-4 in the end. I hope we stay in the G-4 and last to the end. But we know how difficult it is. The important thing is that the team progresses. By the end of the championship, I think we deserve it.

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