Participants evaluate the 2nd Brusque Medicine Congress; find out how it was

More than 200 delegates, including doctors, health professionals and students from Brusque and state medicine, gathered for the 27th edition of Brusque Medicine II. Congress (CBM). May 28.

Focusing on clinical medicine, the professionals invited to the discussions, doctors from the region and other states, made a current diagnosis of various specialties, talking about the current health scenario and what can be expected for the future.

“We had a lot of difficulties in 2020, with a lack of an intelligence system to track beds, respirators, diagnostic tests, PPE and Covid-19 cases. All this was developed in collaboration (…) but there are still many questions. We have an infectious disease and still the case We need to identify, test, isolate and control (…) and we need people and technology to do that properly, ”said Adecar José de Oliveira Paes Junior, President of the Santa Catarina Medical Association (ACM). yours.

According to him, it is important that “we do not destabilize the prepared people and the beds that were created and expanded content a tactical force if we have new waves. Unfortunately, it is a difficult scenario to predict, but that does not mean that we have to be unprepared, ”he added.


The opening of CBM was on the night Fridayon the 27th, and also had municipal and state officials and medical guests, as well as medical school students, sponsors, and assistants.

The Brusque Municipal Health Secretary, Dr. Osvaldo Quirino, recalled that the congress was a great opportunity to learn and add to the already trained professionals, as well as showing students that the city is well integrated into the Brazilian medical scene, highlighting, for example, Covid-19.

“Brusque showed strength, determination, willingness to work and the ability to work, but above all, the cohesion of people to fight the disease and solidarity was the great engine to fight this pandemic. In addition to the scientific aspect, such a massive population vaccination, far beyond the national average in terms of the severity of the pandemic, as well as all other actions taken, ”the secretary said in his speech. public.


The Brusquens Medical Congress had a content of 17 lectures, divided into four blocks, called urgency, general medicine, acute illness, and chronic illness.

Among the speakers was Oncologist Evanius Garcia Wiermann of Curitiba, one of the most well-known specialists in his field, who spoke about intestinal cancer and warned students to look for a follow-up of the disease.

“We still have an abyss because most of the medicines available are not in the public system. The most important thing, therefore, is to work with what we have, such as clinical measures to reduce the risk of cancer, such as fighting obesity, reducing the consumption of processed products, healthier eating, physical activity whenever possible, and early screening. cancer. disease, ”he stressed.

Dr. Silvana Gazola Santucci from Itajai presented the work on the vaccine and issued an alert.

“Brazil is living in a dangerous scenario where old diseases can return, because we have low vaccine coverage in diseases we have never heard of and now we are in danger of losing the great progress that vaccines have made in Brazil. people are not vaccinated, mothers are not vaccinated against their children. This puts us at risk of re-introducing polio, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis and other serious diseases that endanger and return to the health of the population, ”said the doctor, who also recalled the importance of the Covid-19 vaccine. which prevents hospitalization.

positive results

Gabriel Andrigheto, a medical student at Unifebe, highlighted the technical quality of the speakers and said that they add medical training to both academics and pre-trained doctors.

“A lot of the information brought here clarified our doubts, so when we are working every day, whether in the office, in the medical office or in emergencies, it will also help us to answer patients’ questions, improving them. everyone’s quality of life, ”he recalled.

For the president of the Radiologist Gustavo Gumz Correia, the organizer of the Associação Brusquense de Medicina (ABM), the event was a success.

“Among the students and colleagues, we had a very large audience from the city and other regions, in addition to the speakers. Several issues were addressed, such as the health scenario in Brazil and Santa Catarina taught by the ACM president, and others that are very important for professionals working in hospitals and the front line of UBS, as a general practitioner or as a guard. doctor. So we think it was a great update and integration for the medical community, especially here in Brusque, ”he concluded.

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