Palmeiras x Botafogo’s goals and best moments for the Brazilian Championship (4-0) | 2022/06/09

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Good night!

We would like to thank all those who watched another VAVEL show in Brazil. Have a great night everyone, and see you next time.

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⏱ ‘Match the numbers

20:48 an hour ago

45 ‘End of the game

No add-ons! Palm trees 4×0 Botafogo.

20:46 an hour ago

43 ‘

Botafogo arrives with Chay in danger, crosses and approaches the ball to Weverton’s post.

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AND WHAT A GOAL! Wesley goes up the left again, pedaling, cutting inside with a kick. The ball landed at the feet of Verdão, who was completely unmarked in the box.

One hour ago 20:43

38 ‘

Botafogo loses the ball, Gatito leaves the ball under his feet and Palmeiras wins a corner.

20:41 an hour ago

38 ‘

Wesley comes in from the left, cuts in and takes a shot, the ball passes close to the post and goes out.

20:41 an hour ago

37 ‘

Nice boot! Marcos Rocha was allowed to take it quickly by the referee, much to the dismay of the goalkeeper who wasn’t prepared. Palmeiras’s corner.

One hour ago 20:39

35 ‘Palmeiras

20:36 an hour ago

33 ‘

Vinicius Lopes sends submission from afar and wide.

One hour ago 20:34

30 ‘Palmeiras

An hour ago at 8:30 p.m.

26 ‘

He pedals, enters the field and crosses the bass. Saraiva makes the cut.

20:27 an hour ago


With a foul inside the Palmeiras area, Saraiva dodged a deflection, and Weverton defended, the ball still exploding on the post. In the sequence, Ron rides his bike.

One hour ago at 20:25

22 ‘Substitution, Botafogo

One hour ago 20:24


Dudu started and gave Navarro a good pass, the 29th T-shirt went into the middle of Botafogo’s defense, facing Gatito and touching the goalkeeper, scoring the goal. But the assistant scored offside.

20:21 an hour ago

17 ‘

Navarro rises to the right, crossing the low to Rony, who was blocked in submission. Palmeiras’s corner.

20:20 an hour ago

17 ‘

Scarpa fouls inside the area, Murilo heads up and sends it outside.

20:19 hours ago

16 ‘Substitution, Palmeiras

20:18 hours ago

15 ‘

Botafogo is on his own.

20:14 hours ago

10 ‘

DEFEND WEVERTON! Daniel Borge takes a direct free kick, but the shot goes wide of the goal.

20:13 hours ago

09 ‘

Botafogo kicks the ball inside the box, but Weverton kicks the ball away. On the rebound, Victor Sá tries to get hold of the ball but it slips out of his hands.

20:11 2 hours ago

08 ‘

Once again, Palmeiras took a risk in the corner kick. Botafogo has a hard time defending its air balls.

20:10 2 hours ago

07 ‘

Dudu crosses the top half to Rony, who is blocked by Kanu in the presentation. Palmeiras’s corner.

20:08 2 hours ago

04 ‘

Zé Rafael put Scarpa in the lead. But the ball goes out.

20:07 2 hours ago

03 ‘

Veron started from the left, tried to cross, but Botafogo’s defense pushed him away.

20:04 2 hours ago

00 ‘Substitution Botafogo

20:03 2 hours ago

00 ‘Part 2 begins

The ball bounces off Allianz Park.

20:00 2 hours ago

⏱ ‘Part 1 numbers

19:48 hours ago

⏱ ‘End of the 1st half

Palm trees 3×0 Botafogo.

19:45 hours ago

45 ‘Add-ons

Another three minutes, let’s go to 48.

19:43 hours ago

42 ‘

IA! Scarpa bounces off Marcos Rocha’s cross attempt and unleashes a rocket. The ball removes the paint from the beam and comes out.

19: 392 hours ago

39 ‘

Botafogo tries to attack, but Palmeiras’ defense is well positioned and leaves no room for the Kariokas.

19: 362 hours ago

36 ‘

Verón starts from the left, tries a low cross from Rony, but catches the ball badly and is in Gatito’s hands.

19: 342 hours ago


THIS AGAIN! Rony scored his second goal after a superb corner kick by Gustavo Scarpa: 3 and 0 Verdão.

19:33 hours ago

32 ‘

Palmeiras throws the ball in the box, Botafogo’s defense takes a corner kick.

19:32 hours ago

31 ‘Yellow card

Saraiva receives a complaint card.

19:29 2 hours ago

29 ‘

Botafogo kicks the ball inside the box, Palmeiras’s defense takes a corner.

19: 272 hours ago

26 ‘

WOW! Piquerez kicks Rony from the left wing, crosses the shirt for half to 10 Dudu, and this ends. Gatito defends closely and the ball moves slowly until it hits the crossbar. Duduro was reprimanded for complaining that the ball was inside, and Daronco ordered him to continue.

19:24 hours ago

23 ‘

Piquerez tries another shot, but Botafogo’s defense manages to catch him.

19:23 hours ago

22 ‘

Botafogo to go out and play with a lot of difficulty.

19:21 hours ago


Piquerez turns around, passes the ball to Roni and goes to Scarpa. Whoever beat Gatito removes and extends the lead: 2 to 0 Verdãoz

19:15 3 hours ago


ALMOST SECOND! Palmeiras unleashed a swerving effort from the right that the visitors’ keeper did well to tip wide.

19:13 hours ago


It’s worth it now! 1 and 0 for Verdão.

19:13 hours ago

12 ‘

VAR ACTION! Once again Daronco listens to the assistant video referee.

19:12 3 hours ago


RON RUSTIC! A few minutes after the disallowed goal, Verdão added another. This time with his number 10, Rony picked up Scarpa’s low cross and finished in the back: 1 to 0 Palmeiras.

19:10 3 hours ago

10 ‘

Kanu takes a corner kick but it goes off target.

19:10 3 hours ago

09 ‘

Botafogo took the corner on the left and scored a corner.

19:09 3 hours ago

08 ‘

The offside position was marked by the fact that when Murilo rises to his head, Luan rises with him, the ball headed by the 26th shirt, deflected against his teammate, was in an irregular position.

19:08 3 hours ago

08 ‘

The game continues from 0 to 0.

19:08 3 hours ago

07 ‘HUTS!

Lance has been checked in the VAR, and Judge Anderson Daronco has stated his offside position.

19:06 3 hours ago

05 ‘

VAR ACTION, is reviewing the offer.

19:06 3 hours ago


In Gustavo Scarpa’s corner, Murilo climbs well and tests in the back of the net, this time with no chance for Gatito. Verdão opened the scoring: 1 and 0.

19:05 3 hours ago

04 ‘

Ron picks it up on the left wing and heads for the area. He finishes the 10th shirt, defended by Gatito, Verdão’s corner.

19:04 3 hours ago

03 ‘

Daniel Borges takes a risk and sends it wide.

19:03 3 hours ago

03 ‘

Vinicius Lopes has started in the middle of Palmeiras’ defense, but is unarmed.

19:00 3 hours ago

00 ‘The match starts

Ball rolling Allianz Park.

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⏱ ‘Pre-game

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A glorious climb!

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Green climbing!

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⏱ ‘Pre-game

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⏱ ‘Pre-game

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⏱ ‘Pre-game

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Leadership is worth it!

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