Palmeiras: impressive leader. He taught Botafogo a lesson. 4-0 is very small – Prism

Places called São Paulo in Brazil

In the first half, Palmeiras did not play.


With the space offered by Botafogo, Abel Ferreira’s team showcased its entire repertoire.

Lots of practiced games from dead balls, block attack, side triangulation, coordinated movement, intensity, exemplary physical preparation and lots of confidence.

All of this facilitates the freedom afforded by the Carica team, especially in the middle.

It was deadly.

More than the synthetic grass that athletes are used to.

There were three goals in the first 45 minutes. Rony scored two and Gustavo Scarpa, the best on the field, scored one.

And, in the second half, with the team saving himself, Wesley broke the script.

He pedaled eight times in front of Daniel, then he ‘cut’ the side and kicked Gatito’s angle. Great goal.

4 to 0 for Palmeiras.

And full leadership of Abel Ferreira’s Brazilian team.

With the best attack in the competition, with 17 goals in ten games.

And on the best defense, it only leaked five times.

No question in the first place.

Botafogo is suffering a lot because it is a team that is still being assembled.

Just as John Textor is a billionaire and has signed important players, a team doesn’t meet all night. It takes time, patience. Luis Castro’s job is not easy.

Abel Ferreira’s tactical plan is brutal. In the duel with his Portuguese compatriots, the palmeirense coach used all the chemistry, the knowledge of who arrived in Brazil in October 2020. While Luis Castro arrived in Rio de Janeiro only in March this year.

Palmeiras played fast, compact, with their offensive line giving Botafogo a chance to impose their slow touch on the ball, well when facing a superior opponent.

In a strange way, the São Paulo team has all the space in their strongest offensive sector. With Dudu and Marcos Rocha on the right. Very well accompanied by cerebral Gustavo Scarpa, with all the freedom to run throughout the intermediate, with Raphael Veiga injured.

And the midfielder showed, especially in the first half, impressive football.

Faced with the carioca team’s loose mark, he did what he wanted. Tiled, slammed, run, kicked in and out of place. And, most of all, he serves his comrades.

From the first minutes of the game, Palmeiras’s superiority was seen. And the smell of victory.

Botafogo has serious ground ball problems. And also from above. By a few centimeters, he was undefeated for four minutes, when Murilo headed into a corner. The ball hit Luan in the lead and went into Gatito’s net. It is correct that the VAR rejects it, but it is a sign of what is to come.

Six minutes later, in Palmeiras ’most decorated game, the first goal. Dudu, with a lot of conscience, serves Gustavo Scarpa, who takes the place where Raphael Veiga will be, between left and defender. Help, surprisingly, went to Ron, first, with excitement. 1 to 0.

Palmeiras ’thirst for goals was aroused by unfathomable fatigue, lack of interest, in Botafogo’s midfield, which tainted the entire team.

And, at 17, the second plague. Piquerez crossed over looking for Ron, the ball very fast. But it came at the feet of Gustavo Scarpa, free on the right side. The low kick surprised Gatito, who was waiting for the cross. 2 to 0.

Botafogo players, dreaming of counter-attacks, are completely aimless, in the face of the thoughtful touch of the opponent’s ball.

Another eight minutes and Dudu hit Gatito Fernandez’s crossbar, which grabbed Rony’s cross. Only Palmeiras played.

And the Botafogo goalkeeper made a very good save, avoiding the worst.

Until, in the 32nd minute, Scarpa went around the corner. Perfect, trained. In Ron’s head, who was waiting for the defense. 3 to 0. Game more than decided.

In the second half, Luis Castro put aside the failed plan to just counter. And he tried to attack his team. Dangerous in front of the sprinters of the palmeirenses. Botafogo has potential, Lucas Fernandes, Victor Sá, Saravia, Lucas Piazon, Patrick de Paula. Erison was unable to play due to pain in his right ankle.

But it was clearly a group of players trying to be a team, in the middle of the Brazilian Championship. Which is very difficult.

Abel Ferreira, the coach who complained the most about the national calendar, knew the game had been won. And he was trying to save his athletes. Palmeiras’s severe scoring on the ball is gone. The coach also replaced his key players.

And as he has a reserve bank with great potential, he is trying to explore the gaps left in Botafogo, worried even about reducing the score.

In a counterattack Wesley scored the most beautiful goal of the game.

The striker replaced Rony, 30 minutes into the final period. With a lot of desire to show it can be more useful. And after 11 minutes on the field, he tried to impress the spectators of the game.

He received the ball from the left, at speed, he pedaled no less than eight times in front of Daniel. He is very reminiscent of Robinho’s memorable move, from Santos, in the 2002 Brazilian final, against Rogério, from the Corinthians. It was the same number of times Wesley passed his feet over the ball.

But instead of the punishment Rogério inflicts, Daniel walks away. What was good for the palmeirense, who still cut the side, left the ball to the character for Gatito’s deadly corner kick.

4-0, Palmeiras.

The match is over.

The scoreboard shows the difference between the two teams.

But it is humble.

The Brazilian leader could win many more.


But won three valuable points.

And Brazilian leadership.

As desired by the ambitious Abel Ferreira.

He was obsessed with winning the unprecedented title of his career.

Meanwhile, Luis Castro just wants to assemble a team …

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