Palmeiras defeated Botafogo and defeated the Brazilian side

Before the 20th minute of the first half, the score was 3-0, and the match was over. It was too easy for Palmeiras, who is now the lone leader in the Brazilian Championship, to beat Botafogo and score 19 points, more than one in second place among the Corinthians. In the second half, Verdão scored another one: 4 to 0, the final score at Allianz Parque.

On almost the entire night, Gustavo Scarpa led Verdão, tossed the nets and even gave Rony two assists-he had already given up a fourth, but Luan was offside when he got into the ball led by Murilo .

With 12 points, Botafogo dangerous rounds in the relegation zone – Cuiabá, 17th, has 11. In the next round, Alviverde visited Coritiba, on Sunday (12). Botafogo received Avaí the next day.

Who’s good: Scarpa sends the game

Once again released in the middle, take care of the creation, Gustavo Scarpa is the name of the game. Distributes passes, helps, and even saves you. Gala performance. The team did not miss Raphael Veiga.

Who was wrong: Luís Castro danced

Many Botafogo players have the honor of receiving the award for the worst on the field, but the trophy should go to Glorioso’s coach. He started the game by getting the ball and did nothing to change the scenario.

The Palmeiras game: A hit-and-run

It is often said that Palmeiras faced ease when they defeated their opponents, whether Brazil or Libertadores. Maybe this is the case to see if Palmeiras isn’t the one speeding up the game. So against Botafogo this Thursday. Almost a perfect match.

Botafogo’s game: Lost and broken

North American teammate John Textor did not fight Palmeiras. Abel Ferreira didn’t give Botafogo any opening to attack, nor would I breathe a sigh for the Carioca team to equip themselves. It draws attention, especially, to the ease with which Palmeiras gets the balls from above.

chronology of the game

Palmeiras started the game at a fast pace. At 5 ‘, Murilo opened the scoring with a header, after a corner by Scarpa. But the ball fell behind Luan, who took the lead. At 10 ‘, came the goal worthy of it, with Dudu launching for Scarpa, who crossed perfectly for Rony’s kick.

At 17 ‘, Scarpa himself scored in the net: Piquerez crossed in the direction of Rony, who quickly entered the area. The ball went through shirt 10, but Scarpa was found inside the area. He dominated, and despite not having many angles, he hit Gatito’s bottom left: 2 to 0.

At 33 ‘, Scarpa, on a perfect night, took another corner and put it over Rony’s head, free, on the first post. He didn’t even climb to get away from Gatito’s reach and ruled 3-0.

Palmeiras was in danger, but managed the game instead of hurting Botafogo. At 42 ‘in the second period, however, Wesley scored a big goal: there were eight pedal strokes and two cuts before sending the ball into Gatito’s angle.

The goal was disallowed in 5 minutes, but another was confirmed in 10 ‘.

Rony opened the scoring for Palmeiras against Botafogo

Palmeiras soon opened the scoring. Rony arrives well, and Palmeiras has a corner. With the usual perfection, Scarpa put the ball in the head of Murilo, who went up high and headed it, in the 5th minute. But the ball hit the back of Luan, who was a bit ahead. Palmeiras was unmoved by the annulment, and Rony opened the scoring once and for all after 10 ‘, after a good move by Dudu, who threw Scarpa. The cross came perfectly at the foot of Rony, who was hit hard, from the edge of the small area.

Scarpa grew up after another speedy arrival

Scarpa received the place and came to Verdão above Botafogo

The clock hadn’t even pointed to 20 ’in the first half, and Botafogo looked like a knockout. Verdão has already scored three times, all with Scarpa’s participation: he took the corner for Murilo’s disallowed goal, crossed for Rony’s goal and made it 2-0 on his own. , on the left cross kick.

Danilo and Weverton didn’t feel any trouble

Palmeiras ’squad arrived in Brazil in the middle of the afternoon on Wednesday, trained on the night and headed to the game today. And he didn’t give the slightest sign that he had been on the plane for more than 20 hours. Especially Weverton, who made little, but a lot of interventions.

Wesley scored a good goal, at 42 ‘

Wesley was very accurate and scored a great goal, once the score was set. There were at least eight pedal strokes for Borges and two cuts to send the ball into Gatito’s angle and decree 4-0.


Competition: Brazilian Championship – Tenth round
Location: Allianz Parque, in São Paulo (SP)
Day: June 9, 2022, Thursday
Period: 7pm (Brazil time)
Referee: Anderson Daronco (Fifa/RS)
Auxiliaries: Rafael da Silva Alves (Fifa/RS) and Michael Stanislau (RS);
Yellow cards: Saravia (BOT); Piquerez (PAL)
goals: Rony, from Palmeiras, at 10 ‘/1ºT; Gustavo Scarpa, from Palmeiras, at 17 ‘/1st; Rony, from Palmeiras, at 32 ‘/1ºT .; Wesley, of Palmeiras, at 42 ‘/ 2nd T

WOODS: Weverton; Marcos Rocha, Murilo, Luan, Piquerez; Danilo (Fabinho), Zé Rafael, Gustavo Scarpa (Atuesta); Gabriel Veron (Rafael Navarro), Rony (Wesley), Dudu (Breno Lopes). Technician: Abel Ferreira

BOTAFOGO: Catito Fernandez; Saravia, Kanu, Victor Cuesta, Hugo; Luís Oyama (Del Piage), Tchê Tchê (Kayque), Lucas Fernandes (Chay); Daniel Borges, Vinícius Lopes, Victor Sá. Technician: Luís Castro

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