Palmeiras broke the 25-year-old ban against Coxa and regained the lead

Palmeiras had an almanac performance tonight (12), to beat Coritiba 2-0, regain the lead over Brasileirão and end a 25-year ban unbeaten by the Paraná team of Couto Pereira. Dominant in the first half and efficient in the second, Palmeiras went into the nets with goals from Dudu and Rony.

The win puts Abel Ferreira’s team back in the lead of the competition, which now has 22 points — the Corinthian opponent, vice-leader, has 21. The people of Paraná have 15, and occupy seventh position.

In the next round, Coxa will visit Red Bull Bragantino on Wednesday (15), at 19:00 (Brazilian time). Verdão hosted Atlético-GO on Thursday (16), at 18:00.


Who is good: Dudu

Now Palmeiras ’second-highest scorer in Brasileirão, with three goals, Dudu has participated in most of Couto Pereira’s team’s main games, working together to make and finish. And in one of them, with great joy, he kicked the right half and opened the scoring. The ball in the net, 21 minutes into the game, provided the peace Abel Ferreira’s team needed to manage the result.

Who’s Evil: Thonny Anderson

When Coritiba showed some reaction, even in a 2-0 defeat on the scoreboard, Thonny Anderson hit Rony in the sole of his foot during a tackle and was sent off with a direct red card. , after a VAR review. Shirt 19 came in early in the second half, to give Coxa an extra number of attacks, which were more than the number in the 26th minute of the final period.

Palmeiras had a very good start and was efficient in the final period

Palmeiras had an ideal first half. He offered the hosts a few chances and forced the goal, which came in the 21st minute: in a rehearsal game after a short corner, Dudu received from outside the area, hit with incredible joy and hit the right corner of Rafael William. The team almost scored again two more times. In the final stage, it is up to the team to manage the score. Closed, Verdão grabbed Coxa and explored counterattacks to extend the result: at 18, Veron received from the left and rolled to Rony, who completed behind the goal. With another, Abel Ferreira’s team suffered a bit at the end of the game.

Coritiba tried, but it was a shame to find spaces

With a poor score since the 21st minute of the game, Coxa still tried to advance, but struggled to reach Palmeiras ’defensive sector. With no spaces up front, the hosts hired Weverton for the first time in the second half, at age 16, in a Martinez submission. Gustavo Morínigo’s team showed some reaction, but Thonny Anderson’s dismissal threw the final shovel of lime into the home team’s goals.

chronology of the game

In the 21st minute of the first half, Dudu opened the scoring with a beautiful kick from outside the area. Palmeiras extended in the 18th minute of the final period, after a Rony goal in an alviverde attack. Six minutes later, Thonny Anderson received a straight red card after a difficult tackle on Rony, with the sole of his foot on the striker’s leg.

The match stopped after confusion in the stands

Eight minutes into the final period, after a confusion over Couto Pereira’s stances, police used pepper spray to put off fans and some Palmeiras reserves felt outraged by the impact of the gas. Leandro Vuaden paralyzed the confrontation for about four minutes until the situation returned to normal. Some children will have to be removed from the Coxa stadium sector.

The kids supporting Coritiba left the stands because of pepper spray, in a game against Palmeiras

Photo: Robson Mafra/AGIF

End of the Couto ban

The convincing win also marked the end of a ban for Palmeiras. The last time the team beat Coxa to Couto Pereira was 25 years ago, for the 1997 Copa do Brasil, when São Paulo won 1-0. For Brasileirão, the negative mark was higher: the last win, 3 to 1, took place in October 1989.

former law

Perhaps not everyone Palmeirense knows, but Couto Pereira’s result also has the strength of the relentless Lei do Ex. Idol of Palmeiras, Dudu played for Coritiba in 2010, when Cruzeiro loaned him out. With the Coxa shirt on, the striker is the Series B champion of the Brazilian Championship.



Competition: Brasileirão, 11th round

stadium: Couto Pereira, in Curitiba (PR)

Date and time: June 12, 2022 (Sunday), at 18:00 (Brazilian time)

referee: Leandro Pedro Vuaden (RS)

Assistants: Jorge Eduardo Bernardi (RS) and Jose Eduardo Calza (RS)

VAR: Wagner Reway (PB)

Yellow cards: Guilherme Bureau (COR); Dudu (PAL) and Fabinho (PAL)

Red card: Tony Anderson (COR)

goals: Dudu (PAL), at 21 minutes into the 1st half; Rony (PAL), at 18 in the 2nd half

COITIBA: Rafael William; Nathan Mendes (Thonny Anderson), Guillermo (Natanael), Luciano Castán, Henrique and Guilherme Biro (Diego Porfírio); Bernardo, Robinho and Igor Paixão; Alef Manga (Clayton) and Adrián Martinez (José Hugo). Technician: Gustavo Morínigo.

TREES: Weverton; Marcos Rocha (Gustavo Garcia), Luan, Murilo and Piquerez (Jorge); Danilo (Fabinho), Zé Rafael and Gustavo Scarpa; Dudu, Gabriel Veron (Wesley) and Rony (Rafael Navarro). Technician: Abel Ferreira.

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