Palmeiras beat Atlético-GO on a comeback and set himself apart at the top of the Brazilian

Palmeiras started out losing to Atlético-GO, with a unique Luan goal. But it took seven minutes to turn in the 1st half and it was 4-1. In the second half, he took the second and blanked out. But 4 to 2 was enough for the team to isolate itself from the lead in Brasileirão: it had 25 against 22 of the Corinthians.

It was a terrifying presentation by Abel Ferreira’s team, summarized by Baralhas, Atlético-GO player, on the Premiere microphone, at halftime: “First, thank you that the 1st half is over”.

The result provided good impetus in the decisive days ahead for Verdão. On Monday (20), for Brasileiro, Morumbi’s challenge against São Paulo. On Thursday (23), the team and location were the same, but the championship was the Copa do Brasil. On the 26th, there is Avaí in Florianópolis. And, on the 29th, in Paraguay, the Libertadores round of 16 opponent is Cerro Porteño (PAR).

Atlético-GO, returning to the relegation zone, with 13 points, have Juventude at home next Sunday, before facing the classic against Goiás, on the 22nd, Wednesday-the same for Brasileirão.

chronology of the game

Atlético-GO had plenty of misfortune from Palmeiras to open the scoring, at 28 ‘in the 1st half. The cross was from the right for Jorginho’s head and the ball hit the crossbar. On the way home, Churin hit the goal, but on the way, trying to get it, Luan sent it against his own goal and opened the scoring.

But Palmeiras was not shaken, no. With Zé Rafael, Verdão drew at the 41 ’level, after Veron’s pass. Two minutes later, at 43 ‘, it was Gómez’s turn to take advantage of Luan’s deflection to a corner and turn.

In another minute, Scarpa received from Veron and hit right to make it 3 of 1, at 44 ‘. And, at 48 ‘, Gómez again, after a corner and a deflection by Rony, made it 4 to 1 for Palmeiras.

In the second period, with Palmeiras somewhat warmer, Churin took advantage of Weverton’s poor departure and scored the second for Dragão, at 33 ’.

Game of Palmeiras

A steamroller. This and other cliché metaphors serve to determine what Palmeiras did in the 1st half after 41 ’. In seven minutes, very thoughtfully, Alviverde turned around and made a loss. In the past, however, Palmeiras provided space on the sides and in the center of the area. In the second half, the team managed the situation and could have scored a historic point.

Until the opening of the scoring, the team from Goiânia, within its proposal, played a good game. Having the ball longer, he didn’t go through a lot of dangers and still bothered him every now and then. But it all fell apart when Palmeiras tied. Since then, the team has lost. And even when Verdão removed his foot in the second period, he no longer found himself.

Good run: Veron shows where he comes from

Gómez scored two goals, but Gabriel Veron was the better player. The striker lost his shyness and became more useful to Palmeiras, becoming the owner of the position.

Bad: Arthur Henrique, for expulsion

The truth is that Atlético didn’t play badly. In this way, the expelled player will take the “prize” only for the weight of the warning.

Open the game in the first 20 minutes

Palmeiras had a good amount of play on the offensive field in the first 20 minutes of the game. But Atlético-GO, in a quick transfer game, also reached the Weverton area. The Dragon has two dangerous arrivals, with Decks trying to complete the letter. Palmeiras had two good kicks from Scarpa and a penalty request from Veron, also for shirt 14.

Dragon opened the scoring with Luan’s own goal

Atlético-GO’s move from the right is good, Jorginho’s header on the crossbar is also good. The evil in the move is Luan. When trying to get, in front of Weverton, the Palmeiras defender, with half a bike, he shot against his own target in a very strange move.

Palmeiras returned the game and extended it to 3 and a half minutes. Of the extras, make the fourth

It didn’t give Palmeirense much time to worry. Within minutes, Palmeiras assimilated the punch and repeated the game. At 41 ‘, Luan made a nice return to Veron on the left wing. The attacker dominated and released the bottom so that Zé Rafael was hit first and leveled. Two minutes later, Scarpa took a corner, Luan deflected it on the first post and Gómez completed the goal on the second turn.

A minute later, it was Scarpa’s turn to receive from Veron in the area and hit the first right, to make it 3 to 1. And, at 48 ‘, again around the corner of Scarpa, it was Scarpa’s turn. Rony to deviate to Gómez, again, to take the rebound and make Verdão’s fourth.

The second time was hot

To be sure of the score, Palmeiras has made a lot of changes and is slowing down. At 33 ‘, he saw Churin make Weverton’s second error.


Competition: 12th round of the Brazilian Championship
Date and time: June 16, 2022 (Thursday), at 18:00 (Brazilian time)
toward: Allianz Parque, in São Paulo (SP)
Referee: Ramon Abatti Abel (SC)
auxiliaries: Kleber Gil (Fifa/SC) and Henrique Ribeiro (SC)
VAR: Emerson de Almeida Ferreira (MG)

goals: Luan, against, at 28 ‘in the 1st Half, and Churin, at 33’ in the 2nd (ATL). Zé Rafael, at 41 ‘, Gómez, at 43’ and 48 ‘, and Scarpa, at 44’ in the 1st half (PAL)
Yellow cards: Danilo and Zé Rafael (PAL); Churin (ATL)
red cards: Arthur Henrique (ATL)
Public: 38,888
earnings: 2,130,000.00

WOODS: Weverton; Luan (Mayke); Gustavo Gómez, Murilo and Piquerez; Danilo (Boy), Zé Rafael and Gustavo Scarpa (Atuesta); Dudu (Wesley), Rony and Gabriel Veron (Breno Lopes). Technician: Abel Ferreira
ATLETIC-GO: Ronaldo; Hayner, Edson Felipe, Ramon and Jefferson; Marlon Freitas (Lucas Lima), Gabriel Baralhas (Edson) and Jorginho (Leo Pereira); Wellington Rato, Churin and Luiz Fernando. Technician: Jorginho

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