Web 3.0, DeFi, Metaverse and NFT – What does 2022 offer the Crypto Market? – Money Times

Mercurius ’analysis indicates the potential for a major movement in the smart contract platform market, such as Ethereum. (Image: Unsplash / Executium) One of the founders of Mercurius Crypto Analysis, Orlando Telles, can be considered one of the most important and key investors in this market. Money Times. The analyst values ​​the growth and maturity … Read more

Marcelo Lomba sums up the good phase in Palmeiras: “35 years old and eager to learn” | palms

Still without Weverton, called up by the Brazilian national team, Marcelo Lomba will once again be Palmeiras’ goalkeeper this Sunday in the match against Atlético-MG at 16:00 (GMT) at Allianz Park. The duel is valid for the ninth day of the Brazilian. The 42-year-old will play in Verdão’s tenth game and is trying to stay … Read more

Vegetable meat, Web 3.0 and Big Tech online

The world of technology offers a lot of promise for 2022: Waymo (Google) will continue to test driverless vehicles in several U.S. cities, and Facebook – now Meta – will move forward in the construction of the metaverse, a parallel universe of virtual reality. . Here’s how technology can change your life next year. – … Read more

Blockchain can be a path to full, universal and unrestricted democracy in 2022 – 2022/09/01 – Mercado

The year 2021 has taken the world back to life after being “intubated” by a pandemic. The people who took to the streets after experiencing compulsory hibernation were no longer the same. New habits developed were maintained, as well as an implanted chip, which predicted man for 2.0 years. The virtual world has imposed itself … Read more

Luan Carlos, after Brusque x Náutico: “the responsibility is mine”

Coach Luan Carlos answered questions from journalists after Brusque’s defeat to Náutico, this Saturday, the 4th, for the 10th round of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship. Luan Carlos took responsibility for the loss, explaining the team’s poor performance against Náutico and how the opponent got the change. He also commented on specific questions about … Read more

Once a symbol of innovation, the ‘button iPhone’ becomes a joke among young people – Link

From 2007 to 2017, the home button was the key to the iPhone When Apple first introduced the iPhone, the company did more than just launch a new product. The 3.5-inch touch-sensitive screen, along with a single button on the front, became synonymous with a smartphone, and the format was repeated over and over again … Read more