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There is a lot of difficulty for Brazilian fans to understand that there is no work to act in our haste, no coincidence that happens in weeks. We have examples, around the world, of technicians who have spent months, years to be productive on their teams. But here…

Fernando Diniz of Fluminense against Atlético-MG-Photo: André Durão

The football fan will not allow oscillation, will not accept loss as part of the process, will not accept error as learning. Botafogo has achieved an ephemeral success in moving the SAF and, in the fan’s mind, it should be the rule and not part of the long haul.

Maurício Barbieri of Red Bull Bragantino was eliminated from the Libertadores, lost in games in Brasileirão, followed by the rule and won again, replacing Bragantino at the top of the table.

Vojvoda manages a selection? A nice cast? The answer is no! Perhaps he has become hostage to his own success in leading a half -team in an interesting 2021 campaign. Will release solve this? Perhaps in the first few games, Fortaleza will have a hard time finding themselves again.

There are many examples: Abel Ferreira, Morínigo…

Diniz watches the players during training at Fluminense-Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves / Fluminense FC

Then came Fernando Diniz, replacing a team that was developing in Brazil, no pre-season, he barely had a week without training, in total he had more than 20 sessions of player. But you have to pass your game model; need to practice trained games; need to coordinate offensive and defensive activities; the squad should be better known. You know what else you need? Adjust a team to play if it is low (10×11) and if it has multiple players on the field (11×10). He said at the press conference that he hadn’t practiced that yet, pure sincerity!

I also said that a game against 10 doesn’t NEED to be simpler, really !! If you don’t have your team, don’t stay. I’ll be back, there were about 20 workouts. This is completely normal, for those less than two months of work playing every week.

He has clearly made wrong decisions in games against Atlético-GO and América-MG, and it is clear that decision-making mistakes should be accepted for those sitting in office for a short time. It was Diniz because Flu enthusiasts saw 19-year-old Diniz, as a man with no results. Not fair? The course is! Why should Diniz still be the same when we can already see the difference in his play?

I think it’s a mistake to judge something in the past or 20 training sessions. Ah, but someone would say, “if he’s not responsible for losses, he also can’t be responsible for wins”. In vain, he is responsible for both, but he should only be judged for losses after he has the team in hand, and that takes time.

Fernando Diniz passes guide to Luiz Henrique of Palmeiras x Fluminense – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

In the game against Atlético-GO, the Flu began to try to stab a well-armed defense. The games approach worked with Arias and Luiz Henrique. Cano even missed a goal scored. But after David Braz was eliminated, the team lost. A situation like this, trained, will enable everyone to find their position, which will facilitate the rule of the bank. Without training, it can be a situation of luck. Diniz tries to get Felipe Melo to take 0 x 0 until the break and settle the conversation. Failed. Jorginho also didn’t touch the team, perhaps because he had just replaced and was still tapping for the squad, but he found a goal from a distance that shattered any idea for Fluminense.

Against América-MG, the situation was broken. I think Diniz’s big mistake was not being able to try, right away, moves that would shake the team, like leaving Wellington, and catching Coelho before the team reached the locker room. That helped Mancini. But this lack of skill is still understandable.

What’s hard to accept is the fact that Brazilian fans don’t want to waste time, don’t accept the process and just judge the results for now, unfortunately.

*Carlos Eduardo Sá is a Globo journalist and editor-in-chief of Troca de Passes. The above opinion is personal and does not reflect the opinion of ge.

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