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As always in the games between São Paulo and Botafogo in Engenhão, the confrontation was emotional to the end, with a happy ending for Botafogo fans. Rogério Ceni’s men have yet to win at home, but fifth place on the table remains.

To start talking about the nuances of the game, it is important to point out that Rogério chose Gabriel Neves and, according to sectorist Giovanni Chacon, from JovemPan, chose Diego Costa at the last minute because of a technical option. .

It was a cautious game for São Paulo in the first half. Ball possession is used to defend against threats from the home team and not to make games. Still with a lot of possession dominance, Tricolor had a lot of difficulty getting the ball, also due to good pressure from Luís Castro’s team.

In the second round, the game improved and the ball teams were more courageous. São Paulo got off to a good start, but Rodrigo Nestor’s poor play didn’t allow good games to be created. The goal claimed, through a counter-attack, had a very open defense and the peace of white midfielder Kayque was decisive.

Morumbi is once again missed in São Paulo. There is a huge need for Rogério to watch it with caution and understand why the team can’t win from home. In terms of the table, the loss did little to change the direction of São Paulo, but it was concerned with the performance presented in the last two games and the difficult sequence we have, starting in Palmeiras twice next week. .

I know there are a lot left, but São Paulo needs it and has already shown that it can play more than just games against América-MG and Botafogo.

Game character notes:

Jandrei: I didn’t see him fail on goal. Botafogo’s midfielder had the entire goal in front of him and put his foot back on the beat. In addition, he intervenes in the bids he needs. Grade: 5.0

Rafinha: In my view, one of the worst games of the 13 tricolor jerseys. Many passed errors in the first half and little support as usual. Grade: 4.0

Diego Costa: He came in at the last minute and came back into play after being rested in the last game. Do not compromise. Grade: 5.0

Arboleda: He did well when needed and once again proved to be a hit quarterback. On goal, he almost blocked Kayque’s shot. Note: 5.5

Léo: He had good balls out, speeding up the game on the left side. I didn’t like his defensive game, with some unnecessary fouls. Grade: 5.0

Wellington: The first half was good, the second half was bad. São Paulo’s only goal kick in the game was through his feet. Grade: 5.0

Rodrigo Nestor: Not technically good. I would have taken him a long time ago and I would have put André Anderson in his place before. Note: 3.5

Igor Gomes: There’s no understanding with Nestor about making games. It helped get the ball out when the first midfielder withdrew it, but it wasn’t effective. Grade: 4.0

Patrick: For me, he was the most obvious in creating the first part. He made a good light for Welington and contributed on the defensive side. Fell in the second stage. Note: 5.5

Luciano: Another game with a lot of struggle and little technical delivery. Calleri disagrees. The chemistry in shirt 11 with Brenner is lacking. Grade: 4.0

Calleri: Also a game with lots of fights. There is no point for your partners to continue your search. The chant “touch Calleri who is a goal” can’t be literal. Finished in danger at the end of the game. Note: 4.5

Igor Vinícius, Reinaldo, Rigoni, Éder and André Anderson: None gave the slightest insight. Rigoni even flipped a good ball for a solid cross from Reinaldo, but not a big deal. I want to point out that I ask André Anderson a lot from TV and I love the vertical balls he gives on his entry. Unfortunately, he got into the extras. So it’s hard to do something.

Rogério Ceni: I look forward to a lot of games like against Corinthians, Ceará and Coritiba. São Paulo in the game against América, despite the win, and now against Botafogo did not inspire many expectations. I would love to see more André Anderson on the field. I think in the vibration duel, Luís Castro’s people are better. Grade: 4.0

Photo by Rubens Chiri/SPFC

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