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São Paulo Brazil

It was a war.

With two knockouts, Cássio was seen giving the ball two kisses on the post, the Arena da Baixada was full, setting Felipão Athletic on fire.

Corinthians achieved a very important victory, which will give them, once again, the leadership of the Brazilian.

Roger Guedes has a great chance to score but somehow manages to miss the target!

But Raul Gustavo could not control his nerves in the face of controversy, pushing, cursing. And he ended up with a naive punishment and a child. Vitor Roque, the revelation of Athletico Paranaense, received it with his back to the door.

But the 23-year-old defender, angry, unfocused, decided to give the 17-year-old striker a violent shoulder. Within the field. Absolutely unnecessary punishment.

Terans charged Cassio to relocate.

1 and 1 in the 36th minute of the second half.

Athletic pressed him, but he was ineffective.

Raul Gustavo is responsible for the tie.

Palmeiras remained the leader, losing tomorrow’s match against Atlético Goianiense at Allianz Parque.

Athletico, from Felipão, is in fourth place.

“(Goal) It shows a lot, it gives confidence. Every striker likes to score. It’s a good draw. We went with the taste of defeat, we played a good game, but it’s part of it. Brasileirão is long, it’s still early looking for a game, ”said Roger Guedes, who had been without a goal for two months.

“It’s just to thank God. We were looking for victory all the time, we only got a draw, but we played a good game. I was able to contribute by making a penalty,” said Vitor Roque, a happy player. Brazilian base team.

And the 17-year-old is right.

From the first minutes, Felipão’s strategy was clear. Use the stadium of the team you lead as you wish. Athletic put a lot of pressure on Corinthians in the first minutes of the match.

With the finesse of cruelty, using Mantuan’s improvisation on the right side. Rafael Ramos, who was psychologically shaken by the Common Justice’s accusation of racial injury, was accused of calling Edenilson a “monkey.” The people of Paraná forced all the first attacks from the left.

With three minutes to go, Athletic had three chances to score. He did the same with the 5-5-1 scheme that Vítor Pereira put in place to try to stop the mediators. The weak right wing of the Corinthians defense meant that Felipão’s goal would not take long. The crowd was wild in the Arena da Baixada.

Until Roger Guedes fouled Williani, near the edge of the area, on the left. With his right foot, he hit a curve, showing talent. The ball landed at the feet of Bento, who was completely unmarked in the box.

Seven minutes into the match, the game changed.

The Athletic team was nervous, confused, but wanted to tie the game. And he got confused. It lost its basic structure. Corinthians took advantage of this to slow down the pace of the game. And abuse the blows of the opposite.

The statistics in the first part are misleading. Athletic had 11 shots on goal and the São Paulo team scored three. But the vast majority of Parana’s shots were rushed, tense. Corinthians was objective, calculating.

Felipão did nothing but advance his lines even further. But demanding that the midfield not open up, he marked his wings firmly, avoiding Corinthians counterattacks.

Vítor Pereira directed the show. Rafael Ramosi had to be helped off the pitch as an injury meant he was unable to finish the game. Corinthians was a better marker.

But the tense atmosphere grew too much. Corinthians ended up falling for Atlético’s provocations. And Scolari was happy with the game in the 11th minute. The 17-year-old has great potential. Brave, fast, skillful and excellent body.

In the 17th minute, Vitinho took advantage of a cross and headed past Cásso’s crossbar, on the left, Vitor Roque also headed in the same post on the right.

Vítor Pereira changed the team, he tried to get the skilled Cantillo out, but he did badly. He put on Roni, the steering wheel ‘strength’. But the provocations carried away, the tense atmosphere of the Arena da Baixada. And after five minutes on the pitch, Ronik stuck his forehead in Hugo Morera’s. Both were banging their heads, like fighting cocks. They were expelled.

Better for Athletic, he continued with the support of his fans. Corinthians lost their top scorer in the middle of the field.

Then, too, Raul Gustavo paid for his inexperience. And he made an unnecessarily absurd penalty against Vitor Roque.

Terans equalized in the 36th minute.

With 1-1, Corinthians went even further back.

Athletic continued to press, but their players lacked awareness in the decisive pass, in the shots.

In the end, the tie is fair.

However, it was obvious that the players of Raul Gustavo were more interested in killing time than scoring more goals.

And the Brazilian leadership …

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