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You’ve certainly seen Cano score a goal, making his famous “L” celebration, as well breaking the swing to dance “unroll, hit, play apart”. But shy Argentine song … I bet you haven’t seen it (yet). but you will see (click on the video above)! More and more calm in Fluminens, the top scorer picked up ge For last Tuesday’s interview with CT Carlos Castilho and the voice of the tricolor singer Ferrugem, she released her voice “I miss you”:

“I like it a little bit, but it’s the pagoda I like the most. This guy sings really well.”

Cano singing with the T-shirt on the pagoda Fluminens – Photo: Edgard Maciel de Sá

In Rio de Janeiro for two and a half years, Cano already feels like a carious. And he, as the main scorer of Vasco and Fluminense, held the title of honorary citizen of the city approved by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj)., though he has not yet been called to receive the honor. In 2022, the Argentine has already equaled the 19 goals he scored against his opponent last season, but with fewer games: he has 35 games against Tricolor and 50 against Cruz-Maltino in 2021.

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This Wednesday, at 21:30 (Brazilian time) at the Maracanã, Cano returned to the field for the 10th day of the Brazilian Championship against Atlético-MG, against an opponent who has already suffered in his hands (or rather his feet). In 2021, when he was still in the Basque Country. Now, the Argentine is preparing for an extraordinary duel with the Hulk to be the best goal scorer among Serie A players in Brazil in 2022. They both have 19 goals.

– I think it will be great to be able to play this game against him. I’ve never dealt with it, it will be the first time. I hope he overcomes and continues to fight (laughs).

Cano and Hulk, Brazil’s top scorers in 2022 – Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético-MG and Marcelo Gonçalves / Fluminense

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See the full interview with Cano:

ge: Six months ago, you chose Fluminense like a new house. What comes to mind when you look back and see this moment?

barrel: – I think the best decision I made was to join a team like Fluminense, a very big team in Brazil, and with a good challenge to compete. Now with this sequence, my gift is very good, to help the team and get important things done. It’s about continuing to make history here. I have very good teammates, very good management, this is nice for everyone.

In Vasco, you have already conquered your space Fluminense I already had Fred, and you should look for a place again. Did that cross your mind at the time?

– Start from scratch. What happened in Vasco was history, and when I arrived in Fluminense I had to prove what Germán Cano was up to. And gradually with the work, the sacrifice, I was able to achieve good things within the team. I knew I was going to play with Fluminensen Fred, who is a very good guy with a lot of history here, and my job was to help him on and off the field. And gradually I got the confidence that every player needs to do their best on the field.

Fred and Cano “exchanging” Fluminense celebrations – Photo: Disclosure / Fluminense

Speaking of Fredi, his retirement date is approaching, and everyone points to you as his heir, as well as the chemistry of the crowd. Are you ready to replace the idol?

– I’m going slowly, it’s not like I’m going to make history overnight like he did here at Fluminens. Step by step, there is still plenty of time to score more goals and go down in history to win the titles we want. Then he looked back and said yes, I left a good legacy as he did.

Romario, who often scored 70% of the goal with a single touch of the ball, was your position. What does Cano think about goals?

– Him (laughs). Finish in the best way, thinking that the ball is coming and the last one in the game. And I see it before the ball arrives. Seeing is always centered inside the field, knowing that the ball will be the last, it always works.

You already have 19 goals, the same number you scored last season, but now with fewer games. Do you think the season is going well?

– Personally, I think we have to go step by step, game by game. The numbers are good, but for me every game is a final where I have to give my best to the team by scoring goals. Then, at the end of the year, we take stock of what we have done.

The statistics so far show your 19 goals, but they really should have been 20, right? The cancellation of this bad goal against Fortaleza

– This has often happened in Brazilian football. Then there’s nothing else to do, just calm down to continue the game.

VASCOR’S GOAL! Benítez kicks Cano, who kills him in the chest and ends up stretching, in the 13th minute of the 2nd half.

The next chance to score will be this Wednesday against Atletico-MG. And it was a game for Vasco where you were Galo’s executioner and he scored two goals for you, remember?

“I remember.” The ball bounced off the chest and a goal from the left was placed on the side of the post. (watch video above). Very well.

This game will mark the duel between the top Brazilian goal scorers in 2022 between the Serie A players, namely you and the Hulk. How is this game going?

– I think it will be great to be able to play this game against him. I’ve never dealt with it, it will be the first time. I hope he overcomes and continues to fight (laughs).

If you aim, you have an “L”. Can you imagine the impact your celebration would have on people?

– No, definitely not. But when I started scoring goals, that record was marked in the hearts of many fans. On the street, on social media, everyone is doing “L”. There are also people who give that name (Lorenzo) to my son. I started doing it before I was born, when we had already determined the name. But I didn’t expect all this, everyone would start doing “L” all the time (laughs).

Cano now makes “L” in celebration of regular goal – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves / Fluminense FC

And lately, in addition to the “L”, the celebration has been with dance …

“It simply came to our notice then. It started with Luiz Henrique and Nathan, when a goal came in they wanted to dance. Well, I danced as best I could, not as well as they did (laughs).

But Lorenzo, your son also asked, right?

– Yes, he started seeing on social media “undo, hit, play aside” and then came: “Dad, Dad, I want to do this little dance.” The next day it was a game, I scored and I remembered I had to do it (laughs). She is very pretty.

You’re shy, but you quit right away.

– The first time was a little fast, the second I think it was slower and better (laughs).

Cano celebrates a goal with a small dance Palmeiras x Fluminense – Photo: Reproduction

And Cano, has he become a carioca?

– Rotated, right? He’s been here for two and a half years (laughs). It’s almost back. My family is fine, my son is fine too, they are enjoying themselves, and I am quiet here, giving people the love and support that a foreigner needs. I have to say thank you.

Are you so used to football in Rio and Brazil that you don’t think you can leave? Much is said about the interest of the Arab world in you …

– All this is a lie, all false. Nobody talked to me.

What do you like about Rio?

– I like the beach, going to a good restaurant for dinner …

Is it music? Even though dance funk is another favorite rhythm, isn’t it?

– Yes. I like a little bit of everything, but the pagoda is my favorite. This guy (Ferrugem) sings really well.

You also enjoy playing golf and have played golf with Conca. Who gets the best?

– Me (laughs). He also plays very well, we’ve played together already, but he needs to learn a little more. We don’t play competitions, but it’s been nice to share this golf day with him.

With Pipa Conca on a golf course in Rio – Photo: Playback / Instagram

So he didn’t really do it in a “hole” (in a play where a player throws the ball into the hole)?

– I don’t think so. I made a hole in Mexico, a 130-meter hole in a shot.

Like many of your goals, with one touch …

– Golf is much harder (laughs).

Speaking of Concaz, he is another Argentine who made history Fluminense. What makes a countryman a reference outside your country?

– Everyone knows what Conca Fluminense and Brazil are all about. He is well known for his legacy here in Flu. I am on the same path, I also want to be in the history of this very good team that is very big in Brazil. So let’s go, little by little, step by step, we’ll be able to achieve great things.

Finally, since we mentioned Argentina, are you following the great moment that your team is experiencing? Do you think he will arrive as one of the favorites for the World Cup?

“Enough, I think.” It is proving that it is one of the best countries in the world and that every Argentine can fight for the Cup he wants. He will be very good, he is playing very well, he is consolidating, and Messi is also very good. For us, when we are very well, we are more relaxed so that we can win this Cup at the end of the year.

Is Argentina getting stronger than Brazil?

– No, it’s very similar. It will be good for both of us.

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