Nottingham Forest returns to the Premier League and has emerged after waiting 23 years

The Premier League will have one more champion in the 2022-23 season: the last place in the elite tournament is Nottingham Forest, which finally got access after waiting more than two decades. With the help of Fulham and Bournemouth, the two-time European champions had to overcome another challenging tension against Huddersfield this Sunday (29) at Wembley.

Brutal disintegration and return

He was internationally renowned for his English prowess in the 1978 World Cup and in 1979 and 80 for winning the double-champion Cup for his historic prowess, which Forest has long dreamed of fighting for among the country’s top clubs. Financial crises, poor management and poor sports performance condemned the team to a supporting role, even at low levels. The bad phase prevailed from 1999 onwards, with the fall being the bottom of the Premier League. Between 2005 and 2008, the Reds were in the First League and with great effort regained their place in the Championship.

Recently, in the whirlwind of the new management, he was close to falling and saved himself in the last round in 2017. But the reality improved with the arrival of a new owner, Evangelis Marinakis of Greece. The representative, by the way, appeared in the broadcast of the match with Huddersfield making a cross signal in the last minutes, the tension of the opponents fearing a draw. The big change that helps explain access, however, came in September 2021. At a bad start to the tournament, Forest hired Steve Cooper as his new coach, and he removed Chris Hughton from office without winning seven games.

Cooper immediately made an impact on the team, competed more, conceded fewer goals, and eventually reacted to a tremendous rise in the standings. By the turn of the year from 2021 to 2022, Forest was already in the playoff qualifying area, and climbed even higher as the rounds passed. This show of strength could not end with a new frustration. Along with the dream of entering, the Reds also had a decent campaign and survived until the FA Cup quarter-finals, falling only against champions Liverpool.

The strong campaign had its best moment in the final round, despite some physical wear and tear on some of the actors ’parts. Starting to struggle for direct access, challenging Bournemouth, Forest was able to grow at the right time and had a golden chance to break into second place, but ended up heading into the playoffs, finishing fourth. The drama escalated in the play-off semi-finals when the Cooper boys won 2-1 away from Sheffield United. On penalties, archer Brice Samba shone and the team entered the £ 150million match at Wembley.

The end point of a dog’s life

With an almost unexpected goal and the patience to wait for the final whistle, Forest went ahead and played a good first half against Huddersfield. But only in the 43rd minute, Levi Colwill deflected a cross into the box. Although top scorer Brennan Johnson was making his way back to the finish line, Colwill jumped and hit the corner of his goal.

In the final phase, Huddersfield did their best and kept possession of the ball, but did not turn the volume of the game into clear chances. Not in vain, the Samba goalkeeper did not even work on the defense, as none of the five shots fired were in the direction of the goal. Fans of the Terrier complained too much about the possible penalty, but Judge Jonathan Moss expressed it as a simulation and also gave a yellow card to midfielder Harry Toffolo, who clearly forced contact and tried to deceive Moss.

Forest’s elite status was fixed until the long-awaited whistle, tension and fear of a draw prevailed at Wembley’s red side. But everything was under control. Cooper did a great job and gave the players the peace of mind and confidence to manage the historic result in the last 45 minutes.

The mission of this new forest is not to live a new fairy tale, but to find the right hires within the budget they will have from next season. The latest examples of players who have settled in the Premier League are not lacking, it is up to Marinakis and Cooper to decide what the plan will be. In the beginning, the script is about sustainability, then what comes next has to deal with a lot of groundwork.

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