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Flamenco’s Thursday had everything: the head coach of the coaches, despite knowing that he would be fired, the agreement with the new coach, the dismissal of the old one and the failed attempt of Rodolfo Landim.

“has nothing”. This was answered by Executive Director Bruno Spindel when Atabia’s S1 Live journalist Isabelle Costa asked her if she already had an agreement with Dorival Júnior. It was around 3pm when almost all of the events listed above were settled.

be, yes. At that moment, in addition to Paul’s departure, which was decided on Thursday night, Dorival’s arrival was also determined.

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And more: Flamengo has already tried to hire Cuca, one of the management favorites, through its president Rodolfo Landim. On the phone, the coach told the red-black representative that he was not interested in taking over the club in 2022. He later reiterated this in an official statement:

Paulo Sousa, Flamenco Coach – Photo: Fred Gomes

“Apart from being fully dedicated and dedicated to this social project of mine, I had already developed the idea of ​​continuing the preparation of some teams for this year’s World Cup. Not to mention that I will be in Qatar to continue. World Cup close.

As Dorival was one of those listed from the start and Flamingo preferred the home solution, the management returned all the burden to the agreement now with the former commander of Ceara.

Dorival Júnior has boarded Belo Horizonte and lost his deal with Flamingo

Dorival listens to his heart and says yes Flamenco for the third time

+ Saying goodbye to Cea’s actors, Dorival says he “listened to his heart” to return to Flemish

If Flamingo had to spend R $ 7.7 million to return Paulo Sousa, the amount that refers to the salaries remaining until the end of the year, the economic effort would not have been the same to remove Dorival Júnior from Cear. The fine imposed by the council of Vôzão is R $ 450 thousand.

Dorival will arrive with her son Lucas Silvestre’s assistant and physical trainer Celso Rezende.

Despite the turbulent environment and the fact that the football department has made a series of mistakes to fight for the title despite its recent mistakes, Dorival “listened to his heart” and decided to stop the good run that was taking place before Cear. For the third time to return to the Vulture’s Nest. He taught without a degree between 2012 and 2013 and 2018.

After spending the whole of Thursday in Belo Horizonte, the day before the 2-0 win over América-MG, Dorival Júnior Confins embarked at the airport on his way to Fortaleza in the afternoon. But the return to the capital Ceará was made on another flight, with the rest of the delegates having traveled earlier.

The coach will not travel to Atibaia on Friday, where he will finish preparing for the match against Internacional in Flamengo, under the orders of Mário Jorge, the coach of the Under-20 team, who was in Rio and was called up in a hurry due to a lack of fixtures. technical committee of the club.

Dorival will only meet the team at the end of Friday night in Porto Alegre, the stage of the duel, which is valid for the Brazilian’s 11th matchday.

Next steps for the committee

If Dorival arrives with two professionals, Flamingo has set another physical trainer and the hiring of a goalkeeper trainer as a priority – with the presence of Thiago Eller, the brother of former defender Fabiano Eller, on the club’s board.

The melancholy training of Paulo Sousa and the long-awaited announcement

In addition to Wednesday’s embarrassing press conference after playing in Flamenco’s defeat against Flamengo Bragantino, Paulo Sousa had to endure another embarrassing situation on Friday. He was also aware that he would be sent abroad, so he took part in the activities normally. Among those smiles, he had breakfast and lunch before dropping the grass and directing the training of athletes who hadn’t started the Bragança Paulistan match.

Accompanied by members of his committee, he got into a car and set off for the countryside on a rainy Thursday to begin one of his last steps in Atibaia.

After the activity, he climbed up and met Marcos Braz, Bruno Spindel, Juan and Fabinho Soldado to receive the news that would not surprise anyone. After 6pm, it was announced that he and his six assistants would not be in charge of Flamenco.

The official communication took place while the players and their board members were having dinner in another room. Half an hour later, the athletes officially learned what they had known since the day before.

Shame affects the player team

Despite being embarrassed throughout the day, Marcos Braz highlighted the ethical relationship he had with Paulo Sousa in his words when he announced that the coach had left the team.

Paul then spoke and thanked the players and club staff in particular. Diego asked for the floor at the end and thanked the coach. He said things were not going well at some point, but he admitted that Paul was always looking for the best for Flamingo.

The mood of embarrassment also struck the players from the first hours of the day, and embarrassment was a recurring theme in conversation circles.

“Slutty what they’re doing,” one player said.

– He (Paul) came to me and I doubted if he would come to say goodbye or give guidance – changed another.

Then, after announcing the dismissal to the athletes, in the middle of a wake, Paul insisted on saying goodbye to everyone one by one.

Among the many embarrassments, Paulo Sousa ended his prudent Flamenco season. The club was also cautious in its official announcement, with a message on Twitter that did not even reach the 280-character limit and no thank-you message.

An economic and discreet career with a few moments of joy and no connection between the coach, the players and the stands.

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