Netflix founder NFT Photo Platform has joined Cheeze

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Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix

THE Cheeze, Inc. announced the founder of Netflix Marc Randolph he joins its board of directors. Following the news of a second seed-investment round launched by the startup last month, Randolph followed the initial round of application, led by Olive Tree Capital.

“I’m very excited to join the board of Cheeze, Inc. The team Simon (Hudson, CEO and founder of Cheeze) is building is really impressive and I’m excited to see the progress they’re making,” Randolphe said.

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The platform brings photography through blockchain launch NFT photo galleries. It allows anyone to buy a gallery on their platform and rent space to photographers who want to show off their collections.

The goal is to change the “creative economy” by giving creators full control over their work, narrative, and how they make money.

Cheeze built its structure on the FLOW blockchain, where there is no quota for conversion. Therefore, photographers can do NFTs for free. The platform aims to change the way photographers share their images with the world.

Simon Hudson, CEO and founder of the company, says of the concept: “As a result, you want to capture those moments and memories when you’re sharing photos with people.”

“Every photo has a lot of metadata, but that can be easily lost. So we want to put photography, negatives and metadata in the blockchain, which means you’re capturing a moment in time and always looking back and seeing. “

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The global photographic services market grew from $ 33 billion in 2020 (R $ 161 billion at yesterday’s price, 20) to nearly $ 39 billion (R $ 190 billion) in 2021 in 2020. $ 43 billion (R $ 210 billion) by the end of this year. According to Yahoo Finance, the NFT market is expected to grow by 52%, from $ 14 billion last year to $ 21.3 billion this year.

“Simon and his team have also shown that they are focused on providing real use to people who want to bring their work to Web 3.0. In an NFT environment where style seems to prevail, this is the recipe for long-term success, ”says Randolphe.

He continues: “I’m excited to be a part of this adventure and to be in the front row as Cheeze discovers what this new world of Web 3.0 has to offer.”


NFT expert and marketing growth consultant Jose Colmenares envisioned a future where Web3 concepts would revolutionize modern industries for several years.

Colmenares is the co-founder of Ups Future with Javier Romero (Javier Hala Madrid), a club whose members have access to exclusive investment information on trendy startups, NFTs and metaverse projects, so that they can make informed decisions while investing.

Playback / Forbes

Playback / Forbes

Jose Colmenares (left) and Javier Romero

All of this is focused on the Hispanic market and therefore presents a bilingual platform to help decentralize an industry that is structuring a lot of English.

“After careful research, we realized that there is little information on investment opportunities and metaverse, startups, NFTs, in Spanish,” Colmenares said.

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“That’s why Ups Future is so special. We want to reach out to communities that have not participated in the promising market associated with the blockchain due to a language barrier. ”

In the current market conditions, he remained optimistic and confident as he believed that the technology was proven and growing. He blamed inflation on many countries for the recent decline in the market.

“I learned very early on not to be afraid of what you don’t know or understand. When you enter a space that is constantly being attacked by financial and other institutions, it is very easy for a project to fail, ”says Colmenares.

“That’s why we want to make it easy to understand all of this, to help bring it to people. There has always been, and always will be, people who reject the future and technology. We hope to be able to get involved in part so that this doesn’t happen. “

With the Cheeze platform and other industry leaders, Colmenares anticipates a time when more and more people will adapt to Web3 in search of a better and more efficient way to do things.

“It’s a matter of time before most things, including movies, music, etc., are‘ tokenized ’,” he says. “We believe that in the future the transaction will be passed directly from the creators / producers to the final consumer. A real P2P transaction that can affect streaming platforms and channels.

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“Cheeze provides more transparency, a clean record through the lock chain and an advanced way for people to share photos. Ultimately, it is allowing photographers, both casual and professional, to bring their work to the blockchain.

“Every industry has the opportunity to use Web3 to optimize and make their businesses more efficient. It’s great to do this for Cheeze photography. ”

Blockchain technology securely stores metadata such as time, location, date, creator, image size, ISO, and focal length. That is, the data cannot be deleted or altered.

The platform will also be available for iOS and Android to facilitate access for people taking photos on their mobile phone.

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