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With nearly 65,000 tickets sold, confirming the entire Maracanã, Vasco’s fans showed the magnitude of their expectations for the game against Cruzeiro, this Sunday, for Série B of the Brazilian Championship. But the sentiment of the players is the same. Even those with a lot of football experience. This is Nene’s situation.

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Vasco’s number 10 underscores the importance of São Januário for the team, especially in this edition of Serie B. But he acknowledges that playing Maracanã, especially when full, provides another aspect of the game.

– São Januário is another thing too, I was very happy there. The atmosphere is different, it’s a pot. It’s one of our great strengths, but it’s no longer suitable for everyone. So for the joy of the fans … I have a lot of complaints because of the capacity of the stadium, it could be a good thing for everyone – commented Nenê.

Nenê, from Vasco, at a press conference – Photo: Daniel Ramalho / CRVG

Nenê also told how the news of coach Zé Ricardo’s departure was received on Sunday. The departure of the coach, who is going to football in Japan, suddenly and took all of a sudden precisely at a time when the rise within the competition.

– It shocked everyone, no one understood anything. In the morning no one knew. Arriving here at the meeting, I said “ih something happened”. I saw him like that, then I talked and everything. He said he was happy to leave this way, he didn’t want to leave now. It was very hard to follow this path he was following, hard to start, but I was happy for him. This is a good thing for him, for the commission. He, Cleber, Fábio are amazing people, very right. We are happy to have a positive exit for him – he said.

– We have not yet processed the news, we are like this … We are a very cohesive group, one seeking to help the other, old and young, who will also come later. And as Zé always says, the most important thing is that Vasco is the whole group. He was able to get through it, so we were able to keep it without him in the game. Emílio is with us, always with us. It’s good to continue this path we’re on, this line of work – he added.

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The number of points they make is definitely staggering. They were seven points away from us in the small round. Their campaign was very good, it could be a six point game. Our goal is to capture this difference to try to get as close as possible. First we must distance ourselves from the fifth place. At home we manage to win games and beat the results.

Difficulty in Sunday’s game

Vasco can defeat anyone, leader or not. First, you need to put it in your head. If you keep your feet on the ground, don’t stop at any hour and improve your game more and more, that’s the most important thing. Always think of the next opponent, see what we need to neutralize, the ways to overcome victories. In any game we can win if we give it our all.

– Our expectations are very high. This is a good classic, good game. Our crowd is unbelievable. If they have 100,000 tickets, they will be sold too. It was a lot for us, a huge encouragement. The support has been incredible, and we are sure we will continue to give our lives in the field and continue to respond. It will be one of the best games to see from the start of Serie B. We can get three points at home, which is our goal – said shirt 10 at a press conference before training this Friday.

Definitely (placed). I even said I had to be patient, it was a new team. Fire, we want to win all the time, play well, but we know that’s not the case. We were able to get through all this trouble, skepticism about the commission, this and that. No more time, stuck in a way, healing. Gradually we came to an agreement, improving each sector. There was a mistake, we also improved, the team settled. I think we fit. And thank God we are at our destination, which is the G4.

The strength of Vasco’s supporters

The fans are enthusiastic. They do everything for this club, the club is theirs. Love is amazing, love, that’s also what identifies me. By the way they are in love. Of course, they charge too, every big club has that. But when they see that the team is the least, giving their lives, running, fighting, it’s a scary thing. The energy, the support they have. After one, two wins … You see it’s a real thing, fans love their club no matter what the situation. The club stands after a lot of hardship and will still grow, especially because of them.

Around Vasco’s group

I love our joy, our unity, our determination, the belief that we can achieve great things at these clubs. Very nice group, everyone gets along, everyone works together. I could see the joy on everyone’s faces to have a good championship, individually and collectively, to reward what the fans had done. I see this desire to win, to conquer something, to mark a small name in the history of the club.

Good opportunity for base players

It takes advantage of the environment, it’s the basic thing at a club like Vasco. You have to leave it in the hands of the men who take care of them, raise your head, play ball, progress. They can reach very distant places, but they still have a lot to grow. We had a lot of jokes, but during these stories, I said “calm down, enjoy this, it can still be greatly improved”. Not ready for that yet. I’m 40 years old and I still have things to improve on, imagine they’re still young. They need to understand that it will pass and that they need to take advantage of it.

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