NBA Finals 2022 – Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics

Check out the forecast Sweater Brazil prepared about Golden State Warriors x Boston Celticsthis Thursday (02) which will kick off the NBA Finals.

NBA Finals 2022 – Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics

The time has come to decide. The Golden State Warriors, who have played in the NBA Finals six times in the last eight years, have won the Boston Celtics 17 times, but have not discussed the title since 2010. Starting this Thursday, both will decide who will be the winner. 2021-22 season.

Although the two teams were not favorites before the start of the campaign, they overcame big opponents along the way. In the regular season, the Warriors and Celtics had a lot of ups and downs, but understandable in the long run. Injuries, internal problems and exchanges changed the behavior of the two teams that play the highest prize this Thursday.

Despite the Warriors ’bad luck in the 2019 Finals with major player injuries, the team is back with the same base that won three titles: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Andre Iguodala left, played in the Miami Heat final, but came back and is in the starting lineup, despite having less time on the court. However, the team, which has returned to San Francisco after more than four decades, has strengthened and Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole have new threats to their opponents.

On the other hand, the Celtics did not arrive by chance. The Massachusetts team was 11th from the east in January, but a tremendous wave of victories changed course. Lots of defense, but a lot of attacking talent, especially from Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Coach Ime Udoka, who was once criticized for his initial actions and for pointing the finger when he was complaining about the team, turned around and is now applauded.

Season games

Golden State Warriors 1 x 1 Boston Celtics

12/17 – Warriors 111 x 107 Celtics
03/16 – Celtics 110 x 88 Warriors

match dates

6/2: Boston Celtics – Golden State Warriors – 9 p.m. (ESPN 2, Band)
6/5: Boston Celtics – Golden State Warriors – 22:00 (ESPN 2, Band)
6/8: Golden State Warriors – Boston Celtics – 22:00 (ESPN 2, Band)
6/10: Golden State Warriors – Boston Celtics – 10:00 PM (ESPN 2, Band)
6/13: Boston Celtics – Golden State Warriors – 22:00 (ESPN 2, Band) *
6/16: Golden State Warriors – Boston Celtics – 22:00 (ESPN 2, Band) *
6/19: Boston Celtics – Golden State Warriors – 9 p.m. (ESPN 2, Band) *

* If necessary

Brasilia views

Golden State Warriors (53-29)

Returning to the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors want a fourth-round title from coach Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Steve Kerr. The Boston Celtics win marks the seventh win for the franchise that began as the Philadelphia Warriors. It seems that the injuries suffered by the team in the 2019 finals have stopped and their stars are ready to play against the Celtics.

As we reported yesterday, Green is the group’s thermometer. In 2021-22 he played 46 games and the Warriors won 34 (almost 74% success), but when he didn’t play (36 games), the team won 17 (47.2%).

Now, a reason to worry about their fans.

In the ten games scored by Curry Marcus Smart, 30 T-shirts have had 24.1 points, 4.6 assists and 42.2% success in all three. So far so good. However, in 2021-22, the goal scorer made only 36% of field goals and 33.3% of long-range shots. To make matters worse, Curry was injured in a run with Smart in the current campaign, and Kerr didn’t like it at all. As a result, the star lost 12 games and only returned to the court, in a limited way, initially. eliminations.

On the other hand, Klay Thompson, who has not played in the last two seasons, is playing in the sixth consecutive NBA Finals. And isn’t Thompson back on the court? In less time on the court, he got similar numbers to the year he was injured and was there eliminationshe scored 30 points or more on three occasions.

Home team: Stephen Curry – Klay Thompson – Andrew Wiggins – Draymond Green – Kevon Looney

Boston Celtics (51-31)

January 11 to April 2. The Boston Celtics found a productive and effective way to play basketball. Although their players are not close to the experience of the Golden State Warriors, the Massachusetts team is not content with making a decision. So it’s not a team that is happy to overcome. The Celtics want the 18th title in their history and they will do anything to get it.

The Celtics know they have to use all their weapons to win the Warriors in the NBA Finals. However, this is not just about talent. The Boston team will look at the physical section with high defensive intensity and triples.

The Warriors ’advantage over the Dallas Mavericks in painting will no longer be against the Celtics. It is important to note, however, that the Robert Williams Center is not in its best physical condition. A knee injury in late March could be a problem. While he’s okay, Williams plays. But if the pain continues to bother him, Ime Udoka should use Grant Williams instead.

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are the main attackers, but Marcus Smart manages to make a contribution. Their main problem, however, is an overabundance of attack errors. There were a total of 9.3 in the series against the Miami Heat billing match. Just all three. Warriors don’t save their opponents when they make more mistakes than their team. In the regular season, the team has won 25 of 34 games in the meantime eliminations, are three wins in three games. That is, to be a Celtics champion, you have to cut back billing.

Home team: Marcus Smart – Jaylen Brown – Jayson Tatum – Robert Williams (Grant Williams) – Al Horford

Guess the jumper

According to the bookmakers, the Warriors are small favorites, but don’t be surprised if the Celtics come out victorious. It will be a highly contested series and should not end with less than five games. However, as the Warriors are more accustomed to decision-making, Golden State seems to have the best chances.

Warriors 7th

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