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Rafael Nadal will make the 14th Roland Garros final of his career this Sunday (05) in search of the 14th title. On the other side of the court will be Casper Ruud, a 23-year-old Norwegian who makes his Grand Slam semi-final debut. The Spaniard himself helped “create” the “monster.”

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Nadal x Ruud Carousel – Photo: Infoesporte

If Ruud is currently ranked among the top 10 tennis players in the world (he is 8th in the world rankings and will reach the top 5 on June 13) it is also because of his work at the Rafa Nadal Academy.

The Norwegian was welcomed by opponents to develop as a player in the second half of 2018 in the Roland Garros final. He then finished 143rd in the world rankings at the age of 19.

Since then, there have been eight titles, seven of them clay, a floor that specializes like Rafael himself. Casper sees his opponent as a mirror, as a goal. Someone molded himself from a clay genius to a full champion player on every floor.

– Nadal is, of course, a great example. He has been described by the media as one of the leading clay experts, but has twice won Wimbledon. He’s the kind of player who inspires me, I try to learn from him about this transition from the clay track to the hard track, ”said the Norwegian.

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Roland Garros is the first big chance to win a Grand Slam title in Ruud’s 2022 career, but for that he will have to achieve what seems impossible so far: in his 21-year career, Rafael Nadal has never lost a final of the Paris Majors. There are 13 appearances with 13 titles, both of which are a record in the history of the tournament.

– I played a lot of sets in training with Rafa and it was tight most of the time. He beat me up most of the time, but it’s because I wanted to be nice to him in his gym (laughs) – said Casper.

“Playing against Roland Garros Nadal is probably the most difficult challenge in our sport. I will be the bottom line, I will try to enjoy it, but I have to believe that I can,” he added.

The “master” made a point of praising the “disciple” and highlighted that the 23-year-old is one of the favorites in any clay tournament he plays this season. In 2022, he was champion in Geneva and Buenos Aires, both in clay.

“I’m not surprised by Casper Ruud’s level.” He is the title contender in every clay tournament he has ever played in.

“He has a very high level of play in his game. He is one of the best players in the world in clay,” Nadal said in a documentary on his academy channel.

The creator and the creature will meet for the first time on the Philippe Chatrier court and it will also be the first duel between the two on the circuit. It’s time to dump her and move on.

More than an apprentice, Casper Ruud is also a big fan of Rafael Nadal. The Norwegian has spoken several times about his admiration for the Grand Slam record holder in the history of men’s tennis. In January, Touro Miúra won the 21st slam of his career ahead of the Australian Open final, being named the big three favorites.

– It’s a very difficult question. But my priority has always been Rafa. Because I saw it for so many years. My first memory of watching TV was in its 1st title at Roland Garros when I was 6 or 7 years old and I pictured myself on screen – the tennis player showed it to an Australian TV show.

As a big fan, Casper followed most of the idol’s games, especially the previous 13 finals on the central court in Paris. The tennis player himself played the subject in an interview with him after his victory in the final.

“I’ll probably tell you all the finals Rafa played here and who the opponents were. It’s amazing for me to be among these guys. I’ll be proud in the future, I’m just thinking about my options at the moment.” said the tennis player.

On social media, the player recorded his first meeting with the idol in 2017, stressing that getting to know the idol was a “children’s dream”.

“A childhood dream come true. Thank you Rafael Nadal for being me,” Casper wrote.

If there’s one reason to remember the mere encounter in training, a meeting to decide Philippe Chatrier’s biggest clay court title of the season will certainly be a source of pride for Ruud.

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