Nadal destroys predictions, wins Djokovic and goes halfway to Roland Garros – 05/31/2022

Rafael Nadal he did the perfect preparation, repeatedly living with a physical problem and entered the court this Tuesday, the year Roland Garrosin the night session, at a time when he was contributing to his opponent’s style of play, Novak Djokovic. Because of all this, the Spaniard was miserable in every bookmaker. Because Rafa entered the court, destroyed the predictions and, with another memorable performance, turned the world number 1 upside down. Per 6/2, 4/6, 6/2 and 7/6 (4)inside 4h12min game, number 6 in the world today it goes to the finals and will fight to win the 14th clay title at Roland Garros.

This Tuesday’s duel was the 59th between Nadal and Djokovic, and the Serbs ’advantage is now the only victory: 30 and 29. At Roland Garros, Rafa won eight of the ten matches between them and, winning this year, returned. a setback last year, as the Serb won by a margin of 3 sets in the semi-finals.

It also ensures this result Nadal will be singled out as the biggest individual slam champion among men. The Spaniard has 21 trophies, while Djokovic and Federer have 20.

O the next opponent Rafa’s year will be German Alexander Zverev, in 3rd place in the world, also won a favorite and made 3 sets for the Spanish Carlos Alcaraz (6th 1). It will be their tenth match, and Nadal has won 6-3 so far.

Djokovic will lose No. 1

Tuesday’s result also means that Novak Djokovic, the current Roland Garros champion, will lose the lead in the standings on June 13, when the ATP will discount the points he won in the 2020 and 2021 French championships. He will be the new leader. Alexander Zverev, the current No. 3, will take the lead if he is the champion. If someone else raises the trophy, the leader will again be Russian Daniil Medvedev. Djokovic will drop to at least third place, something that hasn’t happened since October 2018.

How it happened

Nadal played a great first game, putting pressure on Djokovic as he made few first kicks. Number 1 saved two break points by attacking well, but in the third, he saw Rafa’s deep turn and made a mistake. In the fourth game Djokovic’s excellent return began to appear, and it was the turn of the Serbs for two breaks. Nadal, however, escaped. Nol lost a slice in the first break, and Rafa went into the net to win the next point.

Nol continued to get into trouble on the first kick, and Nadal continued to take advantage. In the fifth game, after two mistakes by the Serb in the rally, the Spaniard adjusted his indefensible front to break the opponent in parallel and open 4/1. After that, the champion held on to the serve 13 times until he made it 6/2. Djokovic finished the set with 48% of the first serve, and Nadal scored 44% of the points in return.

Nadal shoots ahead

The second set started like the first. Although Djokovic was getting more first kicks, Nadal continued to promise and hit the most points in the rallies. He fought the world number one and saved six rest points in the opening game, but Rafa made it to seventh with an aggressive forehand and an impossible volley on defense. Against the rope, Nole also tried to attack earlier in the points, but he had to take more risks and did not show the precision needed to do so. In the third game, he made three unforced errors, and Rafa did not forgive him. After a short pass with a back pass, Nole broke it again and opened up 3/0.

Djokovic won the match in 18 minutes

The game started to change, however, in the fourth game, when Nadal made a couple of unforced errors and ended up giving the first break to No. 1. Djokovic took advantage of the moment, stopped making mistakes and climbed the level, winning five more. the break point lasted 18 minutes in the sixth game. Nadal saved four of them, but made two errors in a row, and Djokovic equalized in 3/3.

Nol opened up 4/3, and Rafa equalized in a row, confirming his free kick again, but the dynamics of the match had already changed. Djokovic was the most aggressive tennis player and controlled most of the rallies. And, with great results, he won two set points in the tenth game. Nadal saved the first by forcing a mistake on the Serbian, but in the second he threw a forehand and gave the final numbers to the set, which lasted 1h26min and ended 6/4 for world number 1.

Nadal makes the change

The game was already approaching 2:30, and with Nadal’s physical history, it looked like Djokovic could kick the score. Well, quite the opposite happened. Rafa opened the fourth set again on offense and breaking the No. 1 serve. Nolek almost paid more than eight minutes in a fourth long game, but Nadal saved a break point in a nine-ball rally that ended in a failure. Serbian.

The duel remained balanced, but Djokovic played a bad fifth game and paid the price. After opening 30/0, he made two unforced errors and a double foul. When he threw a left, he broke it, and Nadal quickly opened the scoring 5/1. This time, there was no time for the No. 1 reaction, and Nadal took the lead, opening 2 sets to 1.

Djokovic loses two set points

In the fourth set, Djokovic finally managed to confirm his free kick in the first match, putting pressure on Nadal, and this time it was the Spaniard who gave up the break. At the Serbian’s first break, Rafa narrowly missed and missed the kick-off. Nol opened the scoring 3/0 and held the lead until he opened the scoring 5/3 and served the set.

In the ninth game, however, Nadal shone. First, he saved two set-points. He then managed to put pressure on himself and gain two points at the break. Djokovic saved the first with a brilliant short and then a volley, but Rafa did not forgive the second, throwing an impossible defense from the inside. Shortly afterwards, the Spaniard confirmed his free kick and equalized 5/5. The decision was for a tie-breaker, and Nadal opened the scoring 3/0, conquering a small advantage by climbing into the net on the first point. Djokovic took another break when he missed a right-footed shot, leaving 4/1 for the Spaniards. Another mistake by Nole, and Rafa opened up 5/1. When he confirmed the service and opened 6/1, it seemed like an unbeatable advantage. Djokovic, however, won the next three points, and Rafa needed one more magic: he killed the game in an indefensible back-to-back parallel.


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