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They took part in the Public Security competition and stated that some candidates for Civil Police jobs had suffered. after a physical injury to the body on the 15th and 16th of the month. they claim lack of organization and overcrowding inspectors in testing.

To g1The Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT), which is responsible for the application of the theoretical and practical tests, announced that it would verify the candidates’ complaints with the Directorate of Examinations and Competitions (GEC), but there was no response. this publication.

According to participants, The the organization has not yet made the test videos available, which prevents it from filing an administrative appeal and requesting that the test be repeated..

On the 19th of this month, the Justice Department ordered the suspension of the competition for the posts of Secretary and Investigator of the Civil Police and asked the heads of the organization to provide the footage for the Physical Aptitude Test (TAF). The deadline was 48 hours, but the UFMT appealed and asked for a longer period to make the images available.

Four contestants, who did not want to be identified, said they failed the sit-down test in the fitness test. They have stated that three of the eight marshals in the womb were responsible for more than 50% of the three race playoffs..

Candidate’s hand after exercises – Photo: Personal file

One of the candidates for the post of secretary said this he followed all the instructionsbut that the requirements for testing were different.

“The public notice is the law of competition, but it must be interpreted for the benefit of the candidate, and not as the banks and TAF inspectors understand it, the jurisprudence has already been pacified,” he stressed.

In the document made available before the test and in the videos showing the exercises by the official police channels, teachers indicate a suitable place for repetition of the abdominal test, protecting the whole body and ensuring the safety of the person..

“To everyone’s surprise, on the day of the test, a thin, small mat was used that did not protect the parts needed for safe executions. That carpet, worse, was not repaired, which meant that it left room at the start of the execution, making it even more difficult for the top candidates who needed more body protection, ”he reported.

According to the participant, he did 42 repetitions in one minute, but the inspector who went with him counted only 35. The requirement for admission was 38.

“In an attempt to file an administrative appeal, the images were asked to verify that the 38 repetitions were successful. However, the bank refused to make it available and opened the appeal period, and the candidate had only one chance to say: ‘I did the repetitions well,’ he reported.

Another candidate said he had a head injury while sitting in the exercise.

“I started banging my hands hard on the ground, but the mat began to slip. I hit my head very hard on the ground and I was stunned for a few seconds. In the end, I failed because the evaluator said I had done 34, and there were more than 40, ”he said.

Injury caused after a series of stomachs – Photo: Personal archive

He is an army officer and stated that he already had experience in this type of activity, but also failed.

“I always got the highest score in every test I did in the military, which was much higher than what the police required. There was no standardization of assessment in this exercise, just look at the failure rate. It is very sad to see that our dream is being treated like this, ”he lamented.

Candidate said that counting exercises was done only when he hit his hands hard on the ground – Photo: Personal archive

A woman who also took part in the competition stated that she had failed the belly rowing test. In the women’s category, it was necessary to do 29 reps per minute..

“She is OK [fiscal] I stopped counting at 14 and kept repeating the same number, I kept moving and trying to improve, after realizing I had no irregular movements, I hit my hands harder on the ground to see what it was, then it usually started counting again, ”he said.

According to him, several rules were introduced during the test, which were not foreseen in the previous instructions.

“A video of the show has already been released and we trained the candidates according to the instructions. We train according to what is in the ad. This is what happens during the test they frightened us”He pointed out.

The candidate said in the instructions given by the organizers, the activities were done on a rubber floor, but on race day, the exercises were done on a cement floor.which caused injuries.

Another problem faced by candidates is lack of communication. They state that they ask questions, but never have a specific answer.

“People are calling to find out when the competition will start and they say it depends on that judicialization, because there are a lot of people suing in court. They continue to blame those who appeal to the courts for their irregularities, ”said one candidate.

According to an action proposed by the Office of the Federal Public Defender (DPU), several candidates who have taken the test want to get the footage of the exam, which has been denied by the Directorate of Examination and Competition.

The action led to a decision to temporarily suspend the competition.

The organization of the event mentions that the recordings will be used by themselves and that the public announcement does not foresee that they will be available to the participants.

In the ruling, however, the judge says that if the jury has made footage, there is no reason to deny access to the candidates.

“The denial of the examination table has no legal support, much less constitutional support. Incorporating physical examination footage is the only way to verify that there is no error in the committee’s analysis, giving the candidate the right to appeal against any negative results, or not, ”says one passage. decision.

Also, according to the decision, the competition must be suspended while the recordings are available and the deadline for filing appeals is reopened, given that there will be a change in the schedule.

The organizers will also have to reopen the appeal period for the test.

Public Safety Competition in MT – Photo: Mayke Toscano / GCOM-MT

The theoretical tests of the public competition of the security forces of Mato Grosso were held in February, and the physical test this month A total of 66 thousand people registered.

Since 2016, the state-mandated competition has been held to complete the reserve record. However, the government promises to call 1,200 more ads by 2022.

Civilian clerks and investigators were the most sought after positions by “concurseiros”. Of the 66,000 enrolled, nearly 34,000 were in the organization alone.

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