Monaco Grand Prix: Pérez wins stormy race with rain and accident | formula 1

The predictions had to be discarded even before they started. The downpour in Monte Carlo shortly before the Monaco Grand Prix confused the strategy of any team for the race. Better suited to the conditions, Sergio Pérez of the RBR jumped to the lead and took the victory in the Principality in a race set by the time limit of the test. Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz finished second, while RBR’s Max Verstapp completed the podium.

Sergio Pérez celebrates victory in Monaco – Photo: Getty Images

The race, which was delayed by more than an hour due to rain, was also suspended due to a bad accident on lap 30 of Mick Schumacher. The race was stopped again, preventing the race from settling back in the number. According to the regulations, there is a limit of 3 hours per GP – a total of 64 of the planned 77 returns.

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Perez’s victory, the third in the Mexican category, also helps Max Verstappen of the RBR team. In the third and ahead of Leclerc, the current champion extends the advantage at the end. The Monegasque pilot, by the way, suffered the most damage at home. Pole was hampered by Ferrari’s stopping strategy and Schumacher’s accident. Fourth, it complicates the title fight.

Sergio Perez at the Monaco Grand Prix – Photo: Getty Images

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“It’s a dream come true. It’s a great day for me and my people.”

“I think we did everything we had to do … you can understand the frustration. I’m not going to complain too much. Checo had a great race.”

“It’s a wonderful result for the Czechs. I’m very happy with it. We can be very happy this weekend.”

It started in Monaco before it started to rain. It was the password to change everything. The departure procedure was changed, and the cars went back to the presentation, in the presence of the safety car, which was done only 16 minutes later than expected. When it rained even harder during the delay time, the direction of the race determined that they all started with heavy tires. he did little. It rained even harder during the performance, and under a red flag, everyone went to the boxing ring.

Charles Leclerc was ahead at the start of the race – Photo: Getty Images

The uncertainty continued for a long time. At 10:55 a.m., it appeared that the test would resume in ten minutes. Real this time. But, still with the safety car, on the first lap, the first incident. Latifi Loews was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the keeper. The promenade also crossed the railing, puncturing the tires. Both of them soon went to the graves.

The safety car finally left the race, and the drivers made a real start. But while the track was still wet, time remained slow. On the front, at the time, no change. Gradually, as the track dried, downtown drivers, like Vettel, went to the pits to put on intermediate tires. At that moment, on lap 14, the most notable was Gasly. One of the first changes to the tires was one of the fastest and most cumulative advances in the rankings.

Leclerc, in the leadership, also took part in it. Faster on each lap, he climbed his Sainz difference by five seconds. On lap 17, Perez was the first to go to the pit to change the tires. The maneuver paid off, and he returned to the track in fifth place, losing just two places.

Leclerc and Verstapp took the same path and went to the pits. Sainz then jumped to the edge. Back there, there was a fight between Hamilton and Ocon. Seven times the champion pressed his opponent for eighth place. At the time, Ferrari’s strategy with Leclerc was questionable. The home rider returned to the hole, along with Sainz, to put on the hard tires. At that moment, it was Perez who took the lead.

Mick Schumacher was hit by a bad S-stroke in the pool and caused a yellow flag and a safety car on the track. The driver of the Haas collided with the railing, pulling his back out of the car. He, however, came out unscathed. The yellow flag, however, soon changed to red on lap 30.

Mick Schumacher leaves car after accident (Photo: Reuters)

With his strategy completely weakened, Leclerc was furious to leave the track. The wait to return to the test was long. After two laps with the safety car, the race started again on lap 32, more than 40 minutes before the 3-hour test time. From there, the race calmed down. With no rain and little chance of overtaking, Pérez continued to lead.

In the final whistle, however, Sainz hit. The Spaniard noticed Perez’s tire wear and went in search of his rival RBR. The lead in the group was narrowed, and the top four were aligned. They were also caught in the traffic, but in the end they had a clear path to fight. Perez, however, held his arm for his first victory in 2022.

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