Military hospitals. But photography is forbidden! The question raised about military hospitals could revolutionize care

Today, Naval Marcílio Dias, who arrives at the hospital, soon notices that there is a separate entrance for the main officers and their subordinates at the entrance of the organization. The subject of many complaints, as medical procedures are of equal value to all military personnel, has been a hugely embarrassing priority entry for decades.

Those who walk inside the hospital also notice that there are separate bathrooms for officers and soldiers, as well as separate waiting rooms, as if people were classified there, not according to their need for care, but according to their level or level. an active hospital or, worse, that obtained by their parents, spouse or spouse.


It ends by showing that there are two distinct classes within the Armed Forces, one with special privileges and the other with a single duty. Distribution by rank and rank is common in all military institutions around the world, but only in Brazil is the privileged and worst treatment of officers perceived, especially at the expense of money taken from soldiers, who are, after all, the majority. .

Military hospitals are basically supported by a mandatory majority of licensed soldiers, soldiers. There is no way out of payment, there is no way to stop charging money and use it to pay for a health plan.

The procedures apply equally to all military personnel and therefore there is no such important category and no grounds for discrimination against their subordinates. Having private elevators for high levels and closed and exclusive wings certainly increases the total cost.

Despite modernization, humanization, and the spread of rights in all sectors of society, anger persists in Brazilian military health care organizations, and occasionally a 23- or 24-year-old girl is seen being oppressed by older women. Anyone knows why, she is the wife of a lieutenant who has just joined the Army and the old woman may be the wife of a corporal, who has given all her youth to the organization but, literally, in terms of health. he has literally endangered his family.second plan.

In some sectors, things are hidden, when the relatives of the officers are called for help, whispered, or seemingly waiting in corridors that are “inaccessible to the general public.”

Many say that is why there are posters with the phrase “PHOTOS PROHIBITED” around military hospitals.


The military heard by our team believes that the priority of outpatient care based on grade and grade should be with military personnel, active duty officers and, if possible, uniforms only. In fact, that would be a service-related priority. The thing can never be extended to family members, military ranks, not family members, and there are no hierarchical priorities in the reserve.

Giving priority to the wife of a 23-year-old lieutenant leaving a wife, the wife of a corporal, who wakes up early to go to the hospital early, is inhuman and goes against all rules that speak of equality and opportunity.

“… While I was campaigning, I was around military hospitals several times. Professionals are very dedicated, but they have no way to act against this kind of discrimination, they are active soldiers and they would be punished … we must remember that it is not a free service … everything is paid for … equal treatment. After an internment, the military sometimes get discounts that last for years … “Little Officer Boniface

We want to discuss all the rights of the military, from pay to health, from the scale of services to long hours without justification.

We are working on a bill or agreement with the support of the Public Ministry, all of which are called Patients by the ordinance at the entrance to military hospitals, regardless of grade and grade. We will also ask for numbers, we want lists of referrals for private clinics by positions and degrees, we want to know if there is a privilege for certain categories even in these types of actions that occur within and cannot be seen in the commons. user.

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