‘Metaverse Fashion Week’ brings together fashion shows in metaverse

March 24-27, 2022 Metaverse Fashion Week. At the end of 2021, a virtual land, year decentralization, It was sold for more than BRL 13 million for fashion events and this month promotes the platform – which allows for the negotiation of digital asset and real estate packages, including other types of interactions, including games, art exhibitions and shopping. first metaberse fashion week.

She also organizes Metaverse Fashion Week UNXDa luxury market dedicated to development NFTsIncluding an exclusive Dolce & Gabbana token collection, it was unveiled in September and sold for $ 5.7 million.

It is not the first event organized on the platform, as it has already put on a show that has connected 40,000 people. Decentraland has also shown interest in deepening the world of fashion with other initiatives, however digital fashion week the brand will act as a test to experiment with the technologies of the platform and the opportunities of this new market.

Since its first edition, many questions remain about its operation. Find below some details of what to expect from the event and how to focus on it:

What will the event be like?

four days Metaverse Fashion Week will be marked by fashion shows, showcases, shops, talks and other virtual events. So far, only one Dolce & Gabbana it has already been confirmed as a participant, but there are strong rumors Burberry, Hugo Boss, Balenciaga, Paco Rabanne and Tommy Hilfiger will be part of the lineup.

Items that can be purchased and worn on top metaverse, the so-called covers, will be presented and sold throughout the event. Mark also has the opportunity to replicate some patterns in the physical world; this is one of the topics of interest, as brands will integrate virtual with physical. In addition to watching the virtual parades, participants will have access to live music sessions.

The creation of this type of event in Metabertso allows you to create pieces with materials never imagined in the real world, fashion shows to win unexpected new scenarios and expand the limits of the organization of a fashion show. It will be a great atmosphere, you can bet.

How to get involved

Anyone can attend the event, just log in from the platform decentralized and, from your computer using Google Chrome, Firefox or Brave. For the full experience, it is necessary to have an Ethereum digital wallet that serves as a personal account and allows users to purchase laptops.

To facilitate access, the platform has created a FAQ (a space that answers frequently asked questions) with all the information you need to support users and event announcements.


Since this is the first version of the event, there are many questions about its operation and development Metaverse Fashion Week – Highlights the points that can be considered in the presentations. One of the debates is that virtual experience is not always the same as in the real world, which can lead to disinterest and, initially, a lack of return on investment for those who favored this presentation model.

Also, when you go to an event, the obstacles are the same for everyone in attendance. In virtual programming, however, each person may jeopardize his or her experience because of other people’s situations, such as connection, computer use, and living environment.

But the biggest debate is how this type of event will affect the small producer. Although no numbers have been submitted, we know the technology needed to adapt a collection to metaverse investment great. Although the digital world democratizes many situations, freedom of expression or the opportunity to attend a parade without an invitation, adapting to the new demands of the market is only possible for large players.

Another factor is that while the event is open to the public – remembering only for people with internet access – the brand is already looking for ways to make money with invitations, VIP access and front-line seats.

It is very new and questionable, but necessary. The pandemic was a factor in accelerating the implementation of these types of fashion productions, but we will only know the results when we are involved. So we will wait until the next day 24.

(via: Harpers Bazaar)

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