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After seeing Estevão Taison on his shoulders and embracing his teammates after scoring Inter’s first goal in the defeat against 9 de Outubro, he had to think that with such love the celebration was linked to the impulses he had heard the day before. And it wasn’t bad. But the gesture had much greater symbolism for a boy who had lived long before he was born.

– Estêvão’s story is to be surpassed. Since pregnancy, she has been fighting for her life. It is a miracle of God, as defined by his father, Leandro Oliveira.

One of the gems cut at the base of the club is the 20-year-old boy who is earning a place with Mano Menezes. Despite the anger of the stands in his professional debut, in the draw with Avaí, Estêvão did not give up, he scored his first goal for the club and once again showed that there are no obstacles that prevent him from realizing his dream, he shared. for the whole family.

THE Stephen’s mother, Valdeli, and his brothers and Amon-Ha and Emanuel He was in the stands of Beira-Rio in the match against Ecuador and followed closely the first goal of Inter. The stage of the celebration, of course, moved the trio and the rest of the family.

– After the game, Estevão called me on video. I was very happy. I watched the game on TV. It was a huge thrill. We waited a long time. We have been in this for over 10 years. You dream, and when it does, it looks like something out of this world, says Vitor.

After the goal against Estêvão 9 de Outubro – Photo: Ricardo Duarte / Disclosure, Internacional

Like most players, Estêvão had a difficult childhood and went the wrong way to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional. And it wasn’t just economic problems. The mother says the difficulties began during her pregnancy in Paranhos, a city of 14,000 inhabitants, 463 km from the capital Campo Grande and bordering Ypehú, Paraguay.

– It starts with pregnancy, it was dangerous. I had a placental rupture, hypertension. From the third to the ninth month, I was very still, with no sudden movement. I took medication to strengthen it. We were very worried about whether it would work, ”Valdeli recalled.

Shirt 26 breastfed for one year and two months before she started drinking soy milk. But the boy’s light physique, much smaller than his peers, has always been a family concern.

The suspicion took shape when a doctor, Tiago and Daniel, the father of two “heart brothers”, warned his parents and asked the boy to be referred to an endocrinologist and pediatrician. That’s when his diagnosis came growth deficit.

– It didn’t produce enough hormones. We need to include daily medications, the hormone GH. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but no one likes to see their child drilled every day. It can make diabetes worse. It was all very difficult, with the resignation, his mother remembers.

This is the treatment presented to Estevão for him Lionel Messi when it was small, it grew to a height of 20 cm in about a year.

– Our little brother, Emanuel, was developed, but not Estêvão. The foot did not grow. He took GH for two or three years. It was a victory. It was expected to be 1m70cm without medication. Today it is 1m76 cm, a good height – celebrates Vitor.

With Estevão Denilson, Paranhos Kindergarten Teacher – Photo: Personal Archive

Santos’ release and arrival at Inter

Still in Paranhos, little Estêvão, then five years old, caught the attention of Denilson Rafaine. The physical education teacher was the boy’s first coach and was pleased with his superiority, his approach to the game and his dribbling. Four years later, she bet on the boy’s talent and took him to the Santos audition.

– During the 20-minute workout, they were taken out of the assessment and asked some questions. I was on the other side and I saw that this showed what they would like. It was great. The workout was over and the teacher called me. You cannot accommodate children at the age of nine. His father and mother should go to Santos, the coach said.

The family had no hesitation and in 2011 moved to Santos. They had to count on the help of Peixe and his friends, as their resources to stay in the coastal city of São Paulo were above what they could afford to cope with the change. Estêvão stayed at the club until he was 14, when he had to be released and start somewhere else.

After the end of the Vila Belmiron period, Estêvão won the Inter test. He was accepted and stayed at the clubhouse until the family moved back to Porto Alegre. He went through all the basic categories until he took the lead in last year’s Brazilian and Brazilian Under-20 Super Cup conquests.

The performance attracted the attention of Alexander Medina and was promoted to professionals at the beginning of the year. The first chance, however, came only with Mano Menezes. In addition to his debut against Avaí, the youngster also played a 1-1 draw with Guaireña and a 2-0 victory for Independiente Medellíni, before scoring a goal against 9 de Outubro.

After the goal the day before, Estêvão took advantage of Wednesday’s break from the base to visit his old teammates. The midfielder was with his family at the Morada dos Quero-Queros Training Center in Alvorada, in the metropolitan area of ​​Porto Alegre. I wanted to take the first goal shirt as a professional.

There is a well-known boy Salah’s nickname, A mention of the Liverpool star, thanks to her long, curly hair. Perdigão, who was the 2006 Libertadores and World Cup champion, is much more reminiscent of his appearance for most Colorado fans.

The day also included a physiotherapy session as part of the club. The family has set up a structure for the boy, and he also has the psychological support to face the challenges of football and continue to grow in his career.

Estevão with family and friends during the Inter base – Photo: Personal archive

The contract with Inter will last until February 2023. That is, in August Estêvão can sign a pre-contract with any team, which is not the intention. DIS, the sports arm of Grupo Sonda, which manages the midfielder’s career, is discussing the extension of the link with management. Conversations are well underway, and the renewal is expected to take three to four years.

– It’s going well. I think we will have a positive result in the coming days – says William Fontes.

At the top of the Gautxo club, Estêvão is working to pick up more opportunities and reaffirm the expectations around him. The 26th player has played four games, including a goal. The next opportunity could come on Monday, when Inter will host Atlético-GO, for Brasileirão. The family will definitely be in the crowd.

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