Mendes said he was “more likely” to run again

Governor Mauro Mendes (União Brasil) said on Thursday (2) that the “biggest test” is to run again. The statement was made in the wake of doubts that the First Lady was ill and needed surgery since she was made public.

There is speculation about a permanent withdrawal from the election in 2016, citing family problems as the mayor of Cuiabá stepped back from trying to run for a second term in Mendes.

“Even if I am a candidate, and more likely – everyone says that and so am I – I may really be … But we will always prioritize concrete actions for the people,” the governor told reporters.

To this end, he stressed that he is in the process of “building” his candidacy together with his family, the population and political groups. Although he is focused on his wife’s health, Mendes said he will carry out a quick program in the Araguaia region.

“I’m in the process of building a decision for the next few days with my family, my friends, the parties. I have been in the countryside for the last few days listening to what Mato Grosso citizens across the state think – and not just listening to those closest to me – and making a decision from there, ”he said.

“[…] So all of this is part of the decision-making process. It takes time to decide on the composition of the board and to adopt all these political coalitions, ”he added.

Mendes has not been sure of the pre-candidate and stressed that he will decide “until August 5” every time he is asked, the deadline set by the Electoral Legislation.

This Thursday, he will have to decide on the composition of the card, as the deputy governor, the parties that will support the Senate and form a coalition with the Union of Brazil.

Behind the scenes, there is already talk that Deputy Governor Otaviano Pivetta (Republicans) could step down, leaving former Senator Cidinho Santos in office.

“It simply came to our notice then. [sobre vice]. I said a few weeks ago that I would build a project that would lead me to officially declare myself a candidate. ”

“I am doing the same thing that I have always done in politics. People think it’s easy to be a governor, and maybe it will be for those who don’t fulfill that responsibility that requires that office. Working every day, making decisions that are often difficult, unfamiliar at times, having the courage to veto, dealing with and doing many things … So it’s kind of tiring. ”

“But I have always done it with great love, calmness and determination. Maybe it was a little bit like leaving Mato Grosso in the situation we were in and the situation we are in. ”

no opponent

Behind him, Mendes’ allies have pointed out that he has “won the election” for the leadership, and that so far no names have been able to clash with the current manager.

“Asked about speculation about an easy contest,” Mendes laughed and announced his difficulties in the election.

“I don’t think so. Everything in my life was difficult. There are always difficulties in everyone’s life. I don’t think it’s easy. Elections are always elections, no one can think that way,” he said.

“It simply came to our notice then. […] If you are a candidate, I am ready to discuss, first of all, what we did, where we are and, above all, where we will end up if we continue to follow the same line of work and seriousness, ”he said.

Virginia health

The first lady has had health problems and will have an operation soon. In early May, he was admitted to a private hospital in São Paulo after showing an oscillation in his blood glucose level.

Virginia underwent a kidney transplant in 2014 and needs ongoing medical follow-up.

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