Meet the girls in front of the movie about the actress Marta

The biopic of the Brazilian team’s top scorer, Marta, will be produced by Ramona Bakker and scripted by Helen Beltrame

In March 2022, Ramona Baker and Helen Beltrame in Orlando, at the home of player Martha, for the first interview as part of a research for his biographical film. There, there is a time travel of the player’s history Duha ka Sapa (AL). Bakker and Beltrame wanted to tell the story of little girl Marta, until she grew up and conquered the space and representation she has today.

Martha’s biopic is available pre-production for Conspiracy Movies, which released information last month. No title, release information or expected release date has yet been set. The part is a fiction directed by Andrucha Waddington.

Behind the story of the six -time champion of the title of best in the world of football, there are two women with cinematic trajectories that inspire like a player. Bakker is the executive producer behind shows like “Dom”the international series Most Viewed in Prime Video History.

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He is also behind international products from TV Globo since 2008. Bakker grew up on film sets and had no idea of ​​a career other than filmmaking. His father, Roberto Bakker, was the producer with the most international films filmed in Brazil on his resume. “When I started, there are not many opportunities to make a career in Brazilian cinema ”, said Bakker.

He began his studies at the University of California. His first steps in Brazil were within the Conspiração Filmes, where he returned. In addition to Martha’s biography, Bakker is in the production stage of her second project for Prime Video, “House with the Gils”. The documentary series follows the family’s routine Gilberto Gil at a creative retreat in Rio de Janeiro.

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Beltrame was a lawyer by training and already had a successful career in the field when he moved to Paris to pursue a Masters in Law at the Université Paris-Panthéon-Assas (Paris 2) in 2004. “Paris is best place for a cinephile. The movies start at 9 a.m., “said Beltrame. Since he is already a graduate student, he applied for a cinema course at the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3) and was accepted in his final year.

Since then, Beltrame has started covering international festivals for cultural vehicles and is deputy editor of the “Ilustríssima” section. The first participations in the productions were executive producer, due to experience as a lawyer. at the invitation of José Padilhahe is responsible for funding and distribution “Elite squad 2”.

For years he managed the Bergman Center FoundationBeltrame approached place of creation. He already has a history of Faro Island, Sweden, where the institute is located and where he was alone in writing his first screenplay.

His first job as a screenwriter also took place at the invitation of José Padilha, in 2018, for a film about the invasion of the Complexo do Alemão that was not made. In addition to writing, Beltrame participated in explaining other scripts as a consultant. “Here in Europe and Southeast Asia, I work as a mentor in the development of part of fiction. At the same time, I started working on other projects in Brazil, ”he said. It was through the agent’s mediator, Fernanda Ribas, that she was involved in the Conspiração Filmes project.

The vision of women in cinema

THE female presence on sets not the only defining reason for women to occupy the screens. They agreed that directors and production men should have a sensitive view of the experiences they report. “Naa tay male perspective which has always been dominant in cinema. As a screenwriter and thinker, I’m interested in asking this question. It’s not always a question of gender, but of perspective. ”it says.

In this production, Bakker and Beltrame will work with a man. “Andrucha is a very good listener. And what is missing is this. There is no point in having multiple women in a room when men are always talking and they have to fight to have a voice, ”Beltrame said.

During the race, Bakker has seen most male productions. But the maximum pressure is not called a “Father’s daughter”. “I was always warned by my father that I had to be the best of all times or this judgment would come,” he said. Twice he had heard that comment, it was from women. “I think in those moments, I really have something to improve on. And that’s one way to get my attention to that. ”

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