Mechanical keyboard: 7 models for building your gaming computer Which one to buy?

Mechanical keyboards are a good choice for gamers, as the individual keys have dedicated switches that offer anti-ghosting technology to detect when more than one key is pressed at a time. Brands such as Razer, HyperX, Corsair and Redragon offer models starting at R $ 199 and close to R $ 1,490, similar to the options listed below.

The Kumara model, Redragon, offers multimedia buttons at the top for liquid resistance and desktop compatibility for values ​​starting at R $ 344. USB, compatible with desktops and PS4, and cost around R $ 599. seven mechanical keyboards available for purchase in Brazil in the following lines.

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Mechanical keys are great alternatives for maximizing player performance – Photo: Disclosure / Unsplash (Matthew)

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The Black Hawk keyboard offers standard ABNT2 keys – Photo: Reproduction / Amazon

Fortrek’s Black Hawk model features a colorful neon button design and discreet RGB lighting. It features lateralized numeric keys and the standard ABNT2, which carries the most commonly used “ç” and other symbols in Brazil. The keyboard provides mechanical operation, which means that each key has a dedicated switch, which increases the performance of the computer by recognizing several letters at once.

Colored lights guarantee four different light modes, each with seven different effects. The supplier also ensures that the keys are double-injection fabricated: they are covered with two layers of material, which reduces the chances of deleting letters. Rated 5 out of 4.7 on Amazon, which highlights the convenience that essential materials bring to consumers. However, some warn that the add-on has a double click with a short usage time. Interested parties can purchase the keyboard for R $ 199.

  • The good sides: anti-ghost technology
  • Cons: does not provide a multimedia key

T-TGK315-BL supports desktop and laptop compatibility – Photo: Playback / Amazon

T-Dagger’s T-TGK315-BL keyboard offers RGB lighting system and multimedia keys that facilitate the user experience. The accessory has a standard ABNT2 and a dedicated switch for each button. Compatible with notebook and desktop via USB-A wired connection. The connecting cable is removable, which helps the consumer in the process of cleaning and transporting the material.

The design of the product is compact, very useful for players who do not need a side numeric keypad and need to take up little space. Rated 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon, consumers praise the product’s cost-effectiveness, but some criticize the fragility of the keys as they stopped working even after the switches were changed. The model is available from R $ 245.

  • The good sides: dense
  • Cons: it does not have a side number key

Kumara model guarantees dedicated switches that offer anti-ghost technology – Photo: Reproduction / Amazon

Redragon’s Kumara model offers customizable RGB lighting and a compact design that helps the user save space. It has dedicated switch keys as well as multimedia buttons located at the top of the item. It is designed to withstand surface splashes of liquids such as water and other beverages. The lighting system commands five different light modes, each with five different levels of intensity.

Compatible with desktops, the supplier also guarantees that the keys are made of double-injection fabrication: they are covered with two layers of material that reduce the possibility of erasing letters. Rated out of 4.7 stars on Amazon, consumers highlight fast delivery. However, some have reported that the device was double-clicked on first use. The model sells for around R $ 344.

  • The good sides: has multimedia keys
  • Cons: does not provide the ABNT2 standard

Mars Keyboard Provides RGB Lighting to Match Player Settings – Photo: Playback / Amazon

HyperX’s Mars keyboard features a discrete RGB lighting system and lateralized numeric keys. Comes with a wrist strap: a detachable and useful accessory to give the user more comfort during use. It has a 1.8-meter cable developed with special non-mixing technology, as well as a gold-plated USB port to minimize the chances of rust. The model is compatible with both desktop and PS4.

With a score of 4.7 out of 5, Amazon consumers highlight the presence of the bracelet holder and the comfort provided by the keys. However, some indicate that the buttons double down and lose connection with the lighting system after a short time of use. The HyperX option can be purchased starting at R $ 599.

  • The good sides: wrist support
  • Cons: not in the ABNT2 standard

BlackWidow Keyboard Features Wrist Back Padding – Photo: Reproduction / Amazon

Razer’s BlackWidow keyboard features RGB lighting, combined with a multimedia key that promises to simplify the user experience. The design of the product is designed to provide comfort to the players for several hours of play, so it invests in padded wrist support. The manufacturer says there are more than 16 million color options for configuring the light system.

Compatible with desktops, the cable entry port comes with a micro USB connection and the cable is removable. Dedicated switches promise satisfying writing sounds. With a score of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon, consumers praise the good performance of the product. However, some comments indicate that the device has been out of service for just over a year. The option is seen for an investment of approximately R $ 946.

  • The good sides: wrist padding support
  • Cons: does not provide the ABNT2 standard

K95 ensures robust design and softkeys for shortcuts – Photo: Reproduction / Amazon

The Corsair’s K95 keyboard features switch keys and a solid design with RGB lighting. It offers multimedia control buttons and side numeric keys, which are perfect for more demanding users. The anatomical support of the wrist can bring greater comfort during games. The model is compatible with desktops and has a USB connection cable.

The supplier also guarantees that the keys are double-injection and are programmable according to the user’s wishes, which is an ideal feature to improve the performance of the game. Rated 5 out of 5 out of Amazon, with consumers highlighting the performance of the device. However, some criticize that the keys show a poor quality finish. This option is available in R $ 1,403.

  • The good sides: padded and removable wrist support
  • Cons: does not have the ABNT2 key model

Apex Pro supports dedicated switches that help you write faster – Photo: Reproduction / Amazon

The SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboard offers a solid design with a removable wrist strap, an important element for greater user comfort. The keys have RGB synchronized lighting and switches dedicated to each of them, designed in durable material and that promise speed when typing. The connecting cable has a USB input port and a detachable keyboard base.

It has numeric buttons on the side, as well as options to control the volume and brightness of the screen. The model is compatible with desktops and consoles. Rated 5 out of 5.8 out of Amazon, consumers noted the device’s excellent performance and fast delivery, but reported that the LED lights are very fragile and stop working after a short time of use. The item can be purchased for Rs 1,494.

  • The good sides: wrist support
  • Cons: does not provide the ABNT2 standard

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