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Corinth president Duilio Monteiro Alves gave, this Tuesday, in Cuiabá, a press conference to discuss the club’s negotiations. The manager admitted he could lose Maycon and sell the other players in the next window, explaining Bruno Méndez’s Internacional negotiations, the status of the loaned players and the need to hire reinforcements. . In addition, he indicated that Luan would have to leave the club in the middle of the year.

Maycon is on loan until the end of 2022, but a clause in the deal allows Shakhtar Donetsk of Ukraine to sell the player beforehand. In order for him to continue, Timão may be equivalent to the offer, an impossible condition at this point.

– If there is a purchase proposal, the Corinthians have priority, they can pair the proposal and buy the player. Other than that, no. There is no showcase fee (if the club receives a percentage of the sale). It was a business opportunity and we understood it was a good deal. We have no control over the situation, whether it will remain until the end of the year or not. Always weighing the player’s will, he just goes where he wants. You have to wait for the transfer window, if there is a suggestion and see where it goes.

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Duilio Monteiro Alves before Corinthians vs São Paulo – Photo: Marcos Riboli

Duilio also explained how Internacional was negotiating for the sale of lawyer Bruno Méndez. The player did not play for the gaucho club to miss the seventh match in Brasileirão. The manager believes that in the next few days he can resolve the case, and may even be able to integrate the defender back into the squad.

– It’s a possibility he’ll stay there. There is a contract value, fixed, at 50% of the rights. We talked. They sent an initial suggestion, which made no sense to me. But we talked, they showed interest, they talked about developing the proposal. We are nearing the end of the lending period. He could come back or buy Inter, as long as it’s a good thing for the Corinthians.

– The Corinthians will not accept a proposal just because he is playing a number of games. It’s not good to go back to the club and not play for the Brazilian. It makes no sense. We are already at the time limit and I expect that in the next few days there will be a decision.

Duilio talked about the risk of selling other players in the mid -year window. One of the most cited is defender João Victor, on the Benfica sights, from Portugal.

– Any player can leave the Corinthians out the window. This is not our intention. Brazilian football needs revenue from the sale of players, but we are working to need less and less. If we have very good suggestions and the athlete wants to leave and is able to replace them, maybe one, two or three athletes will leave mostly. But there is always the possibility of replacement. We will only sell if the possibility is very good.

The Corinthian president also said he wanted to resolve the situation of attacking midfielder Luan, who has not played since the arrival of coach Vítor Pereira. The likelihood is that the player will leave the club in the middle of the year.

– There is a contract. The Corinthians would not expel John. It’s not that simple. We worked at the beginning of the year, a few clubs were interested and we thought it would be good for Luan to play. We want him to succeed the Corinthians, who work on a daily basis, but we understand that if he’s not good here, it’s good to go out and play someone else. He’s a good kid, a good player. He had to resolve it for his own good and that of the Corinthians.

– He trained. Vitor, when he had the chance, took it to the games. He felt bad and didn’t come to this game. It’s not a situation that pleases us, but we have to deal with an athlete and an inside entrepreneur. We need to find a solution in the next window. Either Luan will stay to take advantage or we will have to find another way. Even for the good of him and his career. Time is running out, and he has to play.

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Dulio Monteiro Alves also mentioned the possibility of returning players who have lent to clubs abroad. These are the cases of Ramiro, Léo Natel and Mateus Vital. The Corinthians technical commission evaluates players to decide whether to include them in the squad.

– We followed. Our technical committee is looking to see if we are interested in having any of them come back. It was resolved by the end of the month.

And he acknowledged that the Corinthians could find fortifications.

– Of course, everyone wants to improve the squad, but we also have financial limitations. And we have a great team. There is a need for two or three pieces, this is not a big list. Vitor was satisfied, but with three competitions, he needed it. If you do, it’s something of one or another booster or replacement if you have any sales.

Duilio also played down the feud between Róger Guedes and coach Vítor Pereira.

– Speech rather than outside than inside. He’s a good player, a good kid, he doesn’t create problems, he doesn’t have problems with Vítor. Of course, he’s not content if he doesn’t play and wants to play. We just talked about Luan. Róger likes to play and get angry when he’s on the bench. This is the attitude we want from the Corinthian players. It’s a matter of adaptation, the coach is here for three months, to figure out the traits. There’s nothing but a coach who doesn’t pick a player. This is normal in football. Life goes on, we never need to give it special attention. The only sadness (by Róger) is to play or not play or change.

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