Marquinhos agents, ex-SPFC, attack alliance for negotiations for Europe

Marquinhos, from São Paulo, trains at Barra Funda CT Image: Erico Leonan / saopaulofc

Marquinhos ’negotiations for Arsenal continue to provide new chapters between those involved. One of the companies responsible for managing the career of the former São Paulo striker, OTB has issued an official note accusing TFM, a managing partner, of attempting to negotiate the Wolverhampton striker, from England, without the permission of the Morumbi club. .

In the official note, OTB says the idea of ​​TFM was to arrange for Marquinhos to go to the English club, which would lend him the Grasshopper, from Switzerland.

The risk of losing Marquinhos free is a fear that has been in São Paulo since negotiations stopped to renew the striker’s contract. By FIFA law, the youth club’s bond from base until 2024 is invalid, adding to the risk that he will leave unpaid in the middle of the year.

In a negotiation brokered by OTB itself, São Paulo agreed to sell Marquinhos to Arsenal for 3.5 million euros (R $ 18.6 million at current prices). The striker was announced yesterday (13) by the English club.

See the full note issued by OTB:
Beyond following the protocol only to confirm the transfer already announced by the clubs and the player himself, OTB is available for a brief account of the entire scheme involving the negotiation of athlete Marquinhos from São Paulo Futebol Clube to Arsenal, from England.

On 10/22/2019, OTB and TFM signed a partnership to simultaneously manage the young striker’s career, until working in the Under-17 category of the Paulista team.

After nearly 3 years of collaboration and a reasonable gathering of central ideas that have absorbed a good career path, TFM has embarked on a movement against good management practices, facilitating small -scale negotiations. teams in Europe and skipping important stages of consolidation and professional building of the customer’s career.

No matter how obvious the motivation of the partner, it is not for us to direct the account in the field of reduction and misinformation, even if the cause of such excitement to move the player seems logical for us.

The fact, then, is this obvious, indisputable and important reason for this communication is that the client is led and guided by TFM without the knowledge and agreement of OTB, in the direction of poor and urgent choices that put him not only on the side. in its gradual evolution, how they subject the athlete to a modus operandi that is beyond doubt: the bond established by a club, which does not intend to use the player for a short time, and has already targeted him with a a third institution, which ironically, without any active relationship, should give the athlete more space than the club that actually hires him.

From São Paulo FC to Wolverhampton FC., From Wolverhampton to Grasshopper FC. This is the partner project.

Thank you, however, for the work of OTB, knowing its moral and ethical obligations, and, above all, knowing its infallible role as a career manager, and thank you, too, for the good and straight family structure given to Marquinhos, the partner’s plan to close a deal “at any cost”, was shipwrecked.

It was at that time that OTB Sports, through its excellent relationship with Arsenal, brought to the athlete the important and unmatched offer of the English team, which was not only interesting from a financial point of view, but above all, would provide the boy had the opportunity to develop a team of great expression, in the major football leagues on the planet. In addition, of course, to the effect of such an international transfer with the lining and permission of the club that forms and holds the federative rights of the player, São Paulo FC, an institution where athletes have a valid and in force contract, opened. the doors to Marquinhos as a child and invested time and money in his personal and professional development.

Recognized for being constantly active and always focused on the interests of its clients, OTB has once again reaffirmed its ongoing commitment to the highest quality career management practices, and ultimately took the opportunity of the public to commit to creating a larger and more stringent filter for better companionship. selection process.

Because of what we understand as the basis of context,

OTB Sports

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