Macris becomes the leader in the selection, praised by Zé Roberto: “3rd World Top” | volleyball

In the new phase of the Brazilian national volleyball team, the Macris setbacker will be indispensable on and off the court. Setter is traditionally a position that provides a certain sense of leadership within volleyball. With each passing ball, they must place their teammates in the correct position to attack.

In addition to the quality of the game, the experience of the Olympic runner-up will be essential in the transition to a new generation called the 2022 League of Nations.

– It is encouraging that you can now be an experienced athlete and be able to help even the youngest. So this exchange is very important. He always encourages people to grow up, to set an example, to focus on their needs, ”Macris said.

Sportv broadcasts all League of Nations matches from this Tuesday to June 5th. Brazil will debut this Tuesday at 19:00 against Germany.

Macris is one of the highlights of the Brazilian volleyball team – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

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Coach José Roberto Guimarães, the only three-time Brazilian Olympic champion, has full confidence in the striker, highlighting that the leader is one of the best in the world, especially on and off the pitch.

– I was very happy with everything that has happened to Macris in recent years. It’s at the level of the receivers we have a lot to be proud of. I think he is currently in the top 3 in the world – said Zé Roberto.

“He made a big leap in quality, he is a leader today, he is absolute. I am very proud to coach Macris,” he added.

Settera was one of the highlights of the Brazilian national team at the Tokyo Olympics. In the games, he injured his ankle in the match against Japan in the first phase, but underwent intensive treatment to return to play.

– He had a performance at the Olympics that we have to thank for his life. He suffered a serious injury, was treated for 24 hours, slept, slept and did his best to play in the Olympics again.

“Before he came in, he came back to me for an hour and said, ‘Oh, I’ve prepared my whole life for this moment,’ and I was very excited about that moment. He showed his commitment to the team in the face of history. had José Roberto.

The show shows Macris with ice on his ankle

The player acknowledged that a large part of his performance and evolution has been in contact with coach José Roberto Guimarães. As a former receiver, it is common to see coaches in position show their movement and give advice on techniques.

– It’s a privilege. As a setter, how rich was the chance to be him [Zé Roberto] near. The important thing is to learn that we can also see the execution of the movement, because I think we can absorb it better. As a setter, a lot of the details are very accurate. So every little detail contributes to the final product, ”Macris said.

– I’m very annoyed with gestures. I’m a TV student. They asked me a lot as a receiver and taught me various techniques that were very important. So I try to convey a little bit of what I’ve learned, the coach completed.

Focusing on the national team and the League of Nations, Macris will face a new challenge in his career. After winning many titles and awards in the Superliga with Minas, the setter decided to look for a new challenge and is going to Turkey to play for Fenerbahçe.

– My quest as an athlete has always been growth and evolution. After talking to Zé after the Olympics, I realized that it was necessary to seek a higher level of international experience. So the search is on to add to my evolution as an athlete and add more here to the Selection, ”he explained.

Macris and Champion, MVP and Best Setter Trophies – Photo: João Gabriel Rodrigues

With Macris, the Brazilian team will debut in the first round of the Nations League this Tuesday and still has two more stages to compete, Brazil and Sofia, Bulgaria, to try to secure one of the top eight teams competing. final phase in Ankara, Turkey, July 13-17.

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