Luan has DM permission to play; lack of will creates trouble and the Corinthians weigh in on what to do

Midfielder Luan currently has no muscle problems or injuries Corinthians. That’s what tests done recently on the athlete say.

THE Sports Gazette found that the player was training normally, without any restrictions or special guidance from the medical department. On some occasions, when Luan reports some pain, he undergoes hip restraint work, something that is common and on any athlete’s schedule.

The complaint of shirt 7 on Friday, when he was cut from the list of those involved in the Atlético-GO deal, shocked everyone and raised the internal level of discomfort in the situation.

The managers, Vítor Pereira, members of the technical committee and the medical department talked. The assessment was that Luan kept his commitments, but did not show a willingness to play or react. “What to do?” is the question of CT Dr. Joaquim Grava.

Luan is the only athlete (apart from Ruan Oliveira, in physical transition) who has not played under Vítor Pereira’s command. The Portuguese said this when he arrived at the club in February, saying the midfielder had to “help himself”.

“The strength of a man’s character is more from what comes from the inside than from the outside. Luan has to meet himself, believe in himself. I’ve known him for a long time, I know his virtue. But he has to, not the coach to send that energy. He has a lot of quality, it’s a matter of finding himself, knowing I’m here to help him and everyone in the same way “, he said in his press conference presentation.

On Saturday, after a 1-0 win against the club in Goiás, the coach opened up to the player’s situation by explaining why he was staying in São Paulo, despite many left for that game.

“I have to make Luan’s situation very clear, so that he doesn’t come here. Luan was filmed at least three times and, at the last minute, went to the medical department. He was supposed to go, but in the last training session, he complained of pain and went to the medical department. He lost a lot of training, little time to work with me (…). And we need Luan. I have no responsibility if, at the last minute he is about to be thrown, he does not go to the game.

This season, Luan entered the field on just three chances: played for seven minutes in the win against Santo André, in January, still under Sylvinho; entered at the end of the win against São Bernardo, in February, with interim Fernando Lázaro; and, finally, his only time as a starter, the 1-1 draw against Botafogo-SP, that month as well.

in general, The Corinthians have played 23 games since the arrival of Vítor Pereira, and Luan has been off the list 19 times., only five of them by technical option. Other losses are due to an injury, transition process or allegation of pain on the part of the player.

Luan was announced to the Corinthians in December 2019 after a good spell on Grêmio, when he was still elected King of America to conquer the Libertadores, in 2017. Timão got him four times in the amount of R $ 28.9 million (50% of the rights) and it is very difficult, due to the high salary of the athlete, to find a club that will accept the player, even on loan.

See Luan’s timeline since Vítor Pereira’s arrival below:

February 28 – first training session for Vítor Pereira and his teaching staff
March 4 – Luan is on the list of relevant teams to fight in São Paulo, for Paulista
March 5 – Didn’t get off the bench in a 1-0 loss
March 11 – Luan is on the list of relevant teams to fight in Ponte Preta
March 12 – Didn’t get off the bench in a 5-0 win
March 16 – Luan is on the list of those related to Palmeiras’ face
March 17 – Didn’t get off the bench in a 2-1 loss
March 19-Discharged for hip discomfort and not on the list to face Novorizontino
March 23 and 26 – not on the list to face Guarani and São Paulo, for the Paulista quarter and semi, due to hip discomfort.
April 2 – your name is entered in the Copa Libertadores
April 4 – Remains on the list to face Always Ready, Libertadores debut, due to hip discomfort.
April 8 – start of physical pitch shift after a period of physiotherapy
April 9 – continues from the list to face Botafogo, debut in Brasileirão, in physical transition
12 April – continues the list to face Deportivo Cali, in physical transfer
April 15 – continues the list to face Avaí, in physical transfer
April 19 – Luan is on the list of teammates to face Portuguesa -RJ, for the Copa do Brasil
April 20 – did not leave the bench in 1-1 draw (name requested by Londrina fans)
April 23 – did not play in the 3-0 loss to Palmeiras (club blacked out on social media and did not disclose the connection)
April 25 – no longer on the list due to technical selection* to face Boca Juniors
April 30 – Not on the list due to technical choice to fight Fortaleza
May 2 – Not on the list due to technical choice to face Deportivo Cali
May 7 – not on the list to face RB Bragantino due to hip pain
May 10-not on the list to face Portuguesa-RJ, for the Copa do Brasil, due to hip pain.
May 13 – not on the list to face Internacional due to hip pain
May 16-not on the list to face Boca Juniors due to hip pain
May 21 – not on the list to face São Paulo, in physical transfer
May 25 – not on the list to deal with Always Ready by technical selection
May 28 – not on the list to face América -MG by technical selection
June 3-not on the list of relevant teams to face Atlético-GO due to hip pain.
Last time on the field: February 19, in a 1-1 draw against Botafogo-SP
Last scored: May 20, 2021, against Sport Huancayo, for Sudamericana

*Whenever “technical option” is seen, Luan’s name is not on the list and no physical problem is revealed.

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