Luan Carlos, after Brusque x Náutico: “the responsibility is mine”

Coach Luan Carlos answered questions from journalists after Brusque’s defeat to Náutico, this Saturday, the 4th, for the 10th round of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship.

Luan Carlos took responsibility for the loss, explaining the team’s poor performance against Náutico and how the opponent got the change. He also commented on specific questions about substitutions and how to use Crislan, Alex Sandro and Júnior Todinho, talking about the next game and the introductory pressure with two losses in the last two games.

Check out the press conference below and read some excerpts:


“First, I want to thank the supporters, who once again showed themselves, helped us, helped us, believed. And made it clear that the responsibility I alone for the negative outcome. We know the difficulty we face. “Unfortunately, it did not achieve this standard result of competition. And of course, this responsibility should be directed at me.”

working hours

“We worked during the week, we tried to work through some situations that we saw necessary. Of course, it wasn’t long enough. But when I accepted the invitation to go to Brusque, I knew very well that it was time. something I don’t have. So it can’t be an obstacle and excuse on my part. But unfortunately you can’t create attitudes and habits in such a short time. I try to make changes, contribute as much as possible to team evolution. Unfortunately, today, I failed. We failed and lost the game. “


“I think we lowered the scoring lines. And got away from the goal when we stole the ball. It was very difficult for us to get to the last third. We even tried to get the team out of the way, but sadly we couldn’t.I tried the exit pass and missed the pass, we try to keep going and can’t keep going.So Crislan came in at halftime, so we can try harder to keep the ball forward, try to hold on more there .Because the time will come when it will no longer be very effective to mark so many balls circulating in our area. ”

“The idea was to correct the offensive aspect to improve the defense. Knowing it had no expected effect, we got a purpose out of a set that really damaged what was being worked on and discussed in halftime.Unfortunately, our team felt the purpose and our opponent took the opportunity to bring the game back.

Nautico’s first goal

“The opponent’s game was good, they have been taking advantage of it since last season. We talked, we repeated this action, but sadly it happened. The opponent had his merit and we ended up claiming the goal. But I believe there is nothing individual wrong. If something goes wrong, it’s our fault, the team’s fault. It’s hard to talk about an individual flaw in the game, the question of attention is pretty relative. So we need to analyze it carefully. See inside what we can do in relation to this kind of action and work. ”

“Let’s not neglect our vigilance about work, let’s not neglect our vigilance about trust. We can’t bring doubts to the locker room. I think this is the most important thing right now. ”

“Náutico is very good at scoring. We lost a lot of one-on-one games, it was very stressful for us. We have to run a lot backwards, and then it creates devastation, this wear creates gaps and Nautico knows how to take advantage of these gaps.

no patience

“It got to the point in the game that we weren’t good. We fell a bit in terms of concentration, in the sense of exchanging multiple passes, keeping the ball even higher. We tried to speed up the game a lot and do what Náutico wanted. Náutico had a well -kept line, we sped up, returned the ball to them. (…) It’s already a mistake that has happened, a situation that is a habit and we should try to help them improve on it. To have more patience in circulation, to maintain this possession to open up areas in the opponent’s field. Because otherwise, a lot of us would run backwards. ”

pressure and confidence

“External trust only happens as a result. Any coach can come and trust the professional just from the result. The age factor weighs in, the factor hasn’t worked in Serie B. It always weighs, and I’m convinced of that too. All I had to do was keep the convictions at work, constantly trying to instill confidence in our squad, understanding what the process was like. I am very confident that we can leave Brusque in a better position than he is in.

“But we knew it was hard, that time was short. And that we need to find ways to qualify the team right away. This is not always possible, but we try as much as we can to adapt and take these actions. I have great confidence in my work, in the work of our technical committee. I still have a lot of faith in the process. And so we had to come from Goiânia with a positive outcome, a good outcome, to also regain the confidence of our fans.

next game

“First, we have to try to regain the confidence of the players. Talk a lot in this group. Understanding that competition is tough, tough, and we need to be convinced of it. (…) Very patient. It’s a result we can’t even imagine, but unfortunately it has happened, and somehow we have to overcome it and seek our recovery in Goiânia.

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