Lost, Santos had to join the squad for the Corinthian classics

Santos had to have different teams between one game and another against the Corinthians. Peixe will face the opponent on Wednesday, for the 16th round of the Copa do Brasil, and on Sunday, for the 14th round of the Brazilian Championship. The two duels go to the Neo Química Arena.

The teaching staff and the health department will still analyze the case study, but they already know that it is almost impossible to repeat the starting teams. After Corinthians over the weekend, Santos will travel to face Deportivo Táchira of Venezuela for the round of 16 in Sudamericana.

The trend for Santos to measure the highest power in the Copa do Brasil and blend or reserve in the Brasileirão. The suspension spoils will help coach Fabián Bustos with his picks. Goalkeeper João Paulo and midfielder Vinicius Zanocelo have been suspended for a third yellow card and are out of the Brasileirão clash.

Defender Maicon, with minor leg muscle damage, should miss Santos in the classics and could return to Sudamericana. Right back Madson, who has a more complicated injury to his leg, is not for all of these games and will only return between July and August.

Aside from the confirmed casualties, Santos is worried about the recovery of the players. In the 2-2 draw with Red Bull Bragantino yesterday (18), in Vila, Léo Baptistão and Bruno Oliveira had to leave. Ângelo, who lasted just 45 minutes, entered the second half.

“We have two games now, then Venezuela … We have to manage the cards. It’s not an excuse, but the changes for that. Léo Baptistão is scheduled to play 60 minutes and Bruno Oliveira is not receive it because he is not used.in a series of games.Angelo cannot play for more than 45 minutes.In the second half there is a little less intensity than in the first due to physiology studies.So it was chosen we are the second part ”, said Bustos, who avoided complaining about the marathon games.

“Complain about the calendar? No. I want to go to Brazil to work and I already know it. The best we can do is compete with everyone. We have passed the South American Championship and Copa do Brasil and we will receive those criticism if we do”t make it. The calendar is for everyone. Maicon and Madson are injured. In the next game I don’t have João Paulo and Zanocelo. And we have to change to be competitive and win. I can’t complain. I’m comfortable, with a two -year contract [no Barcelona de Guayaquil-EQU], and want to come and compete in Brazil at its best. I can’t complain. I have very little time at work and lots of travel and games. We’re going to manage it the best way, “he added.

When asked about precedence in a championship or another, Fabián Bustos highlighted Santos ’greatness and the need to compete in every tournament. In this sequence between the Copa do Brasil, Campeonato Brasileiro and Sudamericana, however, Brasileirão had to be abandoned.

“We will compete. We know how important it is for the fans. Prioritize the Copa do Brasil, Brasileirão and Sudamericana? It can’t be in Santos or other big clubs. If I say we will prioritize the Copa do Brasil , the president says no. And the worse fans. It’s a tough game, two games as a guest in a classic. One for the Copa do Brasil, which will last 180 minutes, and another for in 90 minutes, for the Brazilian Championship. When we arrive, where is Santos? How is Santos competing? We are not competing against teams that are less important. And now we are competing against the best teams “, he said ended.

For Wednesday, for the Copa do Brasil, there are doubts in all sectors: Auro, suspended against Bragantino, could return to the right. Without Maicon, Kaiky and Emiliano Velázquez will compete for the back position. In midfield, Bustos can start with two defensive midfielders (Rodrigo Fernández and Vinicius Zanocelo) and one midfielder Bruno Oliveira or three more defensive midfielders, with the addition of Sandry or Camacho. In the attack, Léo Baptistão, Ângelo, Marcos Leonardo, Jhojan Julio and Lucas Braga competed for seats.

In Sunday’s classic, for the Brazilian Championship, players with the lowest minutes have to win once. This definition occurs in daily evaluation throughout the week.

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