Losarta: Exercise Increases Benefits of Blood Pressure Medications in Hypertensive Men, Brazilian Research Finds | health

A survey conducted by scientists at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of São Paulo (USP) in Ribeirão Preto showed link aerobic exercise to drug use in losartan, for hypertension, increase heart benefits in men.

Scientists have shown that physical activity has increased heart rate variability in patients with high blood pressure.

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The variability of the heartbeat describes the oscillations of the intervals between consecutive beats. High variability means good adaptability of the body, which is seen in healthy people. Low variability indicates the opposite, and appears in people with hypertension.

“The more variable the system, the more adaptable it is to change. This shows the more effective the ability to adapt,” said Hugo Celso, lead author of the study by Dutra de Souza and professor at the USP School of Medicine in Ribeirão Preto. g1.

This is important because hypertension is not only related to vascular hypertension, but also to various problems in the cardiovascular system; one of them is precisely this variability in heart rate.

Losartan is effective in reducing this pressure, but even with its use, frequency variability remains low. In the study, when people taking hypertension and losartan began to exercise, the variability increased.

“In addition to further reducing the pressure, the frequency control is improved [com o exercício físico] – is closer to normal. It doesn’t fix it, but it does remove the comorbidities that may come with it. Hypertension is the leading cause of heart failure, the leading cause of premature death. ”

The study, published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Hypertension, included 32 volunteers, all male and 40 to 60 years old. Half of them did not have high blood pressure and did not take medication, and the other half had high blood pressure and had losartanas.

Both groups did 45-minute walks three times a week for 16 weeks (about 4 months).

Losartan alone was able to reduce blood pressure to normal levels, but without exercise, impaired self-control of heart rate, such as rate variability, was impaired.

“Heart rate variability is not only restored with medication alone. Reducing blood pressure is necessary and essential, but medication alone is not enough. Exercising has an effect,” Hugo Celso de Souza told Agência Fapesp.

Scientists are also working on a paper comparing losartan to enalapril maleate to show the differences, the agency said.

“Exercise is important, and it’s seen as a kind of magic pill. However, we need to understand what it does in the body, in the future, who knows, so that we can try to simulate its effects pharmacologically, ”Souza recalled.

Another study is being conducted with women because ovarian hormones interfere with cardiovascular function.

“In rats, we removed the ovaries and automatically increased the number of heart fibrosis in weeks. These ovarian hormones not only regulate the structure of the heart. [como] they are also involved in the regulation of hemodynamics as a whole; they have a significant impact, ”said the researcher g1.

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“This makes sense because women of childbearing potential are ‘protected’ by ovarian hormones, so much so that before menopause there are more men with cardiovascular disease than women. After menopause, there are women. [não só] link and exceed the number of people with heart disease due to hormones, ”he stressed.

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