LIVE | Covid-19: Health Secretary updates pandemic information in ES

Espírito Santo is suffering from the spread of wave 5 of covid-19. The information was confirmed by the Secretary of Health of the Holy Spirit, Nésio Fernandes, at a press conference on Monday evening (06). Along with Undersecretary Luiz Carlos Reblin, Fernandes also strengthened the guidelines for the use of masks in closed and collective environments.

The Espírito Santo covid-19 case is undergoing a fifth expansion in the Espírito Santo territory. This fifth wave has already entered a six-week increase in cases, where, by the fifth week, cases had doubled every 14 days. At the same time, we have not been identified in ICU hospital beds and covid wards, within a week, within the public network. We are keeping an average of 5 patients a week, ”said the secretary.

Asked if Capixabas will be forced to put on face masks again, Nésio Fernandes clarified that the Health Secretariat’s instructions remain the same: that people use them inside the mask, as well as on buses.

“We maintain an explicit recommendation for the use of masks in closed environments, especially on public transport. We recommend that everyone: do not underestimate mild symptoms. We do not use mandatory masks now. We will continue to recommend them. We understand. demanding reductions, ”he said

Follow the main topics covered in the talk:

It reached 90% of ES seniors with three doses

Nésio Fernandes: “Vaccination indicators represent achievements. Especially in the elderly population. 90% of the coverage of the Holy Spirit 3 dose has already been reached in a specific group. However, the arrival of the variants requires updating the vaccination strategy with the whole society. so that the new ones do not put pressure on the health service ”.

ES already has a pill for specific treatments in hospital patients with covid-19

Nésio Fernandes: “We have already introduced the drug used for specific treatments for patients in covid hospital. We distribute it in some hospitals. It is a pill for 14 days a day. already, the federal government will not send new lots to the state.

71% of deaths in ES in April and May were elderly

Nésio Fernandes: “We identified 71% of deaths in April and May in the elderly. 92% of all deaths occurred in people with a delayed vaccination program. “(…) The 4th dose of the vaccine is recommended from the age of 50, and we understand that it should be extended to the entire adult population.

ES will increase its vaccination campaigns

Nésio Fernandes: “We have 3.7 million vaccines capable of receiving vaccines. (…) We aim to reach 90% vaccine coverage by August. We will present the main rates of the Holy Spirit population and other important data to recognize the important role of the vaccine. ”

ES wants to apply the 4th dose to adults later this year

Nésio Fernandes: “We hope to start vaccinating people between the ages of 18 and 49 with dose 4 this year. We understand that it is a mission of the Ministry of Health: to widen the age range and get vaccinated.”

Nésio reinforces the recommendation to use masks

Nésio Fernandes: “We maintain an explicit recommendation to use masks on the inside, especially on public transport, and we recommend to everyone: do not underestimate mild symptoms. Now we will not be required to use masks. We will continue to recommend., At this time., Does not require any restrictions.”

“Anyone with only two doses has a higher risk of infection,” says Nésio

Nésio Fernandes: “The Omikron variant requires us to update our understanding of the number of doses and how they are returned to the population. Subtypes do not allow us to continue to claim that the whole regimen is two-dose or single-dose. The primary regimen must be recognized.” as a three-dose calendar. We have already opened the discussion with the technical areas because we accept that the Janssen vaccination calendar is taken as the Astrazeneca calendar. Since the doses are available, we need them. communicate clearly to the population: having two doses is a much higher risk at this time. “

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