Lista ge: the 10 most random roles in the history of Brasileirão | Brazilian series a

The Brazilian Championship is great, let’s have it and there is a huge collection of random roles. We’ve listed some of the most impressive stories below.

“Random ride” is the campaign motto of ge’s new Real Time interface. The voiceover of the film is Alex Escobar and brings out everyday situations, from the most common to the most extraordinary, confirming that Real Time will never let the user down. With the message “No ge is real time all the time”, the campaign was aired on Globo channels programming and the digital universe.

Real time is in ge!

1. Caio Ribeiro went to Flamengo’s goal and held the result.

Find out the story of when Caio Ribeiro was Flamengo's goalkeeper

Find out the story of when Caio Ribeiro was Flamengo’s goalkeeper

In the 1999 Brasileirão match, Flamengo and Gama faced each other in Brasília. Caio is a reserve for Rubro-Negro but he lives up to a good stage, entering games and some sort of amulet. The game was 1 on 1, Flamengo had already made three substitutions and at 35 in the second half, goalkeeper Clemer was sent off. Caio always plays goal in team training sessions and is almost certain that he will go for the goal, but he himself never has it. There was no way around it: “Caioba” put on his gloves, the goalkeeper’s shirt and went. good. There was a player trying to kick from a distance to test the buffer goalkeeper and he couldn’t, there was a ball where he came out well to break the angle, there was even a free goalkeeper game. In the next game, Flamengo fans are excited and they want Caio to choose.

2. Gaucho, a Palmeiras striker who had to go for the goal, promised to take a penalty and get TWO.

In 1988, Gaúcho shone on penalties and Palmeiras defeated Flamengo for the Copa União

In 1988, Gaúcho shone on penalties and Palmeiras defeated Flamengo for the Copa União

In the 1988 Copa União, regulation provided that games that ended in a draw had a penalty shootout to determine who could win the extra points. Flamengo and Palmeiras were playing in Maracanã for the second round of the competition, when goalkeeper Zetti was injured and it was necessary for striker Gaúcho to improvise the alviverde goal. In the interview before the penalty shootout, Gaucho said “Now I take it, we will win”. This made the reporter laugh, but he stood firm. And no other way, he took the penalties from Aldair and Zinho, in addition to scoring the penalty shootout and being the hero of the game.

3. The América-MG player who, after being expelled, went to watch the rest of the match with the only “fan” who was among the fans on his team.

Pablo, from América-MG, watches the game with an Orlando Scarpelli fan-Photo: Reproduction SporTV

In 2016, América-MG and Figueirense faced each other in Santa Catarina, for Brasileirão, when at 25 in the second half, side Pablo was replaced and finally heard many boos and curses from Figueira fans , until he could not. stood up and began to challenge the fans. It was fired. Instead of going to the locker room, he went to the space reserved for América fans and watched the 2-2 draw next to the club’s wardrobe, playing the role of the only fan supporting Coelho.

4. The heroic masseuse stormed the field, held a goal and helped Aparecidense-GO qualify (briefly) for Série D in 2013.

Masseur stormed the field, dodged a goal and classified Aparecidense-GO in the D Series

Masseur stormed the field, dodged a goal and classified Aparecidense-GO in the D Series

After drawing 1-1 from home, Tupi-MG would have to win against Aparecidense-GO to advance to the Série D quarterfinals that year. It so happened that the game was tied at 2 to 2 until the 44th minute of the second half and the goal scored as a guest as a tiebreaker. Ademilson, from Tupi, gets the goal in the classification, but Romildo Fonseca da Silva, or “Esquerdinha” as he is known, masseuse from Aparecidense, is behind the goal and unafraid. He took advantage of the fact that he was close, entered the field and took the ball over the line. They had to run to the locker room to avoid being attacked, as they were not at home and Tupi’s fans were angry. Apparently it didn’t help. The team was still eliminated from the competition when STJD realized that this act of heroism was in fact a non -sportsmanlike attitude.

5. The Flamengo and Vasco players teamed up to create an ambulance hit. Inside the lawn.

Flamengo and Vasco players push an ambulance to rescue Bruno Silva – Photo: Reproduction

At 27 in the second half, a tense moment in the draw between Flamengo and Vasco was valid for the 2018 Brasileirão. . An ambulance had to be called to rescue the athlete. Only then did the blessed decide not to work. It’s left for the players on the teams to give a little push to “thrive”. Fortunately everything was fine, with the car and with Bruno Silva.

6. A Miss Bumbum stormed the field in the match between Grêmio and Palmeiras in 2016.

Miss Bumbum attacks the lawn at Arena do Grêmio – Photo: Personal Archive / Danny Morais

A Gremist at heart, Miss Butt from Santa Catarina in 2016 and Vice Miss Butt Brazil the same year Danny Morais said he stormed the lawn just to hug Luan.

7. Nilton was the only one celebrating a goal that never happened.

Nilton celebrated the non -existent purpose in 2014

Nilton celebrated the non -existent purpose in 2014

This is what we would call wrongdoing. For the 2014 Brasileirão, Flamengo and Cruzeiro were playing Maracanã when with a ball thrown into the area, midfielder Nilton rose beautifully, avoiding goalkeeper Paulo Victor and for some reason saw the ball enter. Without hesitation, he left celebrating. Until he realized that no one was following him and the ball really came out.

8. The flight of Adilson Batista.

Adilson didn’t hold back when Raposa’s goal was celebrated during the 2009 stoppage time – Photo: Reproduction / TV Alterosa

Still dreaming of a 2009 championship title, Cruzeiro started for the fifth consecutive win in the competition and touched the G4. Thiago Ribeiro’s goal, which came out in the 46th minute of the second half and gave the win 3 to 2 against Santo André, made Cruzeiro’s immediate coach completely lose his mind when he celebrating and a little not knowing what to do, he left PUNCH (peacefully) A PLAYER on the ground until he ran and made a curious PUNCH on a board. That’s flowing.

9. Rafael Moura acting as the referee’s safety.

Rafael Moura defends referee for Inter and Figueirense match – Photo: Reproduction/RBS TV

After Inter’s 2-1 win over Figueirense in 2014 Brasileirão, time is up, flip flops will sing and judge Marielson Alves da Silva will suffer the wrath of Figueira’s players if not for the intervention. of an impossible hero. Rafael Moura, at the time an Inter player, acted as an escort/protection/security to the referee until the police were able to get away with the riot. Having “He-Man” as a bodyguard isn’t for everyone, huh?

10. Ronaldinho Gaúcho visits the fight team’s locker room after suffering a home defeat.

The flu player, Ronaldinho goes to the locker room to visit former Atlético teammates – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

He’s not the craziest on this list, but it’s impossible to talk about random rides and not mention Ronaldinho. In his brief stint at Fluminense, Ronaldinho was mocked by a loss by Fluzão in the middle of the Maracanã against Galo, where he made history. After the game, the “Witch” went to the locker room to say hello to her former teammates and posted this photo here. The crowd had a pistol with him, which he played:

– Nothing to see. Almost every game I play. I’ve made club history, teammates over the years. They asked for a shirt and I took it. Poor performance has nothing to do with post-game photography.

By his standards, this random ride is easy, huh?

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