Lessons that Ronaldo uses when he enters Valladolid and Cruzeiro

Cruzeiro’s fans took advantage of the club’s unbeaten Sunday with Valladolid as they struggled to advance to the Spanish Second Division. Ronaldo Nazário’s other team had to count on winning Huesca and stumbling in Almeria or Eibar. It worked. And Raposa’s good time is linked to his promotion to the Valladolid elite in Serie B.

The head of the Spanish club since September 2018 has had time to learn and take the lessons that Ronaldo applies to Cruzeiro’s daily activities since he signed a contract to buy SAF Celeste on 18 December. In fact, the first thing Ronaldo learned was put into practice at that moment.

drastic changes

As soon as he was ready to buy 90% of Cruzeiro’s shares, Ronaldo began to promise football at the club, even before signing a final contract. The departure of Luxembourg coach Vanderlei and football director Alexandre Mattos, in addition to changing almost the entire team, explains what happened in Spain. When he took over Valladolid, Ronaldo did not change the club’s sporting direction.

Coach Sérgio González and sporting director Miguel Ángel Gómez remained in their respective positions and the dismissals only took place after being relegated to the Second Division, after two seasons without entering football, in charge of the administrative part. Cruzeiro was different, as Ronaldo and the team took full control in December last year.

“In the first few years we decided not to make any changes in sports management because we wanted to learn and understand what was going on. It was a mistake on our part. So this is the first year we are really doing it. was Gabriel Lima.

Gabriel Lima was chosen by Ronaldo to be the CEO of Cruzeiro. “Everything we have learned in Valladolid will be part of this coherent long-term process at Cruzeiro,” added Lima, who has brought many experiences from Spain to Raposa.

Group identity

With the change of direction, Ronaldo brought a new mentality to football for Cruzeiro. As in Valladolid, it was decided in 2022 that the star of the team should have a number of aspects: a way of playing personality, being a vertical team, the pressure to recover the ball, the organization and the presentation of football that represents the fan.

It was only after these points were determined that Cruzeiro went in search of a new football director and coach. Pedro Martins and Paulo Pezzolano were chosen, respectively, after Ronaldo and Paulo André interviewed several professionals. This brochure is also sent to the players, and they only sign the contract when they know what they will find in Toca da Raposa.

To make matters worse, when he arrived in Valladolid, Ronaldo quickly realized that the club’s structure needed to be improved. The training center and the José Zorrilla stadium received and renewed their investments. The same thing will happen with Fox Lair 2, which needs some improvements.

Access to Valladolid

Valladolid has 24 wins, nine draws and nine defeats

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At the moment Cruzeiro is calm in Serie B, with 22 points out of 27 possible – Grêmio, with nine points from Grêmio, the first club outside the G4 – the story was very moving in Valladolid.

In Spain, the three places in the league are divided as follows: two are straight, for the champion of Ligue 2 and the runner-up, and the clubs between the third and sixth places compete in the knockout stages. Valladolid came in third on the final lap with 78 points, two behind leaders Eibar and Almeria.

Ronaldo’s team beat Huesca 3-0 at home, and took advantage of Eibar’s defeat and lowered Alcorón 1-0 away from home. The title was won by Almeria, who drew with Leganés and beat Valladolid, a direct confrontation in Spain. Eibar x Girona and Las Palmas x Tenerife are competing for the last place in the elite.

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